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Luisito Comunica, a young man known for being a “youtuber” and a traveler, caused a stir on the internet after posting a video titled ‘The curious pets of the people of the Amazon jungle. How they live?’

You come across customs that seem peculiar to people who live in other parts of the world.

In the 13-minute footage, the “influencer”, whose first name is Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, showed his trip to the Amazon region in Peru. He walked with his camera through the communities of Puerto Miguel and Vista Alegre, where their inhabitants live in the middle of nature. Their idea was to show how they have wild animals in their homes.

“You come across customs that seem peculiar to people who live in other parts of the world. You get to see people who have armadillos, crocodiles, snakes, sloths as pets. They even comment that some have jaguars, ”he mentioned at the beginning of the audiovisual published on his YouTube channel.

For example, found a sloth sleeping on a chair peacefully. “His name is Renato. He doesn’t do anything, he’s meek. He is three years old, ”said the woman who had him in her house, who assured that she brought him from the jungle and considered him his pet. Renato was not the only one; the family also cared for a monkey named Pepe and several parrots.

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On his journey, the Mexican met a baby jaguar, which was playing with children from the community. In addition, at one point another woman approached him to sell him the skull of a jaguar. “I didn’t expect to see something like this. From the sloth bear I was very surprised, ”recognized Luisito Comunica.

‘People are going to be fine’

Several Internet users criticized him as soon as he shared the material on his social networks, as they considered that he should not have recorded the inhabitants of the region, but rather denounced the living conditions of wild animals.

“It is very difficult for animals that live in captivity to return to normality, they usually die, or live in cages, but larger (…)”, said one of the YouTube users.

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“The people of these communities are the first ones who should respect the environment in which they live. It is valid that they can hunt animals for their own consumption, but the animals they have are not pets, how sad that they are locked up in a paradise, ”commented another person.

Given the avalanche of comments, Luisito said that he reported the issue to the competent authorities: “We don’t report people to the law, we report animals to a rescue center. People are going to be fine, and we hope that the monkey and the jaguar will live in a very small cage too!”

As he reiterated in a comment posted on the video -which he later deleted-, he hoped that the rescue centers would receive these beings. “I repeat: nothing will be done to people, other than perhaps taking animals away from them,” she said.

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The trafficking of wild animals in Peru is penalized.

Although the video remains available on their networks, It is not known what happened after the announcement. He has not referred to the issue further or specified whether his report had an effect on the animals returning to their natural habitat.

The authorities of Peru have emphasized on past occasions that the breeding and commercialization of monkeys, squirrels, parrots, iguanas and turtles, among other wild species, should be avoided. In fact, the traffic and sale of these species is penalized.

According to data from the environmental organization Neotropical Primate Conservation, thousands of animals are illegally hunted in Peru: “It is estimated that for every wild pet sold in a market, 8 or 9 more of the same species have died during capture or transport.”

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