Irina Begu – Ekaterine Gorgodze 6-4, 6-1, in the first round at Wimbledon. Sorana Cirstea

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  • Irina Begu he defeated the Georgian player Ekaterine Gorgodze 114th place WTA), score 6-4, 6-1. Sorana Cirstea passed the Serbian Aleksandra Krunic (107th place WTA), score 7-6 (5), 7-6 (1).

Irina Begu and Sorana Cîrstea, qualified in the second round at Wimbledon

In the second round at Wimbledon, Irina Begu will play against the Italian Elisabetta Cocciaretto (21 years old, 119th place WTA).

Cocciaretto passed in the first round the compatriot Martina Trevisan (29th place WTA), score 6-2, 6-0.

Sorana Cîrstea will play against the winner of the match Astra Sharma (Australia, 136th place WTA) – Tatjana Maria (Germany, 103rd place WTA), interrupted at 1-1 in sets, score 6-4, 3-6.

Five Romanian players play on Tuesday, June 28, at Wimbledon, in the first round: Simona Halep, Gabriela Ruse, Mihaela Buzărnescu, Irina Bara and Ana Bogdan. The match schedule can be consulted HERE.

Irina Begu – Ekaterine Gorgodze 6-4, 6-1, in the first round at Wimbledon

UPDATE 22:46 Irina Begu – Ekaterine Gorgodze 6-4, 6-1. End of the match! Easy victory for the Romanian.

The match lasted one hour and 13 minutes. Irina Begu never gave up her job! The Romanian managed 23 winning shots and made 27 unforced errors.

UPDATE 22:37 Irina Begu – Ekaterine Gorgodze 6-4, 5-1. The Romanian manages another break and is very close to victory.

UPDATE 22:16 Irina Begu – Ekaterine Gorgodze 6-4, 1-0. The Romanian debuts with a break in the second set as well.

UPDATE 22:11 Irina Begu – Ekaterine Gorgodze 6-4. The first set ends after 39 minutes. The Romanian woman did not give up her job!

Irina Begu managed 13 winning shots and made 16 unforced errors in the first set.

UPDATE 22:00 Irina Begu – Ekaterine Gorgodze 5-3. The Romanian saves a break ball and is close to winning the first set.

UPDATE 21:38 Irina Begu – Ekaterine Gorgodze 2-0. The Romanian managed to break, then did her job!

UPDATE 21:32 The match begins! The Georgian sportswoman will serve!

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UPDATE 21:25 The two players went out on the field 9. The warm-up minutes follow.

  • Irina Begu will play her first match on the grass this season.
  • Irina Begu and Ekaterine Gorgodze will face each other for the second time in the WTA circuit. This year, in Madrid, on slag, the Romanian defeated the Georgian, score 6-2, 6-4, in the qualifications.

Sorana Cirstea goes to the second round at Wimbledon

The match that brought Sorana Cîrstea’s qualification in the second round at Wimbledon lasted one hour and 45 minutes, after both sets were decided at the Tie-Break.

Sorana Cîrstea started each set well, but when she mattered the most, the Romanian athlete gave up points in front of her opponent from Serbia.

Finally, Sorana Cîrstea managed to win both sets, after better managing the moments from Tie-Break.

Sorana Cirstea will face in the second round at Wimbledon the winner of the duel Astra Sharma (Australia, 136 WTA) and Tatjana Maria (Germany, 103 WTA).

Sorana Cîrstea – Aleksandra Krunic 7-6 (5), 7-6 (1), in the first round at Wimbledon

Update 21:06: Sorana Cirstea – Aleksandra Krunic 7-6 (5), 7-6 (1). Sorana Cirstea goes to the second round at Wimbledon. The Romanian athlete won again in the Tie-Break, score 7-1, this time.

Update 20:51: Sorana Cirstea – Aleksandra Krunic 7-6 (5), 5-3. Sorana Cîrstea is close to winning her second set. It has an advantage of two games over its opponent. “Sori” made 5-3, after succeeding an ace.

