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  • Romanian Cup: University of Craiova – Sepsi Sf. GheorgheThursday, 19:30, Digi Sport 1

  • La Liga: Real Madrid – LevanteThursday, 22:30, Digi Sport 1

LIVE VIDEO University of Craiova – Sepsi 0-1, at Digi Sport 1. The match can be watched HERE by RCS & RDS subscribers

Min. 86: Bancu (Craiova) is eliminated.

Min. 84: Aganovic (Sepsi) is adjudged to be in an offside position.

Min. 81: Occasion Craiova. Vătăjelu catches a sensational volley, but Niczuly rejects spectacularly from under the crossbar.

Min. 76: Occasion Craiova. Bancu centers in the box, from where Koljic heads again, but exactly in the direction of the goalkeeper, who holds.

Min. 66: Gol Sepsi. Aganovic places the ball to Ștefănescu, who enters past Bancu and opens the score.

Min. 65: Occasion Craiova. After a fine move down the middle Ivan nearly gave the home side a goal after 29 minutes. However the finishing shot went just wide.

Min. 57: Occasion Sepsis. Tudorie receives a good pass from Eder Gonzales and is left alone with Pigliacelli, but he can’t beat him.

Min. 55: Occasion Sepsis. Ștefănescu dribbles past Vătăjelu and shoots from the edge of the box, but Pigliacelli rejects it.

Min. 47: Occasion Sepsis. Given a free kick in a difficult position after 26 minutes, Aganovic did not go for a direct shot but instead aimed for the area just in front of the keeper.

Min. 46: The second half begins.

Min. 45 + 2: At the break, University of Craiova – Sepsi 0-0.

Min. 45 + 1: Occasion Sepsis. Great finish by Aganovic after receiving a great pass from the right sideline, he brought it down and banged it home past Gustavo ‘s reach.

Min. 41: Craiova asks for a penalty. Baiaram passes filter for Markovic, who falls into a duel with Dumitrescu and asks for a penalty.

Min. 26: Occasion Sepsis. Dimitrov crosses the ball in front of the goal, but Pigliacelli comes out and holds it back.

Min. 22: Opportunity Craiova, Vătăjelu crosses the ball on the long corner, Ivan takes his header but the ball goes wide.

Min. 22: Occasion Sepsis. Bărbuț returns for Dumitrescu, who shoots spectacularly, with the outside, from the first, but the goalkeeper defends.

Min. 9: Bar Craiova. After a corner kick, Creţu heads wide, but hits the crossbar.

Min. 4: Sepsi asks for a penalty. Screciu pulls Mitrea by the shirt, and the latter falls into the box, but the referee does not award a penalty.

Min. 1: Gabi Boldici kicked off.

University of Craiova: Pigliacelli – Vătăjelu, Papp, Screciu, Bancu – Mateiu, Creţu – Gustavo, Baiaram, Ivan – Markovic
Coach: Laurențiu Reghecampf

Sepsis: Niczuly – Dimitrov, Bălașa, Mitrea, Dumitrescu – Păun, Eder Gonzales, Aganovic – Bărbuț, Tudorie, Ștefănescu
Coach: Cristiano Bergodi

University of Craiova – Sepsis, Live Video, 19:30, Digi Sport 1. Romanian Cup, mandatory in Bănie

Olt they came out of the title fight in League 1, so at the moment it focuses only on winning the Romanian Cup, a trophy that the team from Bănie managed to win last year, against Astra Giurgiu.

For this, the University of Craiova must return the score from the round match, when Sepsi won at the limit, score 1-2.

“We are coming after a match lost 1-2 in the first leg, it is a match that means a lot to us. The main goal for us in this second part of the season is the Romanian Cup. We are not satisfied that we lost in the round with Sepsi, but I hope that the players will be able to return the result and qualify for the final.

They will definitely try to defend the result of the tour, they have that 2-1 on their side. But at the same time, it will be very difficult for them to defend themselves against us for 90 minutes. I hope we take advantage of Bergodi’s absence. The absence of the coach from the bench, especially in the decisive matches such as tomorrow night, matters a lot “, said Reghecampf at the press conference.

The people of Covasna expect a difficult match in Bănie. University of Craiova – Sepsis, Live Video, 19:30, Digi Sport 1

Sepsi is having a good time, and Cristiano Bergodi’s team has no less than six victories in the last seven matches. The Covasna players leave with a one-goal lead, but the Italian coach was worried before tonight’s duel and stated that he is aware of the value of Laurențiu Reghecamof’s team.

“It will be a very difficult match for us. But it is a very important match, because it can lead us to a Cup final and then we have the ambition to play a good game.

The university is one of the best teams in the championship. Now he has lost this match with FCSB in the championship, but he has scored a lot of goals this season, so he has a very, very good attack.

We have to play our normal game and hope to speculate on the free space they will leave. We don’t have to sit on the field and defend ourselves, that’s for sure. So we’re going to have to make an almost perfect match“Bergodi said at the press conference.

VIDEO with the summary of the tour match between Sepsi and Universitatea Craiova 2-1

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