Javier Alarcón will not travel to the US to narrate again with Perro Bermúdez

Javier Alarcón will not narrate Mexico vs. Ecuador with Perro Bermúdez (Photo: Cuartoscuro-FB/Enrique Bermúdez)

After confirming that the World Cup to be held in Qatar will be the last one I will narrate, Enrique Bermudez de la Serna he has invited colleagues with whom he shared on the microphone in the past. One of the most outstanding guests would be Javier Alarconhowever, the former editorial chief of televised sports you won’t be able to meet him again Dog in Chicago due to positive virus diagnosis SARS-CoV-2.

Via your verified Twitter account, Alarcon González released a photograph of the document that supports the antigen test required to make the trip to the United States. However, after having performed the nasopharyngeal exudate, The doctors found a positive result for the presence of the virus that causes the COVID-19 disease.

“My dear Henry Dog Bermudez, I tested positive to travel to Chicago. Very mild symptoms. Thanks to TUDN, do not stop inviting me to the next one or what do we do? Link on Sunday? Attentive to his indications”, he wrote on his verified Twitter account @Javier_Alarcon_.

Javier Alarcón tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Photo: Twitter/@Javier_Alarcon_)
Javier Alarcón tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Photo: Twitter/@Javier_Alarcon_)

After having read the publication on the social network, the protagonist of the farewell tour interacted with Javier Alarcon and wished him a speedy recovery. At that time, neither of them announced whether the collaboration would be remote, on another occasion or canceled, but minutes later the guest assured that his presence could take place during the last friendly match Confirmed of the Mexican National Team.

“They already rescheduled me for the end of August. Atlanta vs. Paraguay. See you there Enrique Bermúdez ”, he confirmed on the social network. The aforementioned match is scheduled for August 31, 2022 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The first guest of honor at the farewell tour of the Dog it was George Pietrasanta, who was present during the broadcast of the match against Uruguay. In addition to recalling old passages, the initiative has been a bet to face the team Aztec Sports in the battle for ratings on broadcast television.

Jorge Pietrasanta was the first guest on Perro Bermúdez's farewell tour (Photo: Instagram / @jorgepietrasanta_ / enriquebermudez_)
Jorge Pietrasanta was the first guest on Perro Bermúdez’s farewell tour (Photo: Instagram / @jorgepietrasanta_ / enriquebermudez_)

According to statistics from Nielsen Ibopequoted by journalist David Medrano Felix on his personal Twitter account, the pronounced gap that used to prevail between rival broadcasters was significantly reduced. Of the 12.5 million users who tuned in to the Tricolor match, 6.4 did so at the microphones of Luis García and Christian Martinoli, while 6.1 gave their trust to Bermúdez and Pietrasanta.

For his part, when Alarcón announced the invitation from the team of TUDN, he said thankful for being considerate, both for his colleague and for the company he resigned from six years ago. He thus made it known in a video posted on his YouTube channel. Youtubewhere too spoke about the battle for ratings.

“As I told them, I am very happy and proud that the Dog trust me on the personal and TUDN in the professional part because in the end it is a match where they will be competing against Martinoli, Luis Garcia and the very good proposal you have Aztec for some years now,” he said.

So far it has not been confirmed if Bermúdez will have any more guests in the series of matches that the Tricolor will have for the United States and Mexico, although the list could increase taking advantage of the tight schedule that the team led by Gerardo Martino will have to vent during the present summer.


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