Nicolae Badea unleashed on Ionuț Lupescu

Nicolae Badea (73 years old) offered a harsh answer to Ionuț Lupescu (53 years old), who nominated him among the main culprits for the situation in which Dinamo ended up.

Former international Ionuț Lupescu wore only Dinamo’s shirt in Romania, four times, a club from which he withdrew from competitive activity. The “Kaiser” is one of the idols of the “white-red” supporters, and recently he said that the main culprits for the situation in which the group came from Sos. Ștefan cel Mare are the special administrator Iuliu Mureșan, the leader of the fans Elias Bucurică and the former financier Nicolae Badea. The third one has been helping the team with money lately, and now he is answering the former footballer, about whom he says that he did for Dinamo much less than the head of the gallery.

Nicolae Badea attacked him harshly Ionuț Lupescuabout which he said, among other things, that “he showed his limits both by the form of expression and by the content”.

Nicolae Badea destroys Ionuț Lupescu

Ionuț Lupescu did not escape Nicolae Badea’s anger after accusing him of seriously contributing to Dinamo’s demotion. The former financier from “Groapă” unleashed himself against the former Dinamo player, even remembering the very high salary demands he had when he returned to Dinamo.

“Everyone has the right to express their opinion, even if throwing stones has become a national sport. If someone still surprised me unpleasantly, it’s about Ionuț Lupescu! I did not expect an athlete with an important career, who knows what the real life of a professional club means, to resort to cheap, populist rhetoric.

Mr. Lupescu had and still has a failed public performance. I admit, it doesn’t surprise me, because she is not the only one from the last period… Instead of coming up with concrete solutions and / or personal contributions, Lupescu showed her limits both by the form of expression and by the content. If Mr. Lupescu’s accusations had taken the form of a match, his performance on the field would have been “embarrassing”, to paraphrase the well-known journalist Răzvan Ioan Boanchiș.

Let me tell you a great truth: in the last 3 years, Elias Bucurică has done infinitely more for Dinamo than Ionuț Lupescu! RTZ, Zăvăleanu’s company, even if it is an insolvency company and not a sports management company, also made more professional and financial effort than this devoid demagogue that Ionuț turned into… What Lupescu has provided for Dinamo in recent years years? What did he do concretely? Like all of us, he paid his DDB membership contribution, if he had paid that one too…

Instead, he had media interventions in Saudi Arabia or Switzerland, in which he did nothing but mourn the fate of the “dogs” and attack all those who tried to support Dinamo as much as they could, without him to put anything on the table. In translation: zero minimalist contribution for the club he claims to be “his soul”. The soul is a bit small, isn’t it ?! ”, said Nicolae Badea, according to Fanatik.

“I congratulate him on the way he negotiated his financial claims with Dinamo each time.”

Nicolae Badea recalled an episode when Ionuț Lupescu was still active and returned to Dinamo, but not before negotiating for a higher salary than the one he had in the Bundesliga.

“I respected and respect Ionuț Lupescu for his sports career. I emphasize, for what he achieved as a footballer… And I congratulate him for the way in which he always negotiated his financial claims with the Dinamo club. When he returned from Germany, from Borchis Monchengladbach, the salary he claimed and obtained from “Stephen the Great” was $ 400,000 a year. Bigger than he was in the Bundesliga! The great Dinamo player claimed $ 3,000 away match bonus and $ 1,500 home win bonus! How did he play with that money? I don’t want to minimize Ionuț’s sports performance, but I can’t help but “congratulate” him again for the memorable matches with CSM Resita and especially Foresta Fălticeni. With the last one, it even went down in history!

This great Dinamo player who is the “Kaiser” has always been very attentive to the financial opportunities in his career. As an idea, in 2000 he abandoned his great love, on Dinamo, for Bursaspor, where his statistical line totaled 9 games and 2 goals. Dinamo, with me in charge, also reprimanded him in 2001 for his indisputable quality as a “dog”, and not for his sporting performance. Proof, in the competition year 2000/2001, he ticked 17 games and zero goals! ”, Nicolae Badea also told Fanatik.

“Lupescu insisted on changing the then coach, Ion Marin”

Unleashed, Nicolae Badea wanted to remind Ionuț Lupescu of the moment when he “insistently requested” the replacement of the head coach of that moment, Ion Marin.

The “Kaiser” said that he left Dinamo in 2001 because he was not on the same wavelength as the club’s leaders, but the former financier wanted to tell him that the break-up took place for completely different reasons.

“Nothing more false! The wavelength was not in the direction and size of his financial claims. He found in Al Hilal, Saudi Arabia, the size of a bag to satisfy him… Although incompatible with those leaders who paid him, Ionut quickly forgets the differences of opinion and returns to Dinamo after only 5 months, in the 2001/2002 edition. Of course, break the bargain again: 7 games and zero goals!

I ask Mr. Lupescu to remember the fact that he ended his career as a player at Dinamo in 2002, but also the details of that episode. In the meeting I had before his retirement, Lupescu insisted on changing the then coach, Ion Marin. He knows the reasons! If he wants, I can remind them in private or in public, as he prefers… At the end of the meeting, I agreed with Ionuț Lupescu to organize a press conference for the termination of the contractual relations with the agreement of the parties. Also out of respect for the great Dinamo player!

The conference took place, three days later, at the «Ilie Năstase» Club… Then, he tried his coaching career, preparing for a few months, without success, the FCM Bacău and FC Brașov teams. It is clear that, after his adventure in Germany as a footballer, material and relational interests constantly prevailed in the career of the distinguished Mr. Lupescu. See recently, the petrodollars of Saudi Arabia and not Dinamo, or today, Switzerland and not Romania! Those stated do not necessarily represent a reproach for this “Dinu Păturică” of the sports administration. These are just some findings… “, Nicolae Badea also commented for Fanatik.

When Lupescu also contributes a percentage higher than zero of the amounts I spent for Dinamo, then he has the right to talk about Badea and how great Dinamo players we are one or the other!

– Nicolae Badea, according to Fanatik