“It will be a force of the year”

GSP Article – Posted Tuesday, May 24, 2022, 9:00 PM / Updated Tuesday, May 24, 2022 9:36 PM

Rapid officially announced that businessman Dan Șucu is the new shareholder of the club, together with Victor Angelescu! The owner of Mobexpert, with an estimated fortune of 143 million euros, bought 49.9% of the club’s shares. Gabi Balint is extremely confident in the white-cherry project.

I believe that Rapid will become a force in Romanian football next year “said Balint in the show “Football Club” from Digi Sport 1. The former great football player of Steaua also addressed the future of Adrian Mutu in Giulești:

“The coach will be good if he has results. It’s true that Rapid doesn’t have much patience, especially when the coach is Mutu, who is not in a very good relationship with the gallery “.

Balint concluded by talking about Rapid’s strategy for next season: “They need a budget of 7-8 million to fight in the playoffs. It also depends on how the players will choose, because Șucu will not be involved in acquiring the players, but will delegate people ”.

Dan Șucu, the new shareholder of Rapid: “We want Rapid to never stand idly by after public money”

In a statement posted on Facebook, Rapid announced that Dan Șucu, the owner of Mobexpert, bought almost half of the shares held by Victor Angelescu.

According to the Gazette, Dan Șucu will own 49.9% of the club’s shares. Sources close to the Grant club claim that Victor Angelescu, the one who brought Șucu to the club, will have the last word in making decisions.

Șucu will be officially presented on Wednesday, at 13:00, when he will hold a press conference at the Rapid stadium.

We want Rapid to become a strong team again, which every year will fight with real chances to win the title in League 1. And, why not, we hope in the future to bring us the desired satisfaction in European competitions. Yes, we would like all Rapid fans to be proud of the team’s performance again. And also for our fans, we will strive for these performances to be obtained through seriousness and fairness.

We want Rapid to be an example in League 1, of a club that really keeps its promises. The players and employees of the Club should be paid well and without delays, and the contracts signed with the partners should be honored exactly and without exceptions.

We also want Rapid to support itself independently and never stand idly by after public money. Moreover, we pay our taxes to the state and the community, and we are not interested in being protected by any politician. We wish so much for Rapid, and it will not be easy, but we all know that when you really want something you will find the right solution to succeed

– Quick Release

Dan Șucu has already invested 10 million euros for Rapid

Recently, in an interview for Gazeta Sportulor, Șucu revealed what plans he has with Rapid. He started a collaboration with the people of Giuleşti, on the basis of which a football school will be developed, for table sports, but also an academy, aiming at performance.

“I bought the land on which two sports facilities were located. At Cores it’s about two hectares and it cost me two million euros. At Constructorul there are 3.5 hectares, and the price was 3 million euros. Another investment of another 5 million euros on both bases, ie land, from those for dwarfs to large ones, then infrastructure, locker rooms, training rooms, recovery rooms, physiotherapy.

Even training rooms for parents, not to be outdone if they keep coming with their children. At Coresi, I would like to make introductory, table football, an NGO called Rapid Football School. And to bring 400 children to Constructorul, some in the same way, to do sports, and others of elite, to the Rapid Academy ”, said Șucu.

Dan Șucu, the new shareholder of Rapid

“I’m not necessarily fast-paced, I love table sports”

No, I’m not necessarily a speedster. I’m a fan of table sports. It is true that they were already preparing for “Coresi” when I bought the base, but the difference is that then there were 100-120 children, and when it is ready, I want 700 children to train there, in absolutely modern conditions.
Dan Șucu in an interview for GSP

As I said, I am a parent and I think it is everyone’s duty to take our children to sports. We need to get them off the computers. I’m a fan of table sports. I know what they were like in my day, with a solid sports base. I don’t know a businessman who didn’t do sports in his youth. Because it prepares you, it gives you ambition and the ability to understand that when you are not good you lose. Sport teaches you that if you fail, it means that you are the first culprit, not to blame others quickly. That’s how I educate my children.
Dan Șucu for GSP

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