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  • League 2: OilConcordia ChiajnaMonday, 17:30, Digi Sport 1

  • League 1: FastIn Craiova 1948Monday, 20:30, Digi Sport 1

The match between the two teams can be watched NOW live on Digi Sport 1, on the website and in the Digi Sport application, by RCS-RDS subscribers.

Min. 1: The match begins!

  • Ploiești oil: Raul Avram – Sergiu Pîrvulescu, Marian Huja, Bart Meijers, Valentin Țicu – Takayuki Seto, Eugeniu Cebotaru – Mario Bratu, Marius Cioiu, Simon Măzărache – Senad Jarovic

reserves: Sebastian Moroz, Mihai Constantinescu, Cosmin Tucaliuc, Georgi Pashov, Mihai Velisar, Alin Boțogan, Viorel Lică, Dragoș Gheorghe, Marius Chindriș

  • Concordia Chiajna: Marius Aldescu – Florin Borța, Raul Palmeș, Andrei Marc, Alexandru Cherecheș – Dorin Codrea – Lucian Ion, Răzvan Matiș – Adrian Voicu, Nini Popescu, Nemanjua Sokovic

reserves: Denis Moldovan, Cătălin Alexe, Carol Taub, Neluț Roșu, Nicolae Pîrvulescu, Marius Dumitru, Paul Batin, Stjepan Plazonja, Bogdan Barbu

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Nae Constantin’s team must win the game against Ilfov in order not to have emotions with the promotion at the end of the season. Petrolul led almost the entire championship in League 2, and at the end of the play-off it has a two-point advantage over the pursuers Hermannstadt and U Cluj.

On the other hand, Concordia Chiajna is on the fifth place in the League 2 play-off. at CSA Steaua does not have the right to be promoted.

League 2 play-off standings

League 2 play-off ranking / Photo: Flashscore

League 2, stage 9, play-off | CSA Steaua – Unirea Slobozia 2-0

UPDATE Min. 90 + 3: End of match.

UPDATE Min. 80: CSA Steaua GOAL! Emilian Pacionel shoots from outside the box and hits the bar.

UPDATE Min. 69: Opportunity Unirea Slobozia! Ivan misses from an excellent position.

UPDATE Min. 46: The second half begins.

UPDATE: At the break of the match there was a special moment in which the legends of the ’86 Generation were awarded to win the European Champions Cup.

UPDATE Min. 45 + 2: End of the first half.

UPDATE Min. 25: CSA Steaua GOAL! Dragu takes advantage of Dinu’s mistake and opens the score.

UPDATE Min. 1: The match has started.

UPDATE 11:59: Victor Pițurcă (65 years old) is also present at the stadium. As previously announced, the former striker will give the kick-off of the match.

UPDATE 11:30: The European Champions Cup, won by Steaua in 1986 against FC Barcelona, ​​was brought to Steaua Stadium.

Starting teams:

  • CSA Steaua: Bălbărău, Bactăr, Beța, Răsdan (C), Neacșu, Enceanu, Donose, Popa, Mihăescu, Dragu, Chipirliu
    Reserves: Iancu, Ilie, Marin, Erhan, Pacionel, Huiban, Buhăescu, Florea, Răducan
    Coach: Daniel Oprița
  • Slobozia Union: Gurău, Ibrian, Dinu, Lazăr, Toma (C), Coadă, Trașcu, Silaghi, Bolohan, Afalna, Gherghiceanu
    Reserves: Poiană, Ivan, Mihai, Greu, Perju, Dorobanțu, Lemnaru, Gârbacea, Gulceac
    Coach: Adrian Mihalcea

League 2, stage 9, play-off | CSA Steaua hopes to be able to play the promotion dam

Sunday, May 8, 2022, 12:00 p.m.
CSA Steaua – Unirea Slobozia 2-0 (Dragu 25, E. Pacionel 80)

Monday, May 9, 2022, 5:30 p.m.
Petrolul – Concordia Chiajna, live on Digi Sport 1

Tuesday, May 10, 2022, 7:30 p.m.
U Cluj – Hermannstadt, live at Digi Sport 1

League 2 standings, play-off

League 2, play-out | Final rankings. The relegated teams and those who will play the dam

The League 2 play-out, 2021-2022 edition, has ended, and 12 of the 14 participating teams are sure to stay in this division. Two teams will play the tiebreaker in League 2.

They were relegated directly to League 3: Dunărea Călărași and Dacia Unirea Brăila, from Group A, respectively Astra Giurgiu and Unirea Constanța, from Group B.