Update 20:33: Sorana Cirstea – Aleksandra Krunic 7-6 (5), 2-2. The second set of the match started balanced. Both sportswomen won two games each.

Update 20:18: Sorana Cirstea – Aleksandra Krunic 7-6 (5), 0-0. The second set has begun.

Update 20:16: Sorana Cirstea – Aleksandra Krunic 7-6 (5). The first set was decided at Tie-Break. After it seemed that she would win her set very quickly, Sorana Cîrstea was put in difficulty by Aleksandra Krunic. In the end, the winner of Tie-Break came out, score 7-5.

Update 19:54: Sorana Cirstea – Aleksandra Krunic 5-4. “Sori” missed the chance to win the first set of the match, after losing the game on its own service.

Update 19:37: Sorana Cirstea – Aleksandra Krunic 3-1. The Romanian sportswoman started the match excellently. She played a solid game and has so far also taken advantage of her opponent’s mistakes.

Update 19:26: Sorana Cirstea – Aleksandra Krunic 0-0. The match has begun. Sorana Cirstea served the first ball of the All England Club match.

The first Romanian athlete to debut at this year’s Wimbledon will be Sorana Cirstea. The 32nd player in the world will play against Aleksandra Krunic, whom she clearly defeated less than two weeks ago in Birmingham, score 6-1, 6-1. Moreover, Cîrstea has an advantage over his opponent in direct matches, 3-1.

Sorana Cîrstea’s best result at Wimbledon is reaching the third round, a performance obtained in four rows.

If she passes Aleksandra Krunic, Sorana Cirstea will play in the second round at Wimbledon against the winner of the match Astra Sharma (Australia, 136th place WTA) – Tatiana Maria (Germany, 106th place WTA).

UPDATE: Irina Begu’s match was moved at 22:30 by the Wimbledon organizers.

UPDATE 18:51: The new match time between Sorana Cîrstea and Aleksandra Krunic is 19:30.

UPDATE 18:22: Sorana Cîrstea’s match was rescheduled at 19:15, while Irina Begu’s match at 21:50.

UPDATE 17:30: Sorana Cîrstea’s match will resume when the rain stops in London.

UPDATE 16:20: Sorana’s match was postponed again, for 17:30, while Irina Begu’s was rescheduled at 20:25.

UPDATE 15:00 – The match Sorana Cîrstea – Aleksandra Krunic was supposed to start at 15:00, but the rain turned the Wimbledon program upside down. The start of the match has been postponed, and the duel between the player from Romania and the one from Serbia will not start earlier than 16:50.

Irina Begu – Ekaterine Gorgodze, LIVE TEXT, 22:30

Irina Begu is a definite favorite over Ekaterina Gorgodze, from Georgia. The Romanian’s opponent does not excel in the singles event, where she ranks 114th in the WTA, but rather in the doubles, where she is the 55th player in the world.

The two players met only once in the WTA circuit, this year, in Madrid, and Begu won without appeal, 6-2, 6-4.

Like Sorana Cîrstea, Irina Begu reached the top at Wimbledon in round three, twice, in 2015 and 2021.

If she reaches the second round at Wimbledon, the Romanian will play against the winner of the match Martina Trevisan (Italy, 27th place WTA) – Elisabetta Cocciaretto (Italy, 117th place WTA).

The other five represented by Romania at Wimbledon will evolve in the coming days.

The opponents of the Romanians from the first round at Wimbledon:

  • Simona Halep – Karolina Muchova
  • Irina Bara – Chloe Paquet
  • Ana Bogdan – Dayana Yastremska
  • Gabriela Ruse – Coco Gauff
  • Mihaela Buzărnescu – Nastasja Schunk
  • Sorana Cirstea – Aleksandra Krunic
  • Irina Begu – Ekaterine Gorgodze

This year’s edition of the Wimbledon tournament will receive record prizes of £ 40,350,000, but the WTA and ATP circuits have announced that they will not award points, following the decision of the British organizers not to allow the presence of Russian players. and Belarusians, as a result of the invasion of Ukraine.

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