Live fights between the officials of the two Craiova! How Pușcaș and Rotaru accused each other

The spirits in Bănie were heated after the club sponsored by Mititelu posted yesterday a communiqué according to which FRF confirms that FC U Craiova 1948 is the successor of the University of Craiova.

Mihai Rotaru refutes the words of the rivals from Bănie and says that, in fact, FRF only confirms the fact that FCU is the successor of the owner’s debts.

Mihai Rotaru and Marcel Pușcaș contracted live at PRO ARENA on this subject. Here is the discussion between the two:

Rotate: This is not a paper that says they are the successors of the glorious team of the University of Craiova. It is a paper that supports the continuity of the team from 2011, of Mr. Mititleu, with whom we do not want to have any connection. The only connection between the two teams is the boss. We have nothing to do with the coat of arms, they do not have the name, because they were forbidden to use the name of Universiteta Craiova, it is only the owner, that’s what UEFA thought. They identified the owner and made him pay the debt of the 2011 team.

They set up a new company and made them pay. Nobody from FIFA and UEFA told them to give them the coat of arms, the name, now to pay. We argued that the glorious team was the one until 1994. There was only one legislative requirement in 2002.

It seems to be a resemblance to the case of FCSB and CSA Steaua. At FCSB some acts were done, but they were done wrong, in our case from 1994 there was absolutely no act. In 1994 there was no administrative law. In 1994, Mr. Arnăutu tried to give Mr. Păunescu’s team. You can’t privatize a team of an educational institution. 22 people gathered, formed a brand new association and set up a new team. This is the only action that has been taken. The University of Craiova team continued to exist until 1998, which was always mentioned in Government decisions.

Until 12-13 years ago, places in League 1 were bought, with or without money. Even FCU Craiova, Mr. Mititelu’s old team, merged with CSM Resita to take their place. They put this team aside and gave way to a new team.

Rifle: What do you think of a decision of the Ministry of Education, dated January 20, 1991, which clearly states that this order provided for the establishment of the Football Club of the University of Craiova, which will carry out its activity through self-financing. In 1991, it was decided that the football team should be self-financed by order of the minister, not that it wanted Marcel Popescu or Pușcaș. In 1993 I remember very well, the team was already in a great financial impasse. The school could no longer support the football team, other than to take other measures so that you could attract some people to financially support the team. That’s why the teams disappeared, there are over 1,000 that were in 1994-1995 that no longer existed in 2000.

In 2011 no one went bankrupt, the team was disaffiliated.

Rotate: You omit that in that decision from 1991 that the Football Club Universitatea Craiova was established under the authority of the Sports Club Universitatea Craiova, the sports club was not independent. Tell me about another team, the big ones, Steaua, Rapid, Dinamo, which have changed their shape. There was only the wish of Mr. Păunescu, who is a football fan and wanted to privatize this team. It was an aggressive takeover attempt. If documents were made at FCSB and they were a decision, we know very well, at Craivoa University in 1994 they were not made.

Rifle: Wasn’t there football in Craiova in 1994? I was the initiator at the Steaua Club of the Football section. FIFA and UEFA did not allow a parliamentary group to exist either. All the clubs have changed. And Poli Timișoara and U Cluj.

Rotate: How did you privatize Steaua București? You just gave him a separate account. She stayed there, she never left.

Rifle: A non-profit company was established, with the approval and order of the Minister of National Defense. It was also privatized under law 21/24, when the Romanian Football Federation was also privatized.

Rotate: The club was privatized in 2002, when Gigi Becali appeared.

Rifle: He was no longer the authority of a ministry. There was no control. It was Mr. Paunescu and he did what he wanted there.

Rotate: If I sit in a house that is not mine and make it beautiful, it does not mean that it is my house. The house belongs to those who are owners, who for one reason or another did not take care of it. At the moment we have another situation. Your team played with 400 spectators, and the University of Craiova plays with 30,000 spectators.

Rifle: Easier with the piano on the stairs, because it’s not really like that. In the match with FCSB you had 28,000, match without stakes, in the match with stakes, with Sepsi, you had 10,000, I think they came to see FCSB. At the match with Voluntari you had 4,000

Rotate: 4,000? I think you’re kidding. We sold individual tickets to Volunari and packages to Voluntari – FCSB, they were 20% cheaper. We sold over 8,000 tickets to Volunari. Where are the 20,000 from the match with Volunteers?

Rifle: People come to bet games to see their opponents. There is indeed a mass of loyal supporters, as was the case with Peluza Sud, who accompanied us in the county. You don’t know what it’s like, you appeared in League 2 by a strange decision. Until another one, this paper from TAS remains. Our boss is the successor of 2008.

Rotate: That employer did not pay the wages.

Rifle: Does Mititelu appear here? Or South Lawn?

Rotate: This is the report of the Licensing Commission. There was a spell that doesn’t say he’s the team’s successor. Make the decision from TAS, do not take an interpretation of the Licensing Commission. It is a finding, in this case, of a TAS decision, as established by the TAS.

Please do not attribute judgment to the Licensing Commission in terms of track record and continuity. Please come with the disposition from TAS, let’s dissect that one.