Novak Martinovic, before Montenegro

Born in Belgrade, but with Montenegrin origins, Novak Martinovici (37 years old) does not give much chance to Miodrag Radulovic’s national team in the dispute with Romania. The former FCSB defender believes in Edi Iordănescu, whom he sees able to qualify Romania for a final tournament.

  • The matches Bosnia – Romania (June 7) and Romania – Finland (June 11) will be broadcast by Antena 1;
  • Both matches with Montenegro, away on June 4 and home on June 14, will be televised on Prima TV.

VIDEO Novak Martinovici, before Romania’s debut in the Nations League

“Hello, Novak!” We are starting the campaign in the League of Nations with Montenegro, how do you see this duel?
– I think that Romania has great chances to win. I think it will be important for you to get four or at least two points in these first two games. And it won’t be too hard. Romania’s group is lighter than Serbia’s. Of course, you never know in advance, the shape of the players matters a lot. Plus it is difficult to give verdicts at national teams. Players meet once every 6 months maybe. Everything is unpredictable. However, I believe that Romania can achieve a good result.

– OK, you see us as favorites, but compare the national team of Montenegro with that of Serbia. Are there big differences?
– It is still practiced, there are players who choose Montenegro to the detriment of Serbia. Why?

He played for FCSB, but cried for Dinamo: “Too bad!  In Serbia, Partizan and the Red Star would not have been left


He played for FCSB, but cried for Dinamo: “Too bad! In Serbia, Partizan and the Red Star would not have been left “

– It is still practiced, there are players who choose Montenegro to the detriment of Serbia. Why?
“It’s always been that way.” And I had that chance, for example. It wasn’t an offer, but it was discussed.

– That is, to play for Montenegro, even though you were born in Belgrade.
– OK, I was born here, but the name Martinovic is from Montenegro. My ancestors are from Montenegro. My family was born there. My ancestors have been coming from there for over 50 years. Montenegrin blood is flowing through my veins. Somehow it’s normal for that to happen, before we were one country. Both before and now, there will always be players who choose that.

VIDEO Martinovici trusts Edi Iordănescu

– Without Savici and Jovetici, is a national team very weak?
– Yes, of course! Savici has played incredibly well in recent years. Jovetic as well. They are two high quality players that I think any national team would want, not just Montenegro. Of course, they have other players. However, I consider that with them, and without them, Romania is the favorite in this match. Overall, I think it has more quality. That’s my opinion.

– You know Edi Iordănescu. He’s the coach today …
– I know him and it was known that he would do something, that he would be a good coach. And when he was second at Steaua (FCSB no.) He had patience and a good relationship with the players. He knew what he wanted, he knew how to talk. It was normal that as the years went by, it would grow and get better.

– Do you see him able to qualify our national team for a final tournament?
– Yes Yes! Why not? He also has quality players, he is also a good coach, anything is possible. It’s also my wish, honestly (laughs).

– You played in Romania, why do you think our players are no longer successful abroad?
– The mentality of our players may be different. I think it’s also the case that the Serbs offer everything where they go, because if you’re fired you have nowhere to go. In Serbia you have nowhere to retire, you come here to play maybe for 300 euros.

It’s not like that in Romania, salaries are high, at least that’s how it was when I was there. Look, the best players in Serbia haven’t made a career here! Vlachov for example. He went to Fiorentina, got there well and stayed. After finishing the training, he has 2 more hours to do the extra. That’s the only way he could be one of the best players in Serie A.

3 yearsNovak Martinovici played in Romania: one at Pandurii and two for FCSB, with whom he won the Romanian Cup

– We were talking about the level of League 1. Where in Serbia did the change take place? Because here too there have been years of drought in Europe.
– Yes, and when I was at the Red Star I lost to Chernomorets. There were big money problems. In 2 years at Red Star Belgrade I received two salaries. OK, they got revenge later, but there were problems. The organization was not good. How did the restart come about? With money. Only with money. When you have money for transfers, for salaries of 700,000, it is normal that the results appear as well. Let’s see what happens in a year or two.

– You mean?
– Well, it’s more of an expense than an income. That’s very hard. Because the Red Star didn’t have much revenue anymore. The best example is Dinamo Zagreb. Sells players for 20 million euros. I think it’s a problem and the Serbs are extra-EU.

When I played in Romania, the question was where do we play: Champions League or Europa League? Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. This means that the value of League 1 has decreased. OK, a year may be a break, but now it’s a habit! There has been a change somewhere

Not only in Romania there is a problem with time. In Serbia, too, there is no patience. It’s not a strategy, a pyramid. Not everything can be done today or tomorrow. And here we go on the idea “Let’s do it today, otherwise the coach changes!”
– Novak Martinovici

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