“National 100”. The team of the century, voted by the “Jury of Radio Journalists”. Interesting choice of them

After we, the editors, found out together Prosport and you, the readers, the options of the first four juries, in random order, of course, we will now reveal what the fifth jury, the one made up of radio journalists, voted for.

So, I had the votes of the “Coaches Jury”, then the votes of the “Jury of football fans”, and I continued with the votes of the “Prosport Jury”. The last one, so far, whose preferences I made public, was that of the “Players’ Jury”.

From all four juries, certain certainties emerged from the game formula imagined for the “National 100”, but also some positions in which the holders change from one vote to another in this “eleven” ideal. The certainties are given by the presence of the lateral defenders, Dan Petrescu, on the right and Cristian Chivu, on the left, as well as by that of the “libero” Miodrag Belodedici. That’s about the line of defense. Where the position of “stopper”, center-right defender, garnered many votes for either Adrian Bumbescu or Ioan Andone, as radio commentators have now decided.

The team of the century, voted by the “Jury of Radio Journalists”

We also have a special situation for the goalkeeper position, where Helmuth Duckadam had the most votes in the case of the “Coaches Jury” and in the case of the “Prosport Jury”, and Silviu Lung in the case of the “Football Enthusiasts Jury” and in the case of “Players”, where he was chosen, but tied with Bogdan Stelea. And in the case of the votes given by the “Jury of Radio Journalists” Silviu Lung is the first, but at a great distance from the followers, practically without competition, as they say.

The middle line remains the same in absolutely all voting options so far, namely Nicolae Dobrin, Gica Popescu, Gheorghe Hagi, Ilie Balaci. And in the attack, until the expression of the vote of those from the “Jury of radio journalists”, we had a fixed point in the extreme Marius Lăcătuș, and a top attack position in which Florea Dumitrache was, in turn, voted by coaches and players , as well as “passionate”, only in the latter case, on an equal footing with Adrian Mutu. The same Adrian Mutu represented the clear option of the “Prosport Jury”.

This time, Florea Dumitrache is, once again, the chosen one, the radio journalists seeing in the one who was called “Mopsul” or “Corsarul roib”, the best striker in the hundred-year history of the national team.
The novelty, absolute so far, comes, in the case of radio commentators, from their choice in the case of the “extreme”. Thus, Marius Lăcătuș, present until now in the voting options of all the juries on the first place, on his post, loses this position in front of another great stelist, the man who “defeated England”, Marcel Răducanu, the star of Borussia Dortmund!

Here is the complete team resulting from the votes of those who composed the “Jury of Radio Journalists”: SILVIU LUNG – DAN PETRESCU, IOAN ANDONE, MIODRAG BELODEDICI, CRISTI CHIVU – NICOLAE DOBRIN, GICĂ POPESCU, GICĂ HAGI, ILIE BALACI – MARCEL RĂDUCANU, FLOREA DUMITRACHE. And the selector of the National 100 is, also in the option of radio journalists, MIRCEA LUCESCU. It is the fourth of five jurors to decide in his favor

But let’s also get to know the members of this jury, of the “radio journalists”, the people whose votes determined the above formula of the “National 100”.

And let’s start with the most experienced, the most titled, the most valuable radio people in history, journalists who have, together, at the microphone, thousands of commented matches, without any exaggeration!

From Timișoara, practically the “voice of Poli” for decades in a row, the eminent journalist Nicolae Secoșan. From Cluj, in the mirror, like decades, and countless matches commented by Teodor Mateescu. From Bucharest, a unique and unmistakable voice, that of Ilieeee Dobreeeeeee !!

Also from Bucharest, but, practically, like Ilie Dobre, from (almost) all the stadiums of the country and the world, the unmistakable Dumitru Pelican! All these four leaders, Nicolae Secoșan, Teodor Mateescu, Ilie Dobre and Dumitru Pelican, huge names of the Romanian radio, were the protagonists, for decades, of the famous show “Football minute by minute” broadcast by Radio Romania, the national radio station, under the coordination of the late Gheorghe Minoiu!

A true man of radio, but also of the written press, with over 50 years of experience, Horațiu Sima, producer of Sport Total FM, answered us generously to the request to offer us his vision in what means “National 100 ”. From the same radio station, but representing a completely different generation, comes to meet our request, Narcis Drejan, an exceptional voice of contemporary FM!

Also from Sport Total FM I received the choices made by Gabriel Maricescu, director and commentator of today’s realities in Romanian sport.

Last but not least, we welcome the presence in the jury of the commentators representing the younger generations, but just as valuable as that of the “sacred monsters” in the Public Radio. The director of the best morning program in Romania, Cătălin Cârnu, also a commentator at DigiSport, voted, like his colleague Adrian Soare, for a special voice and an exceptional commentator for the same post. Bogdan Pasăre and Robert Șișcă, whom you listen to on the airwaves of Radio Romania, but also commenting on Prima Sport, chose the “eleven” ones ideally, in their turn.

We thank all these classy journalists for their help and trust!