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Mark Anthony is a singer of Latin origin who, in addition to conquering the public in the United States with his songs, has also become very famous in Europe. But the salsero, who has an affair with the model Nadia Ferreira, spent an uncomfortable moment in Spain after those attending one of his concerts expressed several complaints during the event.

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Mark Anthony Y Nadia Ferrera They are the couple of the moment, because in their different photographs that they publish on their social networks, you can see that there is great chemistry and a lot of love between them.

Precisely, recently the Paraguayan model Nadia Ferrera surprised his thousands of fans by posting photos of his visit to Europe where he accompanied Mark Anthony.

One of the recent European destinations of the Celeb was Spain. Although his thousands of fans had great expectations for the show that Marc Anthony would provide, something happened that bothered them.

Marc Anthony is a world-renowned singer (Photo: Marc Anthony / Instagram)


Mark Anthony was presented June 21 in Spain as part of the tourHere I go”. The chosen place was the Fairground of IFEMA Madrid where thousands of fans came to sing along to the artist’s famous songs.

But what would be a pleasant moment for many would end up being totally different, as reported by various media outlets in Spain.

According to The countrythe concert of Mark Anthony It generated a lot of inconvenience among the attendees and one of the reasons was the crowds that were registered at one of the entrances. Said media outlet also highlighted that a spokesperson for the Ifema in Madrid acknowledged that there was “failures” In the organization.

Marc Anthony is the boyfriend of model Nadia Ferreira (Photo: AFP)
Marc Anthony is the boyfriend of model Nadia Ferreira (Photo: AFP)

To this, he also adds -the medium- that some attendees had delays in leaving the parking spaces with their vehicles, but what caused the most discomfort was the bad sound and poor visibility.

For its part, Cadenaser reported that there were queues of up to three kilometers, which made the attendees arrive an hour late for the recital and, the worst, was that in this situation, several had to watch the concert from outside with little visibility, which was accompanied by due to poor sound quality.


The annoyance of the fans of Mark anthony who came to the venue expressed themselves and made known everything that happened.

In that sense, The country collected some testimonies such as that of Carmen Vizoso (25). “No one has given us an explanation. They have divided us into sectors. I am in sector C. We have had to stop so that no one runs over us. No one from the organization has told us anything. No one. The organization is lousy”indicated the young woman by phone.

I come from Cantabria to see the concert. We have arrived on time. They told us to follow the line. We’ve been going around and around for three kilometers. The police have had to intervene. The concert has started and here there are thousands of people lining up. Nobody tells us anything. There is no one here. It is a concert that moves thousands of people”, expressed Verónica Gómez who also spoke with the aforementioned medium.

Marc Anthony during one of his concerts (Photo: Marc Anthony/Instagram)
Marc Anthony during one of his concerts (Photo: Marc Anthony/Instagram)

“Fwhat a total disaster”, an assistant identified as José Fernando told El Mundo.

This man also talked about the endless queues. “The queue was outrageous. We had to walk half an hour to access the road, without any type of fence or protection. The cars whistled at us to occupy the lane”, he assured.


The discomfort of those attending the concert was also transferred to social networks. An example of this was Macarena berlinjournalist of the Chain BE who used his twitter to post this message.

People leaving the #MarcAnthony concert in #Madrid before it ends, what a shame of organization! What a horrible concert“, said.

Like her, other users also expressed their discomfort at what happened.