OPPO launches the region’s flagship Find X5 series of phones

Through its close cooperation with Sony to develop the IMX709 sensor in the front camera of the Find X5 Pro, OPPO has successfully integrated the advanced MariSilicon X image processing chip into the imaging system to ensure unparalleled quality in taking selfies, enhancing image clarity and color accuracy. Even in low light conditions. And when taking selfies with friends, the front camera automatically switches the wide shooting angle from 80 degrees to 90 degrees to ensure everyone is in the picture.

The photography features of the OPPO Find X5 Pro also include the Hasselblad Natural Color Calibration feature when the professional shooting mode is on, as well as a wide range of creative imaging filters, which contribute to providing stunning natural colors and enhancing the capabilities of professional photography and color gradations in the smartphone.

Futuristic design combines elegant looks with smooth texture
The Find X5 Pro phone presents an innovative design with unmatchable futuristic touches that embody its elegant character and ergonomic shape.

The Find X5 Pro back case is made of ultra-hard ceramic and is available in Ceramic White and Glossy Black, reflecting its pure look and modern design. This smooth ceramic body is twice as strong as all types of conventional glass structures, as well as twice as high heat dissipation efficiency. The Find X5 Pro phone is also characterized by its high ability to resist water and dust according to the IP68 standard.

The Find X5 Pro phone is equipped with a 6.7-inch, 10-bit ultra-clear curved display with AMOLED technology, which forms an extension of the light curves and flowing lines from the smooth back structure towards the front face of the phone. The monitor is capable of supporting the full P3 color gamut, in addition to providing high resolution WQHD+ display, which allows it to display more than a billion colors, and provide a wide color gamut, in addition to its ability to display the full depth and color gamut to the most color gamuts. Accuracy.

The Find X5 Pro phone also improves the efficiency of the display on the screen through the feature of color calibration with different levels of illumination, a feature that allows for a consistent display of colors whether the user is looking at the screen under dim artificial light, or under bright sunlight.

Intense exposure to certain types of light can make the eyes feel drowsy or tired, so OPPO has equipped the Find X5 Pro with a dynamic screen dimming feature of 8192 level, in line with the speeds of changing the diameter of the human eye’s diameter in different lighting conditions. This enhances viewing comfort levels and provides one of the most advanced eye protection technologies in smartphones.

The most powerful smartphone series in OPPO history so far
The Find X5 Pro phone has the ability to cope with the toughest demands of running games and applications thanks to its first generation Snapdragon 8 processor. The phone is based on its work on the Qualcomm integrated processor with a 4 nm architecture, which is integrated with the leading GPU for 2022, to provide 30% better performance, and 25% more energy efficiency compared to previous generations, in addition to improving its capabilities related to artificial intelligence.

In addition to the industry-leading capabilities of the processor, OPPO has stepped up efforts to improve battery life and improve power management in the Find X5 Pro. The 5000mAh dual-cell battery reflects OPPO’s ability to increase battery capacity by more than 11% compared to the Find X3 Pro battery.

Find X5 Pro also offers a battery drive safety feature, which helps maintain an optimal battery life for a longer period of time, providing up to 1,600 charge cycles, nearly twice the life span of batteries in the sector.

The improved 80W SUPERVOOC technology enables the Find X5 Pro battery to be charged to 50% in just 12 minutes when it is almost empty, while the 50W AIRVOOC wireless ultra-fast charging technology enables the phone to fully wirelessly charge the phone in 47 minutes. one minute.

High levels of security and intelligence
OPPO’s ColorOS 12.1 user interface takes the aesthetics of personalized user experiences to a whole new level, optimally integrating with Google’s Android 12 operating system to provide amazing user experiences and class-leading privacy features, as well as providing full access to the Google Play Store and more 3 million apps available in it.

OPPO has improved the aesthetics of the ColorOS 12.1 user interface, which includes various user interface elements, as well as improving the interaction between lighting and shadows to give it a realistic and three-dimensional appearance. Maintaining user privacy and the security of user data, whether personal or business, has been the primary focus of the ColorOS user interface.

In its 12.1 version, the interface allows users to make optimal use of the amazing capabilities of the new Find X5 Pro phone. And when multitasking on a phone isn’t enough to get things done, the new multi-screen connection makes it easy to work on Windows PCs and phones.

The ColorOS user interface has always been characterized by a focus on privacy and data security, whether personal or business. These efforts have been recognized by many reputable overseas organizations including ISO, Trust Arch and ePrivacy. Find X5 Pro is also the first smartphone in the world to receive the latest version of the Basic Mobile Protection Standards (MDFPP) certification.

An overview of the OPPO Find X5
The OPPO Find X5 has a premium quality finish with an elegant matte glass body that is anti-fingerprint. The phone is available in black or white, while the 90% polished surface adds a beautiful shine to the body, and gives it a silk-like texture when held in the palm of the hand.

Find X5 also features the IMX766 dual sensor system for the MariSilicon X-powered camera, 4K Ultra Night photography, Hasselblad natural color calibration in Pro mode, Creative Basic Filters, and a 6.5-inch immersive display inch with a refresh rate of 120Hz that can display one billion colors, as well as support for 80W SUPERVOOC ultra-fast charging technology, 50W AIRVOOC wireless charging technology and many other features.

Availability in the market
Find X5 Pro phones will be available in major retailers from June 23, 2022 at a price of 3,999 AED, and Find X5 phones at 2,999 AED.

Customers who purchase Find X5 Pro phones before June 30, 2022 will get a free 50W OPPO AIRVOOC Wireless Charger, in addition to an OPPO smartwatch worth AED 898. While customers who purchase Find X5 phones before June 30, 2022, get free OPPO Inco Air wireless headphones, as well as an OPPO Band.

As for customers who buy Find X5 series phones in the UAE, OPPO offers them a distinct and exclusive package of services, which includes global warranty services, maintenance service at the cost of parts without calculating maintenance fees, in addition to access to the best maintenance services, free anti-virus services, and more. .

To celebrate the launch of the Find X5 series, OPPO invites its customers to participate in the hashtag #Live_EveryMoment for a chance to win one of the new flagship phones. To participate in this festive occasion, users are invited to capture and share the most touching and inspiring moments with OPPO by referring to the official page. [email protected] On Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.