Justin Bieber: from the teenager who walked on the edge of the precipice to the young man who seeks the answer to his recent illness in faith

“Patience” (Patience). That’s what the tattoo says in gothic letters that goes down the neck of Justin Bieber, from the ear to the clavicle. The phrase is engraved right on the side where, these days, she suffered a condition in her nerves due to a virus that paralyzed half of his face. On that side her eye doesn’t blink. She can’t smile either. Ramsay Hunt syndrome is what he suffers from. Justin himself told his fans in a cell phone video, to explain the cancellation of several of the shows that he was to give soon. His visit to Argentina, scheduled for September 11 at the Estadio Único de La Plata, would not be in doubt. But for that he must, as he himself says, rest and undergo facial rehabilitation. And go back to doing what “for which I was born”, he assured in the post, with absolute resignation. Who knows if at another time in his life he would have taken this situation with the same maturity, because despite the fact that he is only 28 years old, he seems to have lived a couple of lives of any other person. He has passed through the most varied states and passed through the most diverse experiences, because of his premature success. From the excesses of ego to a strong attachment to religion, these are some facts about his history.

To put together a puzzle of Justin, it would be necessary to be able to complete an album of figurines in which that twenty-year-old with the appearance of a neighborhood kid coexists, which is the one seen in the video where he meekly explains the signs and symptoms of the virus that affected him, and also the one showing his most recent eccentricities. At the last gala of the Grammy Awards, which was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, he wore glasses shaped like ET eyes (or rather, a nod to the movie Matrix), a pink winter hat, and a suit jacket several sizes too big for him. It will be that the life of the stars of the show has those things that go to the extremes.

Justin Bieber with an extra large dress code and Hailey Baldwin, so elegant, at the last Grammy AwardsANGELA WEISS – AFP

And if there is a generational question, those who are his age today and listen (or once listened) to his music, will be able to keep the Justin they prefer. The crazy teenage superstar who did not get off the wave that he himself had generated and who, at a certain moment, could not dominate (because we must not forget that sometimes there is a certain morbidity in the public; a certain pleasure in the skidding of others), or the Justin of today, who embraced the faith and seems to see life differently. Let’s see this post from September 2020, when the covid-19 pandemic was in its infancy and the confinement made many people take to the streets, but with their feelings. That did Justin, who had already come from a couple of years of reconversions, especially since his marriage with haley baldwin.

“I come from a small town in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. I had no material things and was never motivated by money or fame, I just loved music. But as I became a teenager, I let my insecurities and frustrations dictate what I valued. My values ​​began to change slowly. Ego and power began to take over and my relationships suffered because of it. I really want healthy relationships. I want to be motivated by truth and love. I want to be aware of my blind spots and learn from them! I want to walk in God’s plans for me and not try to do it on my own! I want to give up my selfish desires every day so that I can be a good husband and father-to-be! I am grateful to be able to walk with Jesus as he leads the way.”

The truth is that this speech has not changed in the last two years if you pay attention to the end of the message he left in the most recent post, when he referred to the expectations he has about his recovery: “Normal will return. We don’t know how long it will take, but everything will be fine,” he said. And I have hope, and I trust in God, and I trust that all of this is for a reason. I’m not sure what that is now. But in the meantime, I’m going to rest.”

By 2008, when Justin was just 14 years old and beginning his career, thanks to some videos that his mother had posted on YouTube, the dynamics of virtual success were not like they are now. It could be said that succeeding in this way, in those years could have more value, although the figures are not comparable with those that are handled today by the reproduction of songs. At that time, the strong support of a producer who acted as talent scout was still needed. And that was the role of Scooter Braun who discovered this talent on YouTube and took him to the United States to record his first demo. By the end of that year he had a record deal with Island Records and the following year he was a star.”teen” of the music industry.

2013 and 2014 were the years of Bieber’s life that Justin would surely want to forget today. There were several problems that he had, in different countries (Canada, Brazil, Argentina and the United States) due to his public conduct. Some of them are related to assaults and allegedly driving while intoxicated and under the influence of drugs. In fact, he had to serve some sentences imposed by the courts. On two occasions, part of the sentences consisted of anger management and emotion management therapy. He was also on probation and completed five days of community service.

But Justin’s present is totally different. In fact, he has been giving signs in this regard for several years. In his posts from a couple of years ago and in those of today there is a correlation with his musical production. Especially with the most recent albums from him. In twelve years of recording career he has released six albums. The latter are called changes (Changes) and Justice (Justice).

The three songs that he released as singles, during the pandemic, outside his album changesThey talk a lot about a kind of mea culpa that he makes about his years of excesses, inner loneliness (there was also talk on the celebrity pages about his supposed depression, in 2017) and an optimistic and hopeful look with the arrival of 2021. “ Holy”, “Lonely” and “Anyone” seems to be the trilogy that refers to his present. And surely also a way to understand the resigned and sensible message he gave to his fans, telling about his illness and apologizing for the cancellations of shows.

“Lonely” is a great summary of that vertiginous life as a teenager and with the mistakes that he prefers to leave behind: “I’m so lonely”, he repeats in the chorus. “Everyone knows my past now. As if my house was always made of glass. And maybe that’s the price you pay for money and fame at a young age. And everyone saw me sick. And it felt like nobody gave a shit. They criticized the things I did as an idiotic child.” When he premiered the song, Justin said: “To be honest, listening to the finished song is difficult for me, considering how difficult it was to overcome some of those chapters in my life. I hope this story encourages others to speak up about what they are going through.”

Those songs ended up on the record Justice, where he also brings a speech by Martin Luther King to his ears. Without a doubt, the search for Bieber is the consequence of a need to put a stop to a life that he did not like. With the release of Justice Other clues also appear. “I pray that I never go back to who I was. I feel like I don’t deserve you tonight, but it’s in the way you hold me”, he says in “Deserve You”. The obstacles he now faces have nothing to do with the use and abuse of fame, but with the problems of ordinary people. But in the same way you will have to face them.