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In Bellevue, Washington, United States, a cat named Miska was accused of trespassing into a city neighborhood, so its owner received more than 30 notifications over several years indicating that her cat was breaking the law.

For this reason, Anna Danieli, the owner of Miska, was forced to hire lawyers to help her with the situation, which finally it turned out in his favor by winning $125,000 – around 500 million Colombian pesos – in a deal.

Apparently, there were many allegations around the origin of Miska, since the plaintiffs claimed that it was a “ferocious cat”.

According to Danieli, the cat was like any other animal of its kind and behaved as such, so he did not understand the reasons for the fines.

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The woman’s lawyer, Jon Zimmerman, commented on the blogs of the official page ‘Miska the cat’ that “no other cat had been cited as many times in Bellevue or King County”.

One of the biggest problems for Danieli was that Miska was separated from her family because she was kept in Animal Control for a while. This is extremely important to the case, as the lawyers later discovered that one of the plaintiffs worked with this company.

“In addition to being the head of animal control, the manager had filed some of his own complaints simply because Miska had lived in his neighborhood. So, that was a really serious conflict of interestZimmerman commented.

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The lawyer mentions the conflict of interest because the cat was transported to the Animal Control center, which is also a government institution. The owner did not know that the manager of the place was one of the people who had been filing notices against Miska.

Why was an agreement reached?

The legal team hired by Danieli found several irregularities in the laws that are taken into account for the processes in which pet owners are sued.

According to what the lawyer explains, the laws as to whether or not cats can roam various sectors were not being clear and they had not even been presented to the owners of these pets, so many were unaware that they could be fined for this.

“We think that actually there may be some pet owners who have been unfairly and illegally prosecuted“, Zimmerman commented, for which they are trying to present a proposal for changes within the laws to make them clearer and more transparent.

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In this particular case, the Animal Control owner would not have to be directly involved with the cat reports, but since the defendant had no knowledge of who this person was, she would not have been able to make this connection were it not for the legal team she hired.

Due to these alleged irregularities and because no major inconveniences were found with the cat, which until now had been kept outside her home, Anna Denali received an agreement for 150 thousand dollars – around 500 million Colombian pesos.

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