OnePlus 10 Pro cameras are poorly rated, placing it behind the Mi 10 Pro


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It’s time to lose faith in them and switch to Vivo / Honor


sweggitity, 2 hours agoUpdates must be done when master replay is not downloaded, it was returned from OP9P! … extraAs far as I can remember, OnePlus has always had worse cameras than the competition. As I always know dxomark is always corrupt.


fastanddubious, 3 hours agoHave you heard of Pixel 6 pro before? Yes, I like it and I like it but it is not officially available where I am. I mean the result is not bad, definitely not at the top level. The main sensor grade works fine. Personally, I wouldn’t choose the mobile as you can get last year’s flagship models at very low prices. So far this year there hasn’t been much improvement in the newer models like Oneplus, Oppo and Xiaomi.


Gray Wolf, 2 hours agoNot necessarily a bad phone, it’s a lot more expensive than it offers. Not right…extraFlagship Redo Updates MUST NOT CONTAIN DOWNLOADS, IT BACKED FROM OP9P!
Poor UW Camera
Not all classes have an IP rating
No macro mode
There is no MEMC
No laser AF
No type C for type C cable
Poor build quality for curvature
There is no third microphone in the Indian and Chinese variants
Non-standard software and instability.

This is a very poor purchase, at this price.


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Things are not going well for the Oneplus and the upcoming $1,500 10 Ultra…


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oneplus is no longer worth buying. It is not worth cutting corners unless the price of the phone is a maximum of 400-500. At current prices, it would be stupid not to go to Fox Xiaomi or Samsung instead.


Nobody 3 hours agoDamn, OP 10 Pro is really comedy this yearNot necessarily a bad phone, it’s a lot more expensive than it offers. No update actually from OnePlus 9 Pro (it’s not a super phone to boot, especially after Android 12 update).
Also, if this is the “Cream de la Cream” phone of the year, I don’t want to know how their middleware will work.

At this point, I think OnePlus has two options:
1. The first is that they get up and start doing the good things they did in the past.
2. Or get lost in the main area and fully enter the Oppo. At this point they will essentially disappear as a brand.


Damn, OP 10 Pro is really comedy this year


Ireland, 6 p.m.In fact, this score is relatively good for OnePlus because it uses the same key sentiment… additionalHave you heard of Pixel 6 pro before?


Joel 1439, 6 hours agoBecause after the OnePlus 8 pro, every phone released by OnePlus is completely disappointing.strongly admit


We paid an extra $150 for the OnePlus 9 Pro with the Selfie Cam upgrade and an extra 500mAh battery.
laughing loudly


JustSomeRandomGuy, 10 hours agoTrusting DxOMark for camera quality is like trusting specs to select a phone ‘…extraWhile you may be fairly accurate, the definitions are important to give you a rough idea of ​​how a particular phone will perform. I mean, if your phone was in your fifties, I doubt day-to-day performance would put it first. laughing loudly.


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They don’t like setting nuts. Corresponds to the findings of DxoMark GSMARENA. Hasselblatt is not very good at setting smartphone cameras.


notafanboy 12 hours agoLots of people care. Why are you upset?Because after the OnePlus 8 pro, every phone released by OnePlus is completely disappointing.


In fact, using the same main sensor and zoom lens as the OnePlus 9 Pro, this score is relatively good, but it has a much weaker UV sensor. So they did a better job of slightly improving the result than the 9 Pro. They’ve never tried to challenge the higher scores with the 8MP Zoom Lens and JN1 Ultravide Camera. The device is not compatible with the best phones


Michi, 10 hours ago… additionalLeica certified lenses. It is made by a Chinese company such as Sunny Optical. Leica offers a rubber stamp of approval. Laika has many years of mobile image processing experience with Huawei, and they have learned from Huawei as much as Huawei has learned from them, so at least they can provide some useful input for Xiaomi from their previous experience.


Anonymous, 7 hours agoA notch higher even than the new iPhone. HahahaLying. It’s 10 points behind the 13 Pro/Pro Max.


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A notch higher even than the new iPhone.


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Michi, 10 hours ago… additionalObviously, Xiaomi will say it’s Leica.
Have you ever seen Huawei say lenses are not like Leica? no. The information came from Leica.