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While automotive manufacturers do not produce enough vehicles due to many problems such as chips, procurement, raw materials and logistics, it is now known by everyone how difficult it is to reach a new vehicle. As such, consumers either buy the vehicle that is available at the dealership immediately (albeit with a low probability) or wait for months to reach the vehicle they want. Consumers, who are willing to write a name and wait for months, have to pay the difference in exchange rates on the day the vehicle entered Turkey. Moreover, not only the exchange rate, but also the rapidly increasing raw material prices due to the Russia-Ukraine war can be reflected as an increase in new vehicles. Those who do not want to deal with all this troublesome process and price uncertainty, take their breath in galleries selling New Vehicles. So, how do galleries reach brand new vehicles that no one else can? A frequent statement by consumers, “Galleries take priority in new vehicles by using their relationships with dealers. What is the response to the claims that the citizen cannot reach the vehicle for this reason?

Tenants and landlords beware!  New formula for raises

Tenants and landlords beware! New formula for raises


To get answers to these questions, we visited the galleries selling new cars in Istanbul. We conveyed the allegations against them and this time we gave the floor to the galleries. While visiting the galleries, we noticed that there are at least 5 new cars in front of almost every gallery. In some galleries, there were nearly 20 new cars. While the majority of these cars were made up of different brands, there was also a Gallery selling brand new cars of only a few different brands. At least half of the galleries we wandered into didn’t want to talk. Our first stop was a gallery on the Anatolian side. Sercan Çelik, who has been dealing with dealership for 20 years, said, “We stand in line for new vehicles that can be found more easily than other brands. We write names like citizens. We pay our down payment, when the vehicle arrives, we pay the exchange rate and other differences and receive it immediately. We are doing this with a license. We do not have any illegal situation. Many citizens give up because they cannot predict what the price will be when the vehicle arrives. There is no problem for those who have money, but those who do not have money are naturally hesitant because they have narrowly matched their finances,” he said.


Emre Özsoy, who works as a dealer in Yenibosna, said: “People think that ‘cars are only given to dealers’, but there is no such thing. Citizens go to the dealer, ask for the vehicle and equipment they want. The dealer, on the other hand, says, ‘I do not have a vehicle at the moment, but if you give a deposit of 10 thousand liras, I can allocate for you the vehicles that will be quoted next month or the next month’. If the consumer accepts this, he leaves the deposit and accepts the price increase for the next month. The consumer usually does not accept this offer because of the waiting time and the inability to predict what the price will be. Then it is said to be ‘given to the galleries’. However, the vehicle comes every month, it comes very rarely, and for example, we give our deposit and get in line. We also accept price increase. Because, we know that after 1 month it will be more expensive. We sell the vehicles we buy to the consumer on the same day, with a difference of 20-30 thousand liras. Like some brand new dealers, we do not impose an automobile insurance obligation, nor do we impose accessories.”

Camouflage Togg caught in the test

Camouflage Togg caught in the test

‘There is even a commission for buying a vehicle’

Seller Sefa Köroğlu, who sells new and used vehicles in Istanbul Bahçelievler, emphasized that not all galleries are as innocent as stated. Stating that some galleries give commissions to their men in the dealerships and take priority in the order of new vehicles, Köroğlu said, “When zero vehicles are low and demand is high, a lot of dirty work goes into the business. There are those who get in and take people in, and those who give money to their acquaintances at the dealership. There are also many who keep the new vehicle they bought and sell it when the prices increase. However, since things have been held tighter lately and the exchange rates are within a certain range, these are not done much. There are no new vehicles under 400 thousand liras anyway. Those who do not wait and want to buy it immediately come to the gallery and pick up their vehicle. There is a serious price confusion in the market. Zero is constantly increasing, second hand is also increasing. This will continue until enough vehicles arrive. Incoming new vehicles will also come with a price increase,” he said.

Source: Hürriyet / Taylan Özgür DİL