Oil promoted to League 1. Nae Constantin’s statements

Petrolul managed to be promoted to Liga 1 with a stage before the end of the Liga 2 season, 2021-2022 edition, after the success on its own field with Concordia Chiajna, score 2-0.

The team from Ploiești managed with Nicolae Constantin coach what few believed at the beginning of the championship, especially in the financial context in which the club had passed, after the withdrawal of the financing partner first only as a sponsor and then definitively.

Nae Constantin, at the first promotion as a coach: “I didn’t have high hopes either, knowing that the funding was lost”

At the end of a season in which he did not lose any home game, in 15 matches (11 wins and four draws), but also with a good run in the 13 away games so far (8 wins, one draw and 4 defeats ), Nicolae Constantin will remain in the history of the club and as one of the coaches who performed for Petrolul.

“It’s hard for me to find the words, I don’t know how to describe everything that happened this season. It was something unforgettable. A season started in special conditions, ended in special conditions. There’s this great joy, see what’s out there (no – spectators jumped on the field to rejoice with the team)the world is happy, and that’s the most important thing.

(no – what feelings does he have personally) Honestly, at first I didn’t have high hopes, knowing that the funding was lost. I’m not talking about the world anymore. Many people were reluctant. But it doesn’t matter now.

(no – if there were times when he felt the ground slipping from under his feet, seeing that the team no longer plays the same as in the regular season) There were a few moments, but I don’t want to go into details. We had our problems, I knew them, I expected them to fall a little. It’s normal to be like that. “said Nae Constantin at the microphone of DigiSport, a few minutes after the end of the match with Concordia.

“It’s not as important for me as it is for Petrolul, for the city of Ploiești”

Nae Constantin has been the head coach until now, for short periods, at ACSO Filiași, in League 3, and at Comuna Recea Football, in League 2. The former football player launched by Petrolul and who also performed at Rapid, remains modest after this promotion obtained with the Ploiești team and says that this performance achieved now matters more for the club.

“This promotion is important for me, in my short career as head coach. It is not as important for me as it is for Petrolul, for the city of Ploiești.

In addition to the past seasons, it was the family that we managed to form in the locker room. That made us get where we are, that made us strong even in the hard times, because we had a lot of hard times throughout the year. ”said Nae Constantin, who is now waiting for the club’s bosses to do their job, after the technical staff and the players promoted the team: “We, the athletes, did our job. We also expect to receive the necessary support from the offices. “

  • Oil in the 2-0 victory over Concordia Chiajna: R. Avram – Sg. Pîrvulescu, Meijers, Huja, Țicu (capt.) (V. Lică 87 ′) – Cebotaru, Seto (M. Chindriș 46 ′) – M. Bratu (Mih. Constantinescu 76 ′), Cioiu (Tucaliuc 60 ′), Măzărache ( Pashov 76 ′) – Jarovic. Unused reserves: Moroz – Boțogan, Velisar, Dr. Gheorghe.

Nae Constantin, with a smile on his face, as he was rarely seen at Petrolul: “It’s the first time I’ve been promoted as head coach”

This season, coach Petrolul smiled a few times, even after the victory. After this promotion, Nae Constantin had a smile on her face, an aspect that was also told to her by the reporter who asked her questions in a flash interview.

“It’s the first time I’ve been promoted to head coach (burst out laughing). The promotion was quite far away, I finished it one step faster. We finished it where we should, at home, and probably everything happens for a certain reason in life and probably that’s why we stumbled when we stumbled, to celebrate at home, “Ilie Oana”. The matches were balanced. Now all we have to do is rejoice, we have a few days of joy. For me and for the management, there will be days of work after that “Nicolae Constantin also said.

His interview was interrupted by the players, who assaulted him for a new joy in the group, this time in front of the camera that was broadcasting live.

Oil, back in League 1 after six years

Petrolul won 2-0 the match with Concordia Chiajna, from the 9th round of the League 2 play-off, the penultimate of the season. The two goals scored by the young Mario Bratu, in the 38th and 48th minutes, decided the game on “Ilie Oana”

Petrolul has accumulated 62 points and is currently five points behind FC Hermannstadt and the University of Cluj, who will have a direct match tomorrow. The 1st place and the title of champion of League 2 is not guaranteed, in the last round they will meet Unirea Slobozia away.

Oil returns to League 1 six years after the demotion of the old association, which also went bankrupt in 2016. The new Petrolul took it from scratch, from the 4th League, and on the fourth try it managed to be promoted in the Romanian football elite.

Photo: Alex Nicodim and George Filip (Mediafax Photo) and Răzvan Păsărică (Sport Pictures)