Los 20 Duros from 06/27 to 07/03: Ozzy Osbourne, Rage Against The Machine, Avantasia, Megadeth, Mägo de Oz or Queensrÿche on our weekly rock and metal playlist on Spotify

June 27, 2022 9:19 p.m.
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The best rock and metal in all its aspects and subgenres shines every seven days in the most complete playlist on Spotify, the one that updates the La Heavy and MariskalRock team with the most famous news, very present but without leaving behind neither the great classics nor the undiscovered talent from all over the world.

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1. “Patient Number 9” – Ozzy Osbourne featuring Jeff Beck: “It is the song that gives title to the next album of the Madman, which will be released on September 9. Zakk Wylde is back as Ozzy’s guitarist for all intents and purposes, which he welcomes, but the songs are peppered with grenade collaborations like this one from Beck who, as is his wont, experiments with surgical guitar sounds.”

2. “Guerrilla Radio” – Rage Against The Machine: “The platform Justifay fight for a fairer distribution with creators in the streaming universe. Zack de la Rocha sang “It has to start somewhere / It has to start sometime / What better place than this? / What better time than now? Well that. By the way, I don’t miss the Los Angeles concert in Mad Cool Sunset”.

3. “Reach Out for the Light” – Avantasia: “A king dead, king set, and it is always better to see the glass half full than half empty. Manowar will not be at Barcelona Rock Fest, but it is certainly a pleasant surprise to know that Tobias Sammet will bring his metal opera to Barcelona. Tickets still available!”.

4. “Rising on Fire” – Devil’s Train: “The third album of this metallic hard rock band, Ashes & Bones, it is already a reality. In its ranks, illustrious names of the European heavy scene such as drummer Jörg Michael or bassist Jens Becker”.

5. “We’ll Be Back” – Megadeth: “What a whiplash shredder has launched Dave Mustaine to whet your appetite for the launch of ‘The Sick, The Dying…and the Dead!’ on September 2. I haven’t been so excited about a Megadeth song in years.”

6. “King of the Kings” – Grave Digger: “Of course, listening to “King of the Kings” makes you want to get hold of ‘Symbol of Eternity’ on presale. Sure the song plays at the free festival Zurbaran Rock, which will be held on July 8 and 9 in Burgos. What a plan!”


7. “Holy F*ck” – Bulletboys: “The new lineup of Bulletboys, featuring singer Marq Torien, guitarist Ira Black, bassist Brad Lang, and drummer Fred Aching, have released this new single, “Holy F*ck”, written by Black and Torien, produced and mixed by Black, and mastered by multi-Grammy winner Howie Weinberg. It is available now through Rock Avenue Records USA and is accompanied by a magnificent video clip”.

8. “In Extremis” – Queensryche: “Queensrÿche will release their sixteenth studio album, ‘Digital Noise Alliance’, on October 7th via Century Media. Once again, the album has been in charge of Chris “Zeuss” Harris, who previously worked with Queensrÿche on his albums ‘Condition Hüman’ and ‘The Verdict’, from 2015. The first advance is this formidable “In Extremis”, by that an excellent video has also been made”.

9. “Hot Mess” – Thundermother: “The Swedes like to make hard, powerful and dirty rock, but now however, they dive into the passionate waters of “power ballad”, bringing out more subtle textures than those of their previous works. Can you imagine Aerosmith with Whitney Houston? Give this and more a listen on their upcoming album, ‘Black And Gold,’ out August 19.”

10. “Whoever wants to understand should understand” – Mägo de Oz: “We are immersed in the celebrations of LGTBI pride, and on days like these, we must remember one of the first songs in Spanish rock that openly defended sexual freedom and the right to choose the sexual option that each one wants to make their own.”


11. “Sin and Omen” – SoulbreaK: “The Sevillian band already has the second volume of ‘No Signal’ in circulation, the triad of EPs with which they present their beefy and creative alternative metal with industrial traces brimming with rhythmic swings, sound density and panache. We almost lost the notion of reality by immersing ourselves in this bestial “Sin and Omen. Attention after the summer, that the third installment will arrive and the thing promises strong emotions”.

