Mona Zaki’s curse afflicts her husband, Ahmed Helmy, after “Friends and my dearest” .. What happened to him shocked everyone!

Art critic Mostafa Ammar said that the Egyptian artist Ahmed Helmy is paying the price for the audience’s rejection of the role of the artist Mona Zaki, in her latest movie “Friends and My Dearest,” noting that there are electronic committees working to attack Ahmed Helmy, unconsciously since the presentation of his new movie “One.” Tani” in theaters.

Ammar added, in a special statement to “Fuchsia”, that he watched Ahmed Helmy’s movie, and he sees it as a normal movie, and in the event of disagreement with him, it will be in monetary terms, but the comments he saw from the audience in the social media made him stand in front of it because it is insulting and offensive and does not address the film, but rather belonging to its owner, asking: “Are these directed electronic committees?”

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The art critic saw that these are indeed electronic committees, directed to attack Ahmed Helmy, adding that the audience of this artist had not written criticism in this way before, commenting that those who commented on a post he wrote today in this regard were expressing their opinion of the film and not of its owner, This is evidence that those who attack and insult “Helmy” on other web pages are directed.

And “Ammar” indicated that this is what stopped him, as he found that the audience’s relationship with the artist was “confusing”, and pointed out that the role of Mona Zaki, in the movie “Friends and My Dearest” has a direct impact on the opinion of some in Ahmed Helmy, and whoever sees that it did not affect it. Blind,” adding that we live in a society with 80% “illiteracy” and no cinematic culture, and confuses the role of the artist that he presents on the screen with his personal life, with evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood were criticizing the artist Khaled Al-Sawy, for the role he presented in the movie “The Yacoubian Building.” .

Mustafa Ammar went on to say that we did not bury our heads in the sand and admit that we have a very high illiteracy rate, mixing art with religion and life, and classifying the artist based on the roles he embodies, stressing that he does not mean by this opinion that he is against the movie “Friends and Dearest” by the artist Mona Zaki, as She did not do anything to offend her or her family, but Mona and Helmy mistakenly believed that the Egyptian public could accept a role like this, for the actor to appear “like me” or the actress as a “prostitute,” or cheating on her husband.

Mustafa Ammar confirmed that Ahmed Helmy’s movie “One Tani” does not promote homosexuality, and believes that the “ifes” in the film are normal, but exceeded their limits in terms of the area of ​​​​exploitation until they were “burned” by the author, and although it is a good area that gives rise to laughter at first. But increasing the dose created a kind of “heavy blood”.

Mustafa Ammar explained that electronic platforms currently collect all kinds of arts and all roles, the permissible and the impermissible, and it is natural that a cinematographic film will not promote such matters, as it is something that ended 40 years ago, commenting that the blocking and prohibition ended completely.

He concluded by sending a message to Ahmed Helmy, to make sure to choose the script in the coming times, because there is no work with the power of “X-Large” or the films that he presented with Ayman Bahgat Qamar, but he needs to work on the script more.

Critic Mustafa Ammar had written a post on Facebook in which he said that Ahmed Helmy pays the price for the audience’s rejection of the role of his wife Mona Zaki in the movie “Friends and My Dearest”, and that the artist in general must realize the nature, culture and awareness of his audience, to determine the appropriate way to deal It is with them, and the roles that it presents and its positions as well.

He explained that the audience “raises the artist to seventh heaven, and with one mistake he brings him down to seventh earth,” noting that there is a confusing and incomprehensible relationship in terms of the audience’s comments rejecting his new movie without watching it, and their negative and hurtful comments, and this tells us that a large sector From the audience, he does not really understand the acting profession, and confuses it with the personal life of the actor.

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