Muhammad Mamdouh talks to “Fi Al Fan”: about winning the best actor award in “Malmö”, the plan to save “his voice” and the scenes of his appearance at the “Mazarita Festival” | news

The star, Mohamed Mamdouh, won the Best Actor Award at the Malmo Arab Film Festival for his role in the movie “Abu Saddam.” The award is his second for his role in the same film, after winning the Best Actor award at the Cairo Film Festival.

In the Swedish city of Malmö, met Mamdouh after winning the award to talk to us about his experience with the “Abu Saddam” awards, the secret behind his departure from the Ramadan 2022 drama, and how he succeeded in saving his voice after the criticisms that affected him earlier, and the scenes of his appearance in “The Big Oy 6”. During the episodes of the Mazarita Festival.

Muhammad Mamdouh’s winning of the Best Actor Award for his role in the movie “Abu Saddam” for the second time and within a few months is a great success for this experience, and an affirmation of his good selection of the roles he presents, but the first thing that came to his mind upon winning the award was to gift it to the souls of the martyrs of the armed forces who died Lord following the treacherous accident in the east of the channel.

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Mamdouh said: May God have mercy on our righteous martyrs from the armed forces. I dedicate this award to their souls, even if it is a simple thing that does not waste the value of what they offer to our dear country, but I wanted to say that our martyrs are always in the heart and their sacrifices are what give us life.

Journey drama and character challenges
Abu Saddam’s movie belongs to the drama of the journey, characters come and go and the hero remains in his continuous journey. This type of work needs a different reading of the main character, which Mamdouh talked about, saying: “Every work has its difficulties. I do not like to talk about the difficulties of work because all works of art It has difficulties, but in Abu Saddam it required a different reading of the character and its dimensions because throughout the events there are justifications and reasons that the viewer does not see and are revealed in the end.

Mohamed Mamdouh from the movie Abu Saddam

The sound crisis and the simple solution
Years ago, Muhammad Mamdouh faced a storm of criticism because of his voice, he was suffering from a crisis in the exits of words and breathing during speech. Some actors may ignore these criticisms, even if they are exaggerated, but he searched for a quick solution after understanding these criticisms.

Mamdouh tells: “I worked on myself after hearing these criticisms, so I went to Dr. Jihan Al-Nasser, an expert and a well-known professor of phonetics, and she helped me a lot in training to control the exits of words and breathing appropriately during acting, in addition to practicing sports, and I also take preparation workshops all the time. An actor to develop my skills, and this is my role because for an actor, training is very necessary and important.”

Azzam the Cat and the Mazarita Festival
In the first season of Al-Kabeer Away, Muhammad Mamdouh appeared in the character “Azzam Al-Qatt”, which achieved great success. After these years, he returned to appear in the sixth season of the series, but as a guest of honor with his true personality at the Mazarita Festival.
Mamdouh says: “I was very happy with my participation in Al-Kabeer Awey as a guest of honor, and I am happy that people still remember the character of Azzam al-Qatt, and they linked it to my appearance this year. With your true personality.

Were the scenes you brought together with Makki and Salam contain a degree of improvisation? A question always arises, which Mamdouh clarified, saying: “The basis is that we have a good script, and beautifully written scenes, and we have added our touches to it, and this is contained in the comedy, but indeed, an improvisation occurred during the filming. We agreed on these additions with the director Ahmed Al-Jundi and the author Mustafa. Saqr before entering the scene, thank God the result was positive.”

Mohamed Mamdouh in a scene from Newton’s game

Stay away from Ramadan 2022 drama
Some expected the appearance of Muhammad Mamdouh in the Ramadan drama with a work that would complete his success last Ramadan with the series “Newton’s Game”, but he preferred to stay away from the scene due to exhaustion and the pressure of continuous work over the past two years: “Frankly, I am tired.. the past two years have been associated with a large number of works and praise. For God, I filmed “Newton’s Game” over a period of two years, then I returned to complete the movie “Abu Saddam” two weeks before the start of the Cairo Festival just to catch up with the festival’s showing, and during that time I also filmed the series “Khali Balak Min Zizi”, and I was also associated with the movie “The Spider.” It took about 3 years to film.

He continued: “I wanted to rest during Ramadan, spend time with my family, my wife and my daughter, and I visited my father and mother. It was a quiet month, suitable for the natural atmosphere of Ramadan after a long time of hard work.”

Spider and Eid cinema competitions
Muhammad Mamdouh is showing the movie “The Spider” during the Eid al-Fitr movie season, a new and different experience on him, but as usual, he is not interested in revenues and box office, as he says: “I am happy with the good reactions to the film, and I am, of course, happy that the movie’s revenues are good as it is reported in the media, but I personally am not Interested in the idea of ​​revenue, I am an actor who does my job perfectly, and other things have their people, and this particular movie was exhausting and took 3 years of shooting.”
He added, “I am happy with the beautiful competition between films, and for the record, I see Ahmed Helmy’s movie “One Tani”, especially since it is his first experience with my friend, the wonderful director Mohamed Shaker Khudair, who presented many successful and influential works in my career, such as the series “My Way” and the series “Grand Hotel”. “.

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