Northeast beaches! Flexible packages with flights plus 5 or 7 nights of stay from R$ 620 per person

Another incredible opportunity for you who have the flexibility of just one day on the travel date and want to enjoy the beaches of the Brazilian Northeast while saving a lot! We find flexible travel packages to Aracaju, Fortaleza, Jericoacoara, Maceió, Maragogi, Morro de São Paulo, Natal, Porto de Galinhas, Porto Seguro, or Salvador with flights plus five nights’ accommodation from just R$1,240 a couple, or R$ 620 per person in double accommodation.

The lowest values ​​are for packages with flights departing from São Paulo plus five nights in Porto Seguro or Salvador, with breakfast included in the rate, but there are options with sensational rates and up to seven nights departing from all regions of Brazil, for travel in October or November of this year, or between March and June 2023 (in some destinations only available until March 2023). It is worth checking!

Flexible packages for the Northeast

Check out some examples with a 5 or 7 night stay and the lowest value leaving São Paulo and prices per person, in double accommodation. Remembering that there are departures from the main Brazilian cities.

Destiny Stay Price Link
Aracaju 5 nights BRL 713 Buy here
Aracaju 7 nights BRL 832 Buy here
Strength 5 nights BRL 651 Buy here
Strength 7 nights BRL 742 Buy here
Jericoacoara 5 nights BRL 1,057 Buy here
Jericoacoara 7 nights BRL 1,295 Buy here
Maceió 5 nights BRL 737 Buy here
Maceió 7 nights BRL 854 Buy here
maragogi 5 nights BRL 1,178 Buy here
maragogi 7 nights BRL 1,456 Buy here
Morro de SP 5 nights BRL 909 Buy here
Morro de SP 7 nights BRL 1,026 Buy here
Christmas 5 nights BRL 653 Buy here
Christmas 7 nights BRL 740 Buy here
Port of Chickens 5 nights BRL 849 Buy here
Port of Chickens 7 nights BRL 1,027 Buy here
safe harbor 5 nights BRL 620 Buy here
safe harbor 7 nights BRL 729 Buy here
savior 5 nights BRL 631 Buy here
savior 7 nights BRL 737 Buy here

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The packages only include airfare and accommodation. Does not include transport or tickets.

Remembering that the prices indicated in the table are per person, in double accommodation, including air tickets and hotel stays to be defined by the agency with at least 3 scores out of 5 possible on Trip Advisor, within the list available on the website.

Those who want to travel alone can pay an additional fee of 30% on the value of the offer.

How do flexible packages work?

In flexible packages, travelers save money by buying the package well in advance, outside of certain periods with very high demand, such as December, January, July and on national holidays or festive dates and events.

The package will be issued preferably for the date indicated. But it can also be booked a day before or after, always keeping the desired stay (number of days at destination). For example, if you request a one-way ticket on the 10th and return on the 20th, the one-way ticket will be issued preferably on those days, or on the 9th and 19th (days before), or 11th and 21st (days after). In addition, it is not possible to choose the airline and the time of the flight, which may have a stopover or connection.

In flexible promo packages you do not choose the hotel. Who will choose will be the 123miles. But it will always be a hotel with at least 3 out of 5 possible scores on Trip Advisor, within a pre-defined list informed on the website. This was the way they found to negotiate such good prices with hotels and offer such a cheap package. They will be double rooms, for reservations of couples or two people, or triple rooms, for reservations with more people. In some destinations, a list of partner hotels where accommodation will be made is available.

The daily rates will be counted by the nights slept from the arrival at the destination. As it is a promotional package, 123miles does not carry out customizations such as reducing the number of nights, changing the city of origin or destination and selling extra baggage. The price also does not include transfers and tours.

Preferably, up to 45 days before the trip, the company will send the flight details and ask for your confirmation to issue the ticket. But, in some cases, confirmation may be made exceptionally up to 10 days before the departure date.

Cancellation is free within 7 days of purchase. After this period and before confirmation of the trip, the fine will be 20% of the amount paid. No refunds will be given after travel confirmation.