“It simply came to our notice then. They changed him out of pride. “

GSP Article – Posted on Wednesday, June 01, 2022 6:17 PM / Updated on Wednesday, June 01, 2022 7:38 PM

Steliano Filip (28 years old), Dinamo defender, believes that the dismissal of Flavius ​​Stoican (45 years old), the former coach of the “red dogs”, was a huge mistake.

During this season, at the end of which Dinamo relegated for the first time in history, the white-red team was trained by 5 coaches.

The dismissal of the penultimate Dinamo coach this season, Flavius ​​Stoican, was a big mistake in the opinion of Steliano Filip, the left defender of the “dogs”.

Filip says Stoican’s replacement with Dusan Uhrin was “orchestrated” by DDB leadersthe partner program that is a minority shareholder in the club.


Kirita does not deny that he threatened to beat Steliano Filip! He continues to intimidate him: “Is he still talking after he put Dinamo in B ?! I don’t want them to look at me! ”

Steliano Filip: “Dinamo’s mistake, Stoican’s replacement”

“Especially now, in the situation I’ve been in lately, that I’m changing coaches, that I’m doing the right thing, do you realize what it’s like to say Uhrin now? I respect him, I prefer not to talk.

If you want my point of view … With all due respect to Dusan Uhrin, Stoican made a mistake.

I’ll tell you why: then the locker room was divided into 7, even the people from Săftica didn’t get along with each other anymore. When Flavius ​​was there he brought us all together, it was a great atmosphere.

It was not taken into account that Flavius ​​did not have the complete batch available. They were either suspended, injured or infected with coronavirus. When I was well, then he wanted to change.

I am not referring to Mr. Zăvăleanu here, he is the only one I felt close to the team and he really wanted. I really know who and why (no – changed Stoican). From DDB. There were some pride.

You know all too well the dispute over Stoican’s last term, why he was removed. It was a reason why the locker room broke again “, Filip declared on the show” Fotbal Club “, on DigiSport.

8 matchesDinamo played under Stoican this season: one win, two draws, 5 defeats

Steliano Filip: “Uhrin reproached me for my lack of attitude before returning with U Cluj”

At the same time, Filip explained why he was a reserve in the return match with U Cluj, after being integralist in the round match.

“I was never asked to be excluded from the group. Two days before the return match, I had a training session in which I prepared the fixed phases, and then I and a few others who I knew would not be part of the group worked separately.

After training, I wanted to have a discussion with the coach, but I didn’t ask Dusan why I didn’t play. I asked what happened. He told me he didn’t know if I would start the game or if I would play. He blamed my attitude. I asked: “Of the 11 in Cluj, only I didn’t have an attitude?”

I said he could blame me for anything, but not the lack of attitude. Poor or good, as I am, I know what Dinamo means. I really wanted to, but that was the explanation. I didn’t want to prolong that discussion, I was interested in the team, to get it right. Unfortunately, what happened happened “, said Steliano Filip.

Steliano Filip: “I’m staying at Dinamo, what can I do?”

Despite the fact that Dinamo will also play in League 2 and that he is “on knives” with the fans, Steliano Filip could stay at the club next season as well.

“I do not have discussions with other teams at the moment. There was interest in the winter, I think it is now, but there was no question of paying any money in the winter. It’s hard for me to believe now.

I have two months overdue, I offered to give up that money. That would have been the last thing, to have pretensions … I have nothing more to do.

I have one more year of contract, I don’t know. I will attend the meeting if the termination is not discussed. I have one more year of contract. Stay, what should I do? I know I have a high salary and Dinamo can’t pay me in the second league. That’s why I told them I was giving up money. I wouldn’t want to confuse myself anymore, to ask for my money “, said the full-back.

It was hard, there were all those coaching changes. I’m not talking about the players anymore … I don’t even know if the kids I started the championship with still play football.

I’m upset … it’s not easy, no one expected that. We didn’t want that, we didn’t premeditate it. Downgrading with Dinamo is hard to digest. That’s the situation, I didn’t want to appear, but I did it for the fans and all the club’s legends. I have disappointed many people, I apologize. Sorry!

It is normal to be one of the leaders of the list (no – those pointed to Dinamo’s demotion). Being among the oldest on the team, the expectations were higher for me. I take that for granted, I don’t have much to say.

Steliano Filip, Dinamo

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