“Mister Burcă decided, I can only be proud” + “I don’t regret the choices I made”

Article by Remus Dinu – Published Friday, 05 August 2022 18:52 / Updated Friday, 05 August 2022 22:22

Alin Dudea, his new captain Dinamotells what it was like to wear the captain’s armband in the first match played by the “dogs” in League 2, borderline success with Progresul Spartac, 1-0. The 25-year-old stopper reveals to Gazeta how he ended up in this position, talking about the choices of a career that was announced as promising a few years ago.

The red and whites kicked off their first matinee season with a surprise captain. In times of restriction and bitterness, the armband ended up on the arm of Alin Dudea, who, at the request of Burcă, took the face of the much more experienced Lazăr, Neluț Roșu or Moura.

The footballer spoke about his expectations for this season, telling supporters that he has given himself a complete restart: “It’s a new start both for the team and for my career,” says the former youth international.

Alin Dudea: “Mister decided to be captain, I can only be proud”

– Alin Dudea, captain in the first ever match played by Dinamo in League 2. What does this mean for you, how did you experience yesterday’s match?
– It is an honor for me to be Dinamo’s captain and I hope we have as many successes as possible. We experienced with great enthusiasm the first official match this season and we are glad to have started with a success.

– How did you get the armband? I saw you also wore it in friendlies, not just yesterday. I ask in the context where there are also some more experienced players in the team. Did your age matter, so to speak?
Mystery (no – Ovidiu Burcă) decided to be captain and I can only be proud. There are other experienced players in our dressing room. Regardless of name or age, we must join forces and be a team to achieve our goal.

– How did you like the level in match with Spartacus Progress? You had moments where you seemed to suffer against an opponent just promoted to Ligue 3.
– You are right, we also had less good moments in yesterday’s match against a promoted team from League 3. The three points were important, plus we needed to start this season on the right foot.

– You were also involved in a clinch in extra time, The “newbie” from Progresul made an unsportsmanlike gesture in your direction. What happened there?
– The striker from Spartac offended our goalkeeper, I intervened immediately to continue the game, but he had a nervous outburst and spat at me.

30 matchesgathered Alin Dudea in the “dogs” jersey, in League 1, Cup, League Cup and League 2

Alin Dudea, captain at Dinamo after years of wandering: “I don’t regret the choices I made”

– Alin, in 2016, you were in Dinamo’s first team, you were considered a kid of the future, you even played in a memorable derby with FCSB at the National Arena. What happened along the way?
After that season, I chose to go on loan to Chindia Târgovişte, where I succeeded in promotion to League 1. I wanted to play, to collect as many matches as possible, and after the promotion I decided to stay in Târgovişte, to continue in League 1 .

Alin Dudea, in a derby with FCSB in the League Cup, won by the “dogs” 4-1 / Photo source: Cristi Preda

– You also appeared at the start of last season, under Bonetti’s reign, then you disappeared when the “whirlwind” of transfers began. How did you stay on the team, when many of your former colleagues “broke the door”? Where does this patience come from? Practically, almost a year has passed since the last official match until yesterday.
– Last year, we started the season completely unprepared and without friendly games, and in the second stage I got injured even during the warm-up before the away match against FC U Craiova. It was a difficult season for all Dynamo players. We hope to straighten things out this year and enjoy beautiful victories with the supporters for everything Dinamo means.

– Has your career stalled somewhere? Formerly a promising kid, transferred by Dinamo from Craiova Universityformer youth international..Why do you think your rise has stalled?
Probably, leaving on loan to two League 2 teams, my share decreased. I am referring here to the period spent at Chindia Târgoviște, then at CSM Reșita, after the pandemic. I don’t regret the choices I made, but from today I want to talk about a new beginning for both the team and my career.

400,000 eurosAlin Dudea was worth in 2018. Currently, it has a market share of only 50,000 euros

Alin Dudea: “With Progresul, the supporters kept us alive in the last minutes”

– I mentioned above the match with FCSB in 2016. Now, you will play in League 2 with CSA Steaua. How do you see that game and what do you think is the difference at this moment between you and the rivals from Ghencea?
– There are still four stages until the direct match, we are not thinking about the duel with those from CSA. We want to take it step by step, get the most out of every game. Dinamo vs Steaua remains a derby and we hope it will be a show both on the field and in the stands.

– Finally, send a message to the Dynamo fans.
– Thank you, on behalf of all the players, for your support! In Clinceni, in the last minutes of the match against Spartac, the supporters kept us alive, as they say, especially since we were outnumbered. We expect them to be with us in as many numbers as possible at every match and we promise to give it our all on the pitch. Our supporters are the 12th player for the team.

3 teamsDudea also has in his CV, in addition to Dinamo: Rapid CFR Suceava, Chindia Târgoviște and CSM Reșita

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