LiveTEXT Simona Halep – Tamara Zidansek, in the eighth round at WTA Bad Homburg / Set won at 0 by Halep, who returns in the second set

Simona Halep and Tamara Zidansek meet on Wednesday in the eighth round of the grass tournament in Bad Homburg, WTA 250 category. The match is broadcast in LiveTEXT format on

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The match can be watched live on DigiSport 2.

Simona Halep – Tamara Zidansek 6-0, 6-3, in the eighth round at WTA Bad Homburg

Zidansek reaches Simona’s court, but can no longer put the ball in the Romanian’s court. Tamara takes a nice shot towards the goal, but the ball is well blocked by the adversary. Tamara sends in the net (30-15). The referee awarded the Slovenian the point, after a shot on the edge of the box. Simona changes direction with the forehand and gets a match ball. Halep closes the match with an ace.

5-3 Tamara feels the pressure, makes more and more mistakes and Simona is more and more focused (15-40). Halep misses with the lapel, he is left with a break ball. Zidansek sends out and Simona will win the match.

4-3 Game won at 0 by Simona, who passes for the first time in front in the second set.

3-3 Simona breaks the rhythm with the forehand and tries to recover the break (15-30). Halep gets too late to a long linebacker of his opponent and can do nothing. Simona gets a break. Simona’s flashback.

2-3 Tamara is very inspired at the moment. Simona does much better when she plays with the first job. Tamara’s return to the net. Simona looks for the line, but hits too hard. Halep misses another game ball (40-40). Simona finally does her job.

1-3 Zidansek raised his level of play, defended much better, got the ball early and put Simona in more trouble. Good return of the Romanian (30-30). Tamara makes a double. Simona kicks the ball away and misses the target. Simona is caught on the wrong foot and can no longer be sent back to the opponent’s field. Tamara stays in front.

1-2 Tamara puts pressure on Simona’s service again, but hits with the frame (15-15). Simona serves an ace at an important time. Tamara arrives late to a well-placed ball by Halep.

0-2 Tamara’s strong outward service. One more. Simona returns and draws at 30, but Zidansek serves well and confirms his advantage.

0-1 Some emotions in this game for Simona, who also makes a double mistake. Another mistake by Simona, three break points for the opponent. Zidansek forces Simona’s second service, but misses the execution. Ball sent out by Halep, break for Slovenian.

Set I

6-0 Tamara seems to have given up this set, she is in a hurry and sends more and more often into the net. Zidansek saves the first set ball with a good service. Tamara makes another double mistake – a set won at 0 by Simona.

5-0 Another easy service game for Simona, who quickly makes it 40-0. Another game in which Tamara did not count on the return.

4-0 Good short Slovenian. Simona comes to the net and closes the game with a safe smash. Very good shots of the Romanian. Simona tries to get hold of the ball but it slips out of his hands. Simona is also fighting for this game (40-40). A gift from Simona for the opponent, the ball is too long. The game goes on and on. Simona arrives at the last moment for a short, but she is lobbed. Both players have their chances, but Simona makes another break after a double mistake by the opponent.

3-0 Good start to service ranges for Halep. Simona wins another point quickly ahead (40-0). Forehand winner and white range for Halep.

2-0 Simona misses the first return. Halep tries a shot on goal, but it is off-target. Halep tries to get hold of the ball but it slips out of his hands. Rara missed by Tamara (30-30). Simona doesn’t hit the forehand well. Superb return to Simonei (40-40). Halep puts pressure on the Slovenian’s second service. Tamara saves a break ball with good service. Simona’s hurried attack. Tamara builds well, but misses the decisive shot. Simona wins a long rally after her opponent slipped. Halep face break.

1-0 The match started with Simona at work. A first winning forehand of the Romanian. Zidansek takes a swing and hits it … It was 1 – 0 at the break. The first ace belongs to Simona. Midfielder won by Simona. Halep moves well, reaches short and closes the game.

Tamara won the draw and chose to receive.

The match will be refereed by Pierre Bacchi.

The two players are on the field, the match will start in a few minutes.

The winner of the match between Halep and Zidansek will play in the quarterfinals with Amanda Anisimova.

Who is Tamara Zidansek

Tamara was born on December 26, 1997, in Postonja, Slovenia. He started playing during a ski program, which offered tennis lessons during the summer. So far, he has collected 264 victories in his entire career and recorded 126 defeats. She is coached by Marian Cuk and has also worked with Zoran Krajnc.

He has only one trophy in singles: Lausanne (2021) and has reached the finals in Nurnbeg (2012) and Bogota (2021). Tamara also won three doubles tournaments: Tashkent (2018), Linz and Palermo (2020).

Zidansek currently ranks 58th in the world. His best career ranking was 22nd in the WTA in February 2022. Over time, he raised $ 2,493,059 in tennis.

Simona Halep, the virtual route from WTA Bad Homburg

Round I – 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 vs. Katerina Siniakova

Optimi – Tamara Zidansek

Quarters – Amanda Anisimova

Semifinals – Daria Kasatkina / Bianca Andreescu

Final – Angelique Kerber / Alize Cornet.

Bad Homburg Open – Preparatory competition for Wimbledon

WTA 250 category competition, the tournament is played on the grass between June 19-25, 2022. It has total prizes of $ 251,750, and at the start on the main board there are 32 players. The title champion is Angelique Kerber, the title she won last year.

After several withdrawals, the top five favorites from this year’s edition are Daria Kasatkina (1), Angelique Kerber (2), Simona Halep (3) and Amanda Anisimova (4).

WTA Bad Homburg 2022: Distribution of points and money

Round I: € 2,750 / 1 point

Optimi: € 3,737 / 30

Quarters: € 5,000 / 60

Semifinals: € 8,871 / 110

Finalist: € 15,922 / 180

Winner: € 26,770 / 280.