Income Tax 2022: will you declare it for the first time? See the step by step | Income tax

For taxpayers who have never declared their Income Tax, the g1 prepared a step-by-step guide on how to make a simple statement.

The deadline for submitting the 2022 income tax return, base year 2021, runs until May 31. The IRS expects to receive 34.1 million statements this year, the same number of documents received in 2021.

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Who needs to declare IR?

See below the step-by-step guide to file your income tax return – the example of g1 considers a simple statement with no dependents.

Before starting to make the declaration, download and install the Federal Revenue program. Click here to see how to do it

Separate your documents. You will need to have income statements from the company you work for, financial institutions and other income received in the past year.

3 – Declaration or rectification?

Open the IR 2022 program. In the ‘new’ tab, choose the option “Annual adjustment statement”.

Click ‘Start Blank Declaration’.

Step 3 – 2022 Income Tax return — Photo: Reproduction

First, fill in your personal data, such as address and CPF.

By clicking on ‘Taxpayer Identification’, you must also inform your electoral card number and your occupation.

At the top of the page, click on ‘Original Annual Adjustment Statement’, which indicates that this is a new statement. The other option, ‘Correcting Declaration’, must be used to submit a declaration correcting an earlier one for the same year.

Step 4 – 2022 Income Tax return — Photo: Reproduction

Everything that is reported by paying sources and financial institutions needs to be declared. Otherwise, the taxpayer runs the risk of falling into the fine mesh.

You will have to get your company and bank report and declare last year’s income. In the “Taxable income received from legal entities by the Holder” form, all paying sources and all amounts received in 2021 must be informed.

Exempt and non-taxable income, such as scholarships and savings, must be informed in a specific form.

Income from financial investments and profit sharing must be reported in the “Income subject to exclusive taxation” form.

Step 5 – 2022 Income Tax return — Photo: Reproduction

Financial investments, current account balance and assets such as real estate and vehicles must be informed in the “Assets and rights” form, with the value in reais on December 31, 2020 and at the end of 2021.

Step 6 – 2022 Income Tax declaration — Photo: Reproduction

Expenses with deductible expenses that can be proven, such as payments for health and education, must be declared in the “Payments made” form, and the CNPJ or CPF of the institution or professional must be informed.

Step 7 – 2022 Income Tax return — Photo: Reproduction

8 – Check pending issues

There is a “check issues” button. If any mandatory field has not been filled in, the program itself will alert you and show you what needs to be corrected.

Step 8 – 2022 Income Tax return — Photo: Reproduction

9 – Complete or simplified

The last step is to choose the taxation model: by legal deductions, the full call, or by simplified discount. The program itself indicates the most advantageous option. In other words, it offers a higher refund value or a lower tax amount to be paid.

Step 9 – 2022 Income Tax return — Photo: Reproduction

10 – Account for refund

For taxpayers entitled to a refund, the system asks for the bank, branch and current account for the deposit to be informed. For those who have tax to pay, you can choose to pay in up to 8 installments.

Step 10 – 2022 Income Tax declaration — Photo: Reproduction

Finally, just click on “Deliver Declaration”, in the lower left corner of the screen. The declaration is automatically saved.

A new box will appear on the screen, asking the taxpayer to select the declaration to be delivered and click OK, and that’s it.

You are up to date with the Tax Authorities!

Step 11 – 2022 Income Tax return — Photo: Reproduction

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