Oi (OIBR3) and Magazine Luiza (MGLU3) ‘joined’ in fall and are ‘put in the pocket’ by little-known investment that is doubling the equity of ordinary people – Money Times

MGLU3 and OIBR3 were put together to ‘sambar’ for an unprecedented and little-known fixed income opportunity; analyst highlights that this could happen every day from now on

The scenario of inflation and high interest rates amid the war in Ukraine and the still strong effects of covid-19 on the economy are bringing down stocks, especially those linked to consumption, such as the Magazine Luiza (MGLU3)and companies with millionaire debts and in judicial recovery, as is the case of Hi (OIBR3).

In the case of Oi, it still has the advantage of being a company undergoing judicial reorganization. It is no wonder that it is falling -65% in 12 months on the Stock Exchange and MGLU3 already plummeted almost -90% in the period. The numbers are frightening, but they could be much worse given that interest rates and inflation only tend to get worse in the coming months.

The good thing about this is that you don’t have to beat yourself up in this situation. After all, while the two stocks “come together” when it comes to going public and delivering losses to investors, an unprecedented and hard-to-find opportunity in fixed income is guaranteeing a gross return of 106% in 5 years, with coverage by the Fundo Garantidor de Credit (FGC). A mere BRL 10,000 will turn into BRL 20,600 in the period if you invest in it.

“This is the most practical plan possible to lock in a very high rate of return like this of 15.90% for 5 years. In a stock portfolio, getting that number year after year is difficult, especially considering the market right now. But diversifying into this low-risk security makes everything easier”, says specialist Gabriel Mallet, responsible for sending alerts of unique, little known, limited and daily fixed income opportunities with gigantic returns at Vitreo, where he released this offer.

“Offers like this have become a daily reality in investors’ lives thanks to teams like mine, who monitor interest rates daily and manage to unlock bonds with explosive yields to the public, many times more profitable than the stock exchange in a scenario like this”, complete.

I had access to the group that Gabriel Mallet presents these boosted fixed income offers (see below). You can access it too releasing your access to his vip and free WhatsApp group clicking here. It’s worth going in there to check it out, after all, Mallet can close the group at any time.

But if you prefer, stay with me to understand more details. After all, there are two important news for you who want to double your equity with this investment.

Not very good news and excellent news in between…

Despite the explosive profitability that will double your equity in 5 years, it is important to say that this opportunity was available from 10 am to 2:59 pm this Wednesday (29). That’s because it’s a premium fixed-income bond that hardly appears around. And, when it is offered, a large audience goes after it. To give you an idea, ordinary investors like you put a total of BRL 5.6 million into this opportunity in search of these explosive returns. This in less than 5 hours.

The news “GREAT“, however, is that these brutally profitable opportunities appear for a limited time of about 5 hours on the market EVERY DAY and, despite being restricted to wealthy bank and brokerage clients for many years, now you can access them easily via Vitreo. These are bonds that pay IPCA + 7%, which deliver returns of more than 100% or much more.

I’ll explain to you where this limitation comes from and why there are a lot of people making money from it. But before I repeat: these are opportunities that yield, in a large part of the cases, much more than stock portfolios in the current scenario – and can leave many stock exchange papers in the dust in the face of the turbulent global scenario.

After all, we are talking about a guaranteed return with FGC coverage, while stocks – although important to diversify the portfolio – are susceptible to crises and bubbles like the ones we are currently experiencing.

Just look at Magazine Luiza: it rose exponentially for 5 years and, when analysts said it could rise even more with the expected “post-pandemic consumption shift”, it plummeted under pressure from inflation and recession.

Even worse is for bitcoin: until recently it was seen by experts as a store of value similar to gold. Some called it “digital gold” and even “currency of the future”. However, it also plummeted.

I’m not saying they’re bad investments, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t invest in them either.. That’s not the point and diversification is always the “key to success”. I’m just saying that, in times of crisis, risky assets tend to melt in often unexpected ways. already titles TURBINED Fixed income can make money drip into your account for months and years, good or bad.

By the way, when I say turbocharged, I’m ignoring those “feet feet” that you’re used to receiving out there: with medium payments and tiny deadlines, which make the regressive income tax table grab a relevant part of your profit.

In other words, it is irrational not to invest in turbocharged fixed income, especially with the prospect of the Selic rate closing the year close to 14%. It is also irrational not to access the group where these premium fixed income opportunitieswhich not everyone has easy access to, are released every day.

Only in the last few weeks I have seen news like this daily in the emails and whatsapp group from Mallet:

But why is Vitreo opening up to ordinary investors the turbocharged fixed income that only the ‘very wealthy’ had access to until recently?

It works like this: every day interest rates are revised, and explosively yielding, low-risk bonds – from large, reliable banks – are launched to groups of “premium customers” of large banks.

It turns out that because they are turbocharged and time-limited offers, Itaú, Bradesco, Santander and others usually only offer them to the most wealthy, in order to capture the largest volume of money in this short period of time. And you, who are not always among this group of customers, end up being left behind without knowing it.

Vitreo, as the brokerage that is democratizing the market and having a smaller customer base than the well-known “bancões”, began to offer these premium securities to everyone and every day. They are the “fixed income fillet” and guaranteed by the FGC (stay on top of them by clicking here).

Then you might be asking yourself: but what’s the catch? Why not do the same as the banks?

Simple: Vitreo is 4 years old, more than R$20 billion in resources under management and, in this customer journey, it is much more worthwhile to retain a new audience by offering what larger institutions prefer to hide from you.

In case you are curious to know which is the boosted fixed income opportunity that received BRL 5.6 million in contributions from people who want to multiply their equity by 106% in the next 5 years, know that it is a CDB of Banco Master prefixed to 15.90% per year, with a rate of return of 15.39%.

By joining the group, you will receive similar opportunities like this every day. So don’t worry because even better days are ahead.

Gabriel Mallet’s team, responsible for Vitreo’s fixed income, made a simulation with an investment of R$ 10 thousand. He and his team usually do these analyzes so you can know with transparency how much you will withdraw at the end of the term. Check out:

By joining Gabriel Mallet’s free WhatsApp group, you will often find short-term securities from safe institutions, with protection from the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC) and with affordable minimum contributions.