Localiza (RENT3) approves JCP and share buyback, PetroRecôncavo (RECV3) closes contract to supply natural gas and more

The corporate news on Tuesday (28) highlights Petrobras (PETR3;PETR4), which restarted the process of selling Rnest, Repar and Refap and logistics assets.

PetroRecôncavo (RECV3) signed a contract with Cegás to supply natural gas.

Localiza (RENT3) and Arezzo (ARZZ3) approved the distribution of interest on equity.

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security opened administrative proceedings against CVC (CVCB3), Decolar, 123 Milhas, Max Milhas and Viajanet.

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PetroRecôncavo (RECV3)

PetroRecôncavo (RECV3) signed a contract with Companhia de Gás do Ceará (Cegás) for the sale of natural gas supplies, through its subsidiaries SPE Miranga and Potiguar E&P. The agreement provides for the supply of 30,000 cubic meters/day of natural gas, effective for one year from the start of operations.

Petrobras (PETR3; PETR4) reported that last Monday it restarted the sale processes of the Abreu e Lima Refinery (RNEST), in Pernambuco, the Presidente Getúlio Vargas Refinery (REPAR), in Paraná, and the Alberto Pasqualini Refinery (REFAP), in Rio Grande do Sul, as well as the logistics assets integrated into these refineries.

The day before, the advice of Caio Paes de Andrade informed his inauguration as president of the state-owned company this Tuesday. Andrade was approved yesterday, by majority, by the company’s Board of Directors as a director. The collegiate also elected him to the position of executive president of the company.

President Jair Bolsonaro said yesterday that Paes de Andrade will give a “new dynamic” to the company. “Caio is taking over at Petrobras, we will have new dynamics in the fuel issue. Everything will be analyzed on the basis of the law, without wanting to mess with the pen in the State-Owned Companies Law, without wanting to interfere in anything, but with a lot of respect and a lot of responsibility ”, he declared.

Locates (RENT3)

The car rental and fleet management group Localiza (RENT3) reported on Monday that its board of directors had approved the payment of interest on equity (JCP) in the amount of BRL 131.6 million.

The payment will take place on August 26, the company informed in a material fact to the market. The amount approved is equivalent to a gross amount per share of R$ 0.17.

The board also approved the creation of a new share buyback program, involving up to 50 million shares. The objective is to “settle stock options under long-term incentive plans or maximize shareholder value creation”.

Arezzo (ARZZ3) approved the payment of JCP in the gross amount of BRL 69.683 million, equivalent to BRL 0.6348 per share, on July 14, 2022.

Shareholders who are registered in the company’s records on July 1, 2022 will be entitled to the dividend, with the shares starting to be traded with the right to the dividend as of July 4.

Dommo will pay $14.29m to Petronas for Arbitration costs.

The International Chamber of Commerce (Arbitration) decided that the company must bear the costs of the arbitration proceeding brought against Petronas.

Dommo says it continues to evaluate all legal possibilities and that it has an insurance policy that provides partial coverage in relation to its liability to pay the costs to Petronas.

The judicial administrator of RJ da Oi (OIBR3;OIBR4) presented the company’s general list of creditors (QGC) to the Court on Monday. At the end of last March, Judge Fernando Viana, from the 7th Business Court of Rio, had granted an additional 60 working days for the presentation of the document and the deadline for delivery would end this Monday.

With the list of creditors in hand, the judge will be able to prepare the sentence for the conclusion of the company’s judicial reorganization.

The company discloses its 1Q22 results this Tuesday (28).

Eletrobras (ELET3; ELET6) expects to hold an EGM to choose new members of the board of directors on August 5th of this year.

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security opened administrative proceedings against CVC (CVCB3), Decolar, 123 Milhas, Max Milhas and Viajanet. The measure is the result of consumer complaints to Senacon (National Consumer Secretariat) about the provision of services by tourism agencies throughout 2020 and 2021. The five investigated presented the highest number of complaints on a government platform during the pandemic, when the tourism sector has suffered from restrictions.

Capital Research reduced its interest in preferred shares and ADRS from 5.34% to 4.39%, corresponding to 14,760,039 shares of this type, of which 11,481,894 are subject to loans.

Omega Energy (OMGE3)

Omega Energia (OMGE3) informed that its controllers Tarpon Gestora de Recursos and Lambda 3 signed a shareholders’ agreement with Actis LLP for the transfer of shares in the company.

The agreement also provides for a capital increase of up to R$850 million and will come into force on the date on which Actis becomes the owner of at least 10% of Omega’s share capital.

Tegra (TEGA3)

Tegra (TEGA3) reported that Alexandre Wolynec was elected by the board of directors as the company’s new financial and IR director, replacing the company’s CEO, Ubirajara Freitas, who held the position on an interim basis.

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