Mammoth, riddle. Toni Petrea, the destiny coach

A football player who kicked at the University of Craiova kicked Craiova and sent FCSB to the title fight. Ivan Mamut, a Croatian who hadn’t scored in a year and a half, and hadn’t played in all that time, except for a few, very few, minutes, and those seemed ticked to say he didn’t deserve more, that he couldn’t , that he does not know. It was clear that he had really left these impressions: that he didn’t know much, that he couldn’t do much, that it wasn’t what Craiova needed, at first the FCSB since he had taken it.

The university included in an exchange, adding Andrei Burlacu, to receive a reserve of reserves from FCSB, Ionuț Vână. It’s still something, some, not a few, among the supporters of Science said to themselves. I also thought that Vână could be a solution in Craiova, rather than Mamut plus Burlacu at FCSB.

And the stages, the weeks, simply passing, kept track: nothing in front of Mamut, something for Vână. Until nothing was everywhere. Nada, as the Spaniards say.

Craiova dominated, it had opportunities

Sunday, 30,000 people have made it impossible to go back in time, on “Ion Oblemenco”. It was as it was, in fact, just as it often was. Craiova dominated, had opportunities, had two shots that aimed the bars, had some luck and a bad trademark. I’m not trying a match chronicle 48 hours away, but it’s good to redo the whole picture, to understand something that can’t be clearly understood.

So, it’s 85 minutes and 0-0. The University of Craiova is attacked, in these last minutes, by FCSB, the team that has little to do with the draw. Ianis Stoica comes out, Mamut enters. Does it make any sense, especially since I knew what I knew?

Ianis, who had entered the 38th minute, who had scored goals and beautiful and important in the season we are in, comes out, after collecting minutes about as much as a half. What about Mammoth? Why Mammoth?

Ivan Mamut

That’s how Toni Petrea felt. Football is often a matter of instinct, sense, adventure, if you will, and not just on the field. Toni Petrea convinced me that he is an important coach not because he has shown flair now (and it is not, at all, the first time!), But because he explained, after the match, sincerely, the move: “We had to score. I sent a striker, I just didn’t want to take out a forward and send a defender in his place! ”

If he had said that he had seen how strong Mamut is in training, that he knew from the morning that the University would get tired in the end and leave room for defense, that he had known Reghecampf and his tactics for a lifetime, and so on and so forth. no one would have believed him!

But this increasingly important and valuable coach told the truth accepted by football and rejected by the people. “I needed a striker!”

Nothing demanded that striker on the field. Dumiter and Octavian Popescu, yes, they had saved the situation several times in the very last second, Florin Tănase and Cordea, Cristea and he, remember the goal with CFR, 3-3, Olaru, Valentin Gheorghe, wow, what goals and how many solutions !

Logic would not have allowed Mammoth to enter the field

Names, variations, gameplay, and nowhere would logic have allowed Mammoth to enter the field, let alone score the first touch of the ball, at Del Piero or Madjer, in two finals. famous Champions League.

An enigma, therefore, and a historical miracle, this Mammoth. FCSB wins, the title is played and the young Croatian, held mostly in the stands in Romania, takes his life from the beginning. His goal, added to the others scored in the last minutes, even seconds! sometimes this game of chance, as in the great novels of the world, all make me believe that FCSB has a destiny this year, different from that of recent years. Then, if not, Cioran’s words, “What good is a cow’s tail, right?”

Unusual comparison

I know it’s a distant and perhaps out of place comparison, considering the proportions, but I’ve been thinking for a long time, it’s been 40 years in two months, what Enzo Bearzot had in mind at the World Cup in Spain, which won in 1982, when he took Paolo Rossi in the group. The one who would be the “Golden Balloon” of that World Cup had not played for two years in the championship, being suspended, the Totonero business. He had not scored a goal and, although he had started all the matches in the group, he had not created any opportunity with Poland, Peru or Cameroon! Nothing, bait, it was still in Spain!

Even with Argentina, at 2-1 for Italy, Rossi had not moved, the fourth match in a row, the goals had been scored by Tardelli and Cabrini. And on the bench he was held, champion with Inter, Altobelli. And Bearzot, inexplicable, bizarre, enigmatic, also played the fifth game with Rossi starting. In front was Brazil. Rossi gives three and Italy-Brazil ends 3-2. In the semifinals, Rossi gives two, and ends 2-0 Italy-Poland. And in the final, after Cabrini misses a penalty, Rossi opens the score, and Germany is defeated 3-1. Italy takes the world title, Rossi also becomes world champion, and the Golden Ball and the Golden Ice of the World Cup.

Six years ago, on a long night, I had the honor of talking to him for an hour.

He told me that he had a premonition, even in groups, that Italy would take the world title and that he would score in the final.

In fact, what is football about, if not about premonitions, luck, bad luck, flair, intuition and destiny?

Have we ever had Real, Steaua, Italy, Northern Ireland or Slovenia in the world?

Duckadam’s penalties, from Sevilla, or Crișan’s bar, at 1-1, with Benfica?

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