12. “Don’t stop the noise” – From Nothing: “Living up to its title, the Valencian band continues to exude energy and desire to continue moving forward, and that is why they hope to have their third album ready before Christmas, the first after their latest line-up changes. The truth is that with the magnetism that this cut gives off and with the still fresh memory of his previous ‘Paso a Paso (against all odds)’, excites us, as it should do with any worshiper of state urban rock”.

13. “You bite inside” – Imposters: “The band from Madrid, now configured as a septet with Güs Guzmán at the helm, already has the physical edition of ‘La ley seca’ on the streets, their fantastic new album, which will take a while to be fully available on digital platforms, where they will continue to release singles such as this great “You bite inside”. I’m amazed at that violin that colors songs that ooze effectiveness and inspiration. What a great group, please”.


14. “He Sold Guns” – Bob Vylan: “Between rap, punk and metal, this duet moves there (the singer is called Bobby Vylan, and the drummer is Bobbie Vylan) that is setting the UK on fire in the charts and in every concert they give. ‘The Price Of Life’, their new album, is being a revolutionary and alternative cry that is shaking the foundations of the islands’ self-seeking”.

15. “Paradise” – Bleed From Within: “After a hiatus that kept them apart for several years, Bleed From Within are back on track with three albums in a few years. This “Paradise” closes the new release by the Scots, a work entitled ‘Shrine’. Melodic and with gothic overtones is a good way to end a tremendous album by these metalcore geniuses”.


16. “Playing with fire” – La Vela Puerca: “Belonging to ‘Discopático’, the latest album by the Uruguayan band led by Sebastián “Cebolla” Cebreiro and Sebastián Teysera, this song is perhaps one of the most passionate on the album. Mixing an Arctic Monkeys-style guitar riff and a decaffeinated punk bass, the song prints pure rock effervescence in the environment. One of those tracks that, as soon as you listen to them, make you want it to be the weekend.”


17. “Bash Out” – Citizen: “A month ago I still didn’t know these guys from Ohio, but tomorrow they perform at the Sala Bóveda in Barcelona with Coherence and Serpent. Their latest album is from 2021, but “Bash Out” is the first advance from 2022. Considered one of the mainstays of fourth wave emo, Pitchfork has them on a pedestal. ‘Life In Your Glass World’ is the fourth album of their career and is out on Boston’s Run For Cover Records. Give it a listen and freak out for a while.”

18. “Circuit Lies (You Don’t Have To Know)” – Hickeys: “The four Hickeys girls start their journey in 2018 from Madrid. Their post punk has been liked in countries like Portugal, the United Kingdom, Germany and they have played at festivals in half of Spain, Holland (Eurosonic) and the United States, including SXSW and the New Colossus Festival. Now they bring out all their artillery in their first pitch. ‘Fragile Structure’ will go on sale next September 16, but in the meantime you can enjoy their four-song EP, called ‘Helicóptero’, from which we highlight this ‘Circuit Lies’. On June 17 they played at Sound Isidro, and in August they are part of the Sonorama Ribera de Aranda de Duero festival”.

19. “Blacklight Shine” – The Mars Volta: “Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodríguez-López return with The Mars Volta after 10 years of silence. On YouTube you have the official clip of the song, which lasts 11 minutes. In 2012 they released ‘Noctourniquet’, which seemed to be their musical epitaph and their definitive break, but perhaps the confinement has faded the differences and the concerts with At the Drive-In have done the rest. For now, they have confirmed a new album, a tour of the United States and time will tell if there is much more. Their Latin friends from Spain are looking forward to seeing them.”

20. “Speeding 72” – Momma: “Momma is a band that I discovered thanks to Mark Zuckerberg’s algorithm. I got an ad for them on Instagram, and their number three album, ‘Household Name,’ will be out next Friday, July 1, on Lucky Number. Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten have been friends since childhood and their freshness deserves a listen.”

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