Politehnica Timișoara and FC Brașov play the maintenance dam in League 2.

The tour match of the dam is scheduled for May 14, and the return will take place on May 21. The order of the confrontations will be established by the FRF by drawing lots.

League 2 standings, play-out


League 2, stage 7, play-out | Poli Iași – Poli Timișoara 3-1. “Double” Chamber. Play-off schedule

Min. 90 + 6 – Final.

VIDEO with the summary of the match Poli Iași – Poli Timișoara 3-1

Min. 90 + 5 – GOOOL POLI Iași: 3-1, Serediuc! The football player shot on foot, to the right of the goalkeeper.

Min. 90 + 4 – PENALTY Iasi! Camara overtook Rareș Lazăr, but was fouled in the goalkeeper’s box.

Min. 84 – GOOOL POLI Iași: 2-1, Sekou Camara! The striker turned the shot from 11 meters without emotions.

Min. 83 – PENALTY Poli Iași. Denis Radu, the right defender of Banat, committed a foul in his own box.

Min. 39 – GOAL Poli Iasi: 1-1, Sekou Camara! The striker restored the equalizer with a header from inside the box, from the dive, after a cross from the right.

Min. 32 – GOAL Poli Timișoara: 0-1, Cosmin Bîrnoi! The Banat midfielder opened the scoring in Copou, with a shot from inside the box.

Min. 1 – The game has begun.

Home teams

Poli Iasi: T. Axinte – Kouadio, Cană, Chatziterzoglou, Ad. Ilie, Chiorean, F. Cristea (cpt.), S. Pop, Plokhotnyuk, Asăvoaei, S. Camara
Reserves: Cheese – Ungureșanu, Fl. Plămadă, Mărieș, Tib. Serediuc, Aftanache, Hrib, Pelivan, J. Kamara
Coach: Constantin Enache

Poli Timișoara: R. Murariu – D. Radu, Bocșan, Oanea, Bîrnoi, R. Lazăr, Ignea (cpt.), D. Andrei, Oct. Ursu, Iamandache, Huminic
Reserves: Păduraru – Sîntean, Plumbuitu, Rogosic, Gerbi, Bakos, Vukoje
Coach: Nicolae Croitoru.

League 2, stage 7, play-out | result

Group A
Metaloglobus – CS Comel Șelimbăr 1-1
They scored: Potecea 18 / Telcean 85

Calarasi Danube – FK Miercurirea Ciuc 2-6
They scored: Moise 45 + 1, Tataru 85 / Csedo 7, Takacs 48, Szondi 50 and 69, Jelena 65, Orban 88

Poli Iași – Poli Timișoara NOW, live at Digi Sport 1

## Dacia Unirea Brăila stayed.

Group B
FC Brașov SR – Astra 6-1
They scored: Angelov 7, 21 and 32, Negrean 22, V. Constantin 28, 88 / L. Ilie 66

The future of Panduria – Ripimi Timișoara 0-2
They scored: Lalic 25, Gavra 77

Unirea Dej – FC Buzau 3-0
They scored: Cocian 26 and 40, 83

## The Union of Constanța stood.

The 2021-2022 season of League 2 will close today for 10 teams, which will play in the 7th stage of the play-out. Poli Timișoara and FC Brașov will play another double round of playoffs to stay in the second echelon.

Dacia Unirea Brăila and Unirea Constanța already went on holiday last weekend, when they played in the 6th stage, because in the current round both are.

This last round of the League 2 play-out may produce a maximum of three more changes in the Group A standings. The Group B standings are already nailed down, as are the four teams relegated directly to League 3 and the two teams that I’m going to the League 2 maintenance dam.

League 2, stage 8, play-off | Who will promote you directly? Who will go to the dam? CSA Steaua does not have the right to promote

Stage 8 of the League 2 play-off will propose, as always, matches extremely interesting. With two stages before the end, it is not at all clear who will promote directly and who will go to the dam. It is only known that CSA Steaua will referee this fight, because it does not have the right to be promoted in League 1.

  1. Special moment before the match Steaua – Unirea Slobozia. A legend of the “red-blues” will give the kick-off

Sunday, May 8, 2022, 12:00 p.m.
CSA Steaua – Unirea Slobozia, live on Digi Sport 1

Monday, May 9, 2022, 5:30 p.m.
Petrolul – Concordia Chiajna, live on Digi Sport 1

Tuesday, May 10, 2022, 7:30 p.m.
U Cluj – Hermannstadt, live at Digi Sport 1

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