Is Romania missing the Rugby World Cup? What the Spaniards claim + the reaction of the forum led by Alin Petrache


The date of publishing: Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 7:53 p.m.

Date of update: Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 7:57 p.m.

The daily El Mundo noted that Spain could regain their place in the Rugby World Cup as a result of a violation by Romania of a rule of the international federation, the case being a similar one to that of the Spaniards.

What El Mundo claims. Jason Tomane, the “problem player” of the Oaks?

The player’s situation Gavin Van den Berg, which led to the sanctioning of the national team for non-compliance with the rules related to residence, also occurred in the case of a player from the Romanian team, even the federation that notified the international federation in the case of Spain, writes El Mundo.

It’s about Jason Tomane, player of Romania of New Zealand origin, who allegedly violated “Rule 8”, which provides that a foreign player may be selected if he has lived in that country for three years without interruption, with a maximum absence period of 60 days.

The newspaper concluded that the rule was violated by seeing images posted by the athlete in the past on social media with the location of Szeged.

The Romanian Rugby Federation stated on Wednesday that it had correctly followed all the necessary steps regarding the eligibility of Jason Tomane.

FRR is defending itself

“Following erroneous reports from the international press, the Romanian Rugby Federation clarifies that all necessary steps have been correctly followed in relation to Jason Tomane’s eligibility.

According to the Romanian legislation, in order to obtain a residence visa valid for our country, the applicant must apply from abroad. As with all eligibility issues, the case was considered by the World Rugby Rules Commission, which noted and supported the exceptional circumstances that led to the player being out of the country longer than the time allowed. allowed, while these circumstances, outside the control of the player, extended the visa application process by the athlete.

The federation fully supports the procedures implemented by World Rugby to protect the integrity of the international game and it is unfortunate that the Spanish press broadcast the news without verifying the facts beforehand. “it is shown in a communiqué of FRR.

  • In April, the international press announced that Romania would play in the 2023 Rugby World Cup, after Spain was disqualified for using a player without the right to play in the Iberian national team.
  • This is the second time in a row that Spain has been disqualified, after the 2019 edition.

This time it was a question of the eligibility of a player of South African origin, Gavin Van den Berg, raised by the Romanian Rugby Federation.

Pillar of South African origin Gavin van den Berg has been playing in Spain since 2018, but the Alcobendas player would not have completed the three years without interruption (no departure from the territory for more than 60 days) to be eligible, according to the rules World Rugby. The fault lies in the fact that his absence from Spain in 2020 was too long, apparently due to his father’s illness.

In 2019, in the race for the World Cup in Japan, Spain saw its dream come true after a defeat against Belgium (18-10), which caused a lot of ink to flow because the referee of the match was Romanian and Romania was the one that benefited from the defeat of the Iberians.

It was later revealed that the Spanish team played with athletes, especially of French descent, who were not eligible under World Rugby rules. As was the case in Romania. Following this case, Russia was the one who finally got the ticket to the World Cup in Japan.

Four years later, it was the same story. This time, Spain qualified on the field for the 2023 World Cup in France, following the victory with Portugal (33-28) and found itself in Group B of the final tournament, along with South Africa, Ireland, Scotland and one last qualified team. , still unknown.

However, on March 28, World Rugby opened an investigation, which established that Spain had lined up an ineligible player of South African descent. As a direct consequence of this World Rugby decision, Romania received a direct ticket to the World Cup in France. Portugal will play in the World Rugby qualifier in November.