Lit Killah talks about his story, his origins, his friendship with Tiago PZK, BZRP and love in an interview at Peru Freestyle | SHOWS

With feet on the ground. Lit Killah continues to break through the music scene with his own style. After having established himself as one of the most ranked exponents of the Argentine freestyle scene, the interpreter of ‘La trap es ley’ arrives in Peru to perform his first concert as part of his world tour ‘Mawz Tour’, this Saturday, May 25. June.

More information: Lit Killah announced his arrival in Peru as part of his tour “Mawz Tour”

Trome spoke with Lit Killah about his arrival in our country and gave details of his proposal, his beginnings in the world of freestyle, his friendship with Tiago Pzk, a possible music session with Bizarrap and even love. This was an intimate confession just days before going up on stage with his own show that he has been taking care of in detail.

What do you think has changed in terms of the proposal to do freestyle shows to organize your own concert as what will be your show on Saturday in Peru?

From freestyle to a music show is completely different. I no longer travel alone, now I travel with 20 other people, with technicians, the lights, the band. All the shows I do with a band no longer with a DJ. It is a very high level. The versions we did of the songs are very enjoyable. As for the audiovisual level, it’s crazy, I really like to play with electronic shows, the level of lights, that’s going to be a show. All well synchronized. We are working a lot for that.

Mawz, your first album, is like a return to your beginnings. How did you decide to go down that path of going back to your origins at this stage of your career?

It is a part of me, the character I created has many aesthetic things that I liked in my beginnings. Things of mine, as a boy I liked to collect gas masks and do graffiti, my favorite colors are fuchsia, we gave the character a ‘personality’.

Lit Killah talks about his story, his origins, his friendship with Tiago PZK, BZRP and love
Lit Killah talks about his story, his origins, his friendship with Tiago PZK, BZRP and love

Which song on that album do you prefer as your favourite?

With California. I like it a lot for everything, the sound is quite strange, I don’t know how to identify it and that’s why I like it, it gave me space, pop, rap or a trap. It has a combination of many vibes.

You tend to experiment with different rhythms. Is it the path you want to follow?

The next solo song that I’m going to release, it’s an exclusive that I’m giving you, it’s a combination of genres that no one had heard, at least in Spanish. Be good that.


Where do you take inspiration for so many rhythms and musical experiments?

I consider myself quite creative. I take my time going over what to create and what to add. I am capable of spending time thinking about what different touch I give to a song. I start to see references on youtube and other things, sometimes I combine references from other songs, for example, one by chamamé with one of hip hop and electronic music. I combine it, give it my touch and something renewed comes out.

Is there fear with how your fans will receive a musical theme that you are creating or experimenting?

Yes, there is always a fear but from my own experience I try to try several things. Sometimes you want to make a hit, the most commercial, a reggaeton, love, something easy, that I don’t like very much and sometimes it doesn’t weigh, it goes very badly with a song that doesn’t reach you very much. For that, I do the most played and strange thing that I would have two options: that it works and make it look like a crack or that it doesn’t work but at least I’m doing something different and I enjoy it because I put my drop of creativity. If it’s going to fail, let something that fills me fail.

Do you also consider that it doesn’t exist or is there a formula to create songs and that it’s a bit of trial and error?

When I do my songs always I show them to my friends and then to people who have nothing to do with music and then to my mom, to a very varied audience and when everyone agrees to do a ‘What the f…’ in the part that I hope they do, it gives me the opportunity to say ‘This is going to be a hit.’ So far that hasn’t failed me, it’s a good test to try.

Lit Killah talks about his story, his origins, his friendship with Tiago PZK, BZRP and love
Lit Killah talks about his story, his origins, his friendship with Tiago PZK, BZRP and love


In your networks I saw a message of support for the success that your freestyle companions have been having. Do they share the same origin story?

Hundred percent. When we started, when we only did freestyle, imagine that they invited us to an event and paid us only 1,000 Argentine pesos and they took us all in the same bus on a 20-hour tour of the interior. We spent 20 hours with all the competitors, laughing, knowing that we all came from nowhere. No one was born in a crib now, no one was upper class. We were all kids that left the neighborhood that we were there fulfilling our dream thanks to the fact that we did what we liked.

It fills you with pride…

Let the years go by andSeeing those same ones who were with you with nothing, in a bus 20 hours away going for two pesos to rap, filling stadiums or theaters, fills me and them with pride. We’ve talked about it a million times. It’s crazy to go back and remember where you were.

Does that brotherhood make the collaborations between you more authentic and organic?

The Argentine scene is very united. Any of my friends comes to me and tells me we’re going to do a song and I say obvious, I don’t think twice. We coordinate it. There is that brotherhood. Every time someone brings up a topic, we all share it.

Does having started from the bottom make you now have more feet on the ground?

That works. Having come out of nowhere, not having money neither me nor my family, and having lived in a super humble house, makes me take great care of what I have today. It makes me have more empathy, it’s not something to waste money. I also understand everyone. If I could, you can too.


Lit Killah and Tiago Pzk
Lit Killah and Tiago Pzk

With Tiago PZK you formed a good friendship. How did it start?

The crazy thing about Tiago is that I knew him from freestyle, but we weren’t friends. When I retired and then wanted to get back into battles, I called friends to practice. I called Nacho and he arrived with Tiago. We got together, he showed me his songs and I said ‘That’s crazy’, it blew my mind. I told him it was great, I told him to make a song. He didn’t expect me to tell him that because he wasn’t that well known. Some time passed, we got together more often, we became very close friends, we moved in together and everything came together.

The Argentine scene in terms of urban music is currently very strong, just as Colombia was with reggaeton at the time. Do you feel that way?

I am sorry. Every time we go out and when we see artists that we admire or admire, they are the ones who come to greet us, that is a super achievement because we grew up listening to their music. Things like Ozuna with Tiago, or Maria (Becerra) with J Balvin, that’s very good. The achievement of one is the achievement of all.

Lit Killah talks about his story, his origins, his friendship with Tiago PZK, BZRP and love
Lit Killah talks about his story, his origins, his friendship with Tiago PZK, BZRP and love

With Bizarrap you recorded in the beginning. Is there a possibility that you can release a new music session together like 3?

It wasn’t really a music session, at that time Bizarrap did a freestyle session, the first three, something improvised. We agreed a thousand times to record the session, then Flexin came out and to this day it is pending. Everyone has their time.

He has done very well with each of his guests…

I am aware that although it is expected and everything, but people have already had several contents between me and him, it is not that it is a ‘crossover’, we have already done several things, that is why perhaps it is slowing down .

And do you dare to do challenges on TikTok?

No, I did one recently, but very fucking, but no. She will touch me. Never say Never.

You are in a good stage of your career. How do you feel now that you are successful in music and are also doing well in love?

Now I feel at a stage, in terms of my career in the best stage. Personally, too, many good things are happening to me and getting better and better. I am in a stage of enjoying myself, being relaxed and preparing myself for the upcoming tour.