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Since some years, Carol G She has established herself as one of the great artists of Latin music. In addition, the singer has the support of her many followers internationally. For this reason, on several occasions, the Colombian has decided to return part of that affection with various surprise gifts to her fans. Thus, recently the colombian offered a free concert to the public of provencezone that gives name to the new single of the interpreter.

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From the second floor of a restaurant, the voice of “Bichota” She delighted the public that went to see her and was grateful for the appreciation they have for her.

Next, find out all the details of the surprise concert that Carol G made in the neighborhood provence of his native Medellin.

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It all started when the artist invited her followers to pay attention to her next announcement on Instagram. In a brief message that she published from her official account of Twitter, Carol G suggested that the ad was related to his new song “Provenza”.

The Colombian fans were waiting for the singer’s announcement and, through Instagram stories, the artist made a surprise invitation to her followers. In the video, she looks at Carol G referring to the area that inspired his latest musical production.

“Hey Medallo, the Provence that I speak of in my song is from Medellín. Provence is from Medellin. (…) Go over there, it’s going to be very cool, they’re going to do tattoos, I brought the car from the video, little music and unlimited stream of Karol G account. (…) If I cheer up I’ll fall for them “the interpreter is heard saying.


Many residents and visitors of the famous neighborhood of provence arrived on April 29 at the event that Carol G organized. From early on, the massive attendance in the streets of the sector located in El Poblado of the capital of Antioquia was evident.

Also, through platforms such as Twitter, followers of the artist said that imitators of the singer also appeared. Apparently, many of the fans confused the imitator of the program “My name is” with the real Carolina Giraldo Navarro, real name of the Colombian.


After confirming your attendance on social networks, Carol G made his arrival at provence in the car of the official video of his homonymous song. Her fans received her with great enthusiasm, because they did not think they had the successful interpreter so close to her. The truth is that the crowd was delighted to see her.


Carol G took advantage of his visit to sing his greatest hits. One of the most anticipated songs by all the attendees was “Mamii”, a song that she performs in the company of Becky G and that it would be addressed to his ex-partner, Anuel AA. During the presentation, the public accompanied the artist with great enthusiasm. Thus, the song was heard at the top of its lungs.

Likewise, the artist had the opportunity to sing her most recent song, “Provenza”. The fact that she has interpreted it in the area that bears her name was something that her fans highlighted through social networks.

During his presentation, Carol G He struggled to be heard among the cries of his followers, whom he left with his testimony of life and encouraged them to improve themselves.

“Hey, listen to me, this is super important to me, listen to me. I know that you see me out there doing things all over the world, in other countries… But I’m from here and you count too”said. “Don’t let them tell you no, don’t let them laugh at you, they laughed at me too”added the Colombian in her powerful message.

As is known, the Latin Grammy winner began her career in her native Medellin and, from there, has not stopped generating success after success, until she became one of the great representatives of her country in the international market.

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This show is not the first surprise concert offered by the renowned interpreter of “Tusa”. A few months ago, in 2021, the artist had already shocked the inhabitants of the famous Commune 13 from Medellin. On that occasion, she also performed a free show that delighted her followers, who did not hesitate to record the singer’s visit through social networks.

That day, Carol G surprised by taking the purchases from the market to the homes and accompanying his followers, to whom he reciprocated their affection by singing some of his songs live.


his concert in provence It is one of the first public appearances of Carol G, after her presentation at the 2022 Coachella Festival. On stage, the artist had the opportunity to perform very famous Latin music songs, such as “María”, by Ricky Martin; “Like the flower”, by Selena Quintanilla; “La macarena”, by Los del Río; “Life is a carnival”, by Celia Cruz; “Gasoline”, by Daddy Yankee; Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie”; “Slowly”, by Luis Fonsi; and “My people”, by J Balvin.

Also, in addition to interpreting his successful songs “Bichota” and “Tusa”, he had as a guest DJ Tiesto, who joined him to play the song “Don’t be shy”. Also, his colleague Becky G joined the Colombian to sing, for the first time, “Mamiii” live.

The singer shone at the Coachella Festival (Photo: Karol G / Instagram)


Days before his debut in Coachella, Carol G premiered his new single called “Provenza”. The official video of the song is directed by Pedro Artola and is carried out by women.

The title of the song refers to the neighborhood provence, located in Medellín, a place known as a place where people go to party or to meet their friends. In the lyrics, the interpreter addresses a former partner, inviting him to make some kind of plan, just like in the old days.


Baby what else?

I haven’t heard anything about you for a while

I was with someone but I’m already free

Set to relive old times

I haven’t been out for a long time

You tell me where are you?

It’s been a while since I know anything about you

I was with someone but I’m already free

Set to relive old times I haven’t been out for a long time

daddy we get lost

We park and turn it on

For the dry something we drink

And when we get drunk

One of reggaeton we put

And we’re going to where we can eat

What bad can happen?

bad for us

toy outside salt

We have pending things to review

You are a difficult chick to replace

I don’t know if it convinces you

We give each other a touch of Provence

And if things get tense

In my bed is the reward

Or vice versa

Because you think so?

We went through the neighborhood for weed

Put it hooka so that it dissolves

The chemistry is still preserved

And I’ll make you rich so that you come back’

Although tomorrow I’m leaving

Take advantage of me here I am

set for you

That is why I wrote to you

Baby what else?

I haven’t heard anything about you for a while

I was with someone but I’m already free

Set to relive old times

I haven’t been out for a long time

You tell me where are you?

I haven’t heard from you for a long time

I was with someone but I’m already free

Set to relive old times I haven’t been out for a long time