New developments in the used car market

Baran Kurga, the founder of, who said that digitalization is accelerating in automobile buying and selling, shared new developments in the automobile market.

Baran Kurga, the founder of, who said that digitalization is accelerating in automobile buying and selling, said, “The retail channel in used cars is becoming digital. Car buying and selling using digital platforms removes distance restrictions. It makes it possible for car dealers, who have moved away from the city center and turned to car dealership sites on the outskirts of the city due to the rising rents in the recent period, to not have difficulty in reaching customers and to design a better customer experience with the power of technology.

According to the research of the international audit and consultancy services firm Ernst & Young (EY) dated April 2022, which compares the markets of Turkey, Hungary and the Czech Republic, measuring customer expectations about the vehicle they buy and use, it is found that Turkey is more warmly interested in digitalization in the purchase and sale of automobiles, one out of two consumers. It came to the fore that they paid attention to the richness of the vehicle options in the galleries they preferred. Baran Kurga said that they established the Alicibul application based on insights into digitalization in the second-hand car market, and that the application developed with a reverse trading approach makes it easier for both car dealers and customers to experience car buying and selling in line with current trends.

Evaluating the results of the research and speaking about the latest situation in the industry, Kurga said, “In the research, it is noted that 12 percent of customers can change their dealer preferences because the car dealerships are far from the city center. Car buying and selling using digital platforms removes these distance restrictions. Our application, where buyers and sellers can communicate instantly, takes the communication in the process to the highest level. When the user specifies the vehicle he is looking for, he can be informed about every new advertisement through instant notifications. Our platform, designed with a reverse trading approach and based on the fact that the buyer finds the buyer, not the seller, provides an active, interactive and fast trading environment.”

Noting that the number of cars that will be physically exhibited in the gallery is limited, Kurga said, “ removes the limits on this issue. Users who have a clear idea of ​​the brand and model they want to buy can access dozens of dealers and a very rich second-hand vehicle portfolio by simply specifying the vehicle they want. Galleries can take photos of the vehicles in their portfolios and dress their galleries with special backgrounds and logos with our artificial intelligence supported Carstudio solution. Sales representatives in galleries can see who is viewing their advertisements and can instantly communicate with these people.


Saying that they have reversed trading approaches, Kurga said, “He can communicate within the application with users who are viewing a model as if they were in a physical gallery. A user viewing a vehicle receives a notification asking if they want to contact the gallery or seller. If he accepts, the customer can be dealt with directly from within the application. Thanks to the notifications, auto dealers can also be informed about the vehicles they do not have or are looking for and can obtain these vehicles from other sellers on the platform. In addition,, which allows selling without the need for a physical car dealership, also offers a useful platform especially for individual entrepreneurs engaged in buying and selling business. Vehicle owners and galleries, who can immediately start a conversation with the buyer viewing the ad, can take advantage of the fast trading environment. With our reverse trading approach, we adopt a win-win model for all parties.”


Pointing out that in the research, one out of 5 people stated that seeing the interior and exterior photos of the car from all angles is determinative on their purchasing decisions, Kurga said, “The rate of consumers who say ‘I do not buy without seeing’ is measured as 27 in Turkey, in other words, the majority of them are warm to online car shopping. With the Carstudio feature of, galleries can dress their cars specifically for their own brands with the support of artificial intelligence, without the need for a photography studio. In this way, all the details can be included as if they are being examined in the physical gallery. From the data, it can be concluded that consumers in our country are closer to digitalization in used car retail than consumers in Hungary (56 percent) and Czechia (52 percent). With the free platform we offer as, we are the pioneer of digitalization in used car sales.”


Pointing out that the platform offers dealers the opportunity to make motor insurance and traffic insurance, Baran Kurga said, “With the cooperation we made with Koalay, we also offer the gallery, buyers and sellers the opportunity to easily take out motor insurance and traffic insurance. In this way, gallerists can reduce their costs. In addition, the insurance values ​​of the vehicles can be accessed from the platform. We are also improving after-sales processes by offering ease of access to additional services.”


Saying that they will start a new investment tour in the near future, Kurga said, “We receive support from Tamer Capital for Venture Building, which is very rare in the world. We anticipate that our application, which blends the developing technology with a new idea and adapts the auto dealership to the needs of the digital world, will grow in the ecosystem and quickly close the investment tours that will come out. We continue to work on our project that will accelerate the stagnating automobile buying and selling sector,” he said. DHA .