Journalists and writers: The Citizen’s Pulse

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Journalists and writers offered sincere congratulations to Al-Bayan on its 42nd anniversary, and reviewed the newspaper’s role throughout its history in promoting the state’s renaissance by presenting targeted topics and ideas until it was able to gain the confidence of the reader and the official alike.

They added that “Al-Bayan” was and still is the pulse of the citizen and a free national platform that transmits their views and aspirations transparently, in addition to the qualitative leaps it achieved by keeping pace with the mechanisms of the times and enhancing the digital aspect, which placed it at the forefront of local and regional newspapers.

rich experience

The media, Fatima Majed Al-Sari, said that she was honored to become one of the first writers at Al-Bayan in 1981 when she was a high school student and asked the administration at the time to write in the “School Opinions” section, and when she became a university student, she wrote in the “University Opinions” section, adding Al-Bayan is her second home and she is still editing her article in the newspaper until now. She explained that the newspaper worked for four decades with every craftsmanship that followed development plans at the beginning of each year, especially with regard to digital and electronic editing, and it has important roles at the local, regional and international levels.


Writer Fatima Al-Mazrouei confirmed that since its issuance on May 10, 1980, the “Bayan” has achieved many successes at the local and regional levels, with a high degree of professionalism in selecting topics and opinion articles in various fields, which made it one of the pioneers of the free speech with accuracy and honesty, as it is a free national platform. For all citizens in the country, as it conveys their views, aspirations and issues in a transparent and professional manner, leaving a wide space for the reader to investigate what is behind the news.

For his part, writer Adel Al-Marzouqi confirmed that the “Al-Bayan” path was full of giving, as creativity was and still is its companion, which extends with it for 42 years, during which we have all witnessed the qualitative leaps it achieved and the development not only in terms of form, but also in content, which contributed to In strengthening its position in the media arena, until it became a role model and a beacon for successive generations that Al-Bayan contributed to expanding its circle of knowledge through the rich knowledge content it publishes on its pages and platforms in social networking sites.

He pointed out that from the first moment of its birth, the “statement” carried the weapon of positivity, expanded the space for opinion and the other opinion, and carried on its shoulders the task of discussing many remarkable national issues, which made it close all the time to the pulse of people and society, thanks to the depth of the presentation of many intellectual issues. The newspaper dealt with it in all seriousness, and therefore the secret of its success and sustainability lies in reporting the news realistically and with complete transparency with a commitment to impartiality in conveying the views of all parties.

He continued, “I had a long personal experience with “Al-Bayan” through the “Paths of Life” column, through which the newspaper allowed me to communicate with people and readers, and to present knowledge to them through the pages of the newspaper that we were brought up on and we loved so much with its paper, colors and designs, and on this occasion We wish “Al Bayan” continued progress, continuity, and brilliance always.

For his part, the journalist Ahmed Al-Mansoori stressed that “Al-Bayan” gained the confidence of the reader and the official together by conveying the reality of events and scrutinizing them. The traditional and modern digital offering, which made it attract the reader with all his interests and trends.

Writer Iman Ali Al-Muhairi believes that “Al-Bayan” expresses the spirit of Dubai, the lady of cities, and conveys moment by moment everything related to the issues of the country, pointing out that the newspaper’s distinguished rhythm and its rich career have influenced its essence with the pulse of the present and the making of the future, where the lead is followed by the lead, and a remarkable superiority on the list of most newspapers In presence, and why not, while it has the largest number of readers, and is the most forward-looking newspaper in terms of quantity and quality? She added: Today, “Al Bayan” completes its 42nd year of giving, creativity, and celebration of everything that advances the nation’s progress, as it continues its local and international coverage in full uniqueness, enhancing its tools to complement its capabilities and creative cadres, preserving its identity, message and slogan, opening its pages to those who appreciate the value of the word to become so The closest to the pulse and voice of the street, as its pages are full of openness to the world in events, culture and thought, and it is the one that takes the lead in many events and actively contributes to their industry, and foreseeing the future through creative initiatives in presenting ideas and inspiring promising visions.

quality ideas

In this context, Dr. Aisha Al-Janahi said that “Al-Bayan” was able to achieve many initiatives and qualitative ideas that it accomplished throughout its ascending path, keeping pace with development and striving for the best with all professionalism and professionalism, to be able to keep pace with the achievements and the renewed media thought, adding that the newspaper has attracted a large number of young pens to be distinguished by the constructive and innovative ideas that the newspaper presents. She sheds light on the topics and suggestions of young people in their various fields in the field over four decades, noting that she began her career with Al-Bayan in 2014 and was part of the newspaper’s success and distinction.