Juan Diego Alvira, from Noticias Caracol, presents his pets

In an interview with the magazine Pets & Co., the journalist, presenter and lawyer Juan Diego Alvira, presented his large dog family, four cute furry ones who amuse the other members of the household with their craziness.

“It all started when we married Ana María, who loves pets and animals in general. I decided to give her a dog, we lived in a smaller apartment, it was totally planned and chosen with all the care. This is how our first pet “Homer” arrived, a very cute but very antipathy Pug, very unsociable.

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And he adds that, “one day my wife came in her car, it was raining heavily and she saw a white dog, a poodle cross, zero pedigree. He followed her in the car and thanks to the help of some people he brought her to the house, where we discovered that she was pregnant, despite the fact that we tried to revive them, unfortunately all her babies were born dead, perhaps due to the treatment they would have given her in the street. This is how Luna arrived. We tried to find a home for her, but in the end we decided that she should stay in the house, she is a super sweet dog, although she now thinks she has more pedigree than everyone.

Then Bruno arrived, also picked up from the street, but he’s already dead. Shortly after, a Cartagena arrived, Pancho, another Pug, who arrived at the house thanks to a move by my wife who told me that it was a gift from my father-in-law for my birthday, which had just been fulfilled. How I refused to accept it!

The fourth is Buba, very cute, but he is the version of Bart Simpson with four legs, he climbs everywhere, we had a hard time dealing with him. He came through a friend, who wanted to give one to María del Mar, my daughter. I got carried away by my instinct and decided on him, I thought it was very nice.

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In my house, each one of them has their “apartment”, but Homer, who at 12 years old looks very good, is very badly brought up by my wife, who always contradicts me when it comes to dogs. She then began to let him sleep in our bed, that is, we slept in the bed… my wife, María del Mar, Homero and I. The others do each sleep in their “apartment”. When I leave in the morning, the three of them are waiting outside, waiting to get into the room.

In the afternoon I am with them, I am affectionate, but I try not to exaggerate, in my life I have always had dogs, when I was in college I also had one. I love them and I have an affectionate and affectionate relationship with them, but I try to impose rules on them, for example, I do not let them go to bed, I have read books and try to inform myself to understand them, I apply my rules and they obey and respect me because I impose limits, but my wife arrives and automatically they disconnect and become undisciplined.

Maybe they see that I am the one who imposes discipline on them, so of course… they prefer to be with my wife, because they know that she is the one who tolerates everything, except for Luna, because she is always willing to receive caresses and pampering from anyone.

I have learned something from all my dogs, for example, from Homero, I have learned to understand the other dogs more, since he was the first and it cost us more work because of the spaces we had in the apartment, but little by little we learned a lot of canine psychology, I believe that pets at the end of the day, like any other being, also express and give what they receive. I began to live the responsibilities of caring for someone other than myself. Now that I have a daughter, I realize that these types of responsibilities have a certain similarity.

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With Luna, who was picked up from the street, I learned what a great feeling of gratitude is, because these picked up puppies are really grateful, you only see them when they shake your tail, Luna is always the first to come out to greet me.

I make an invitation for us to give the opportunity to the little animals that do not have a home, that are in a vulnerable condition, that are suffering mistreatment. When one decides to adopt he does so with the desire to contribute to the care of animals, so that they have a lot of love and affection that in the end we receive the same from them.


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