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Currently, Colombian songs and performers of the urban genre are causing a stir around the world. Productions like ‘Mamii’, ‘Provenza’, ‘Medallo’, ‘Tendencia Global’, ‘Tusa’ and ‘Bichota’ are some of the most listened to hits on platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

Behind these productions is the mastermind of the producer and composer from Antioquia, Daniel Oviedo.who in dialogue with EL TIEMPO spoke of the great moment in his career and the jobs he has built over the years to make this union continue to grow more and more every day.

Originally from Medellín, Oviedo began his career as the personal DJ of singer Karol G, when she was just starting out in the world of music. Little by little, Ovy on the Drums -as he is called artistically- was showing his talent to the world, for which he is now recognized as one of the best composers of the urban genre in Latin America.

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In addition to his work with ‘Bichota’, The producer has established alliances with artists such as Blessd, Mike Towers, Anuel AA, Paulo Londra, Mau y Ricky, Béele, among others.

In addition, the man from Antioquia presented his career as a singer and his voice has sounded in well-known songs such as ‘Tendencia Global’, ‘Te Extraño’, ‘Inolvidable’, and many more hits.

In fact, recognized by the Billboard awards as the best Latin American composer and producer thanks to ‘Mamii’ and ‘Provenza’, the two most listened songs of Karol G of the moment.

If it’s about reaping successes, Oviedo recently signed a contract with the great producer Warner Music and released his new single ‘Borracha’, in collaboration with the interpreter Felix Klein. He is also nominated for the Tu Música Urbano 2022 awards.

With these announcements, the composer has made it clear that his musical career is just getting started.

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Contrasting the songs you composed when you started working in music and the ones you have recently produced, how has it been to adapt to the rhythms and trends of the genre?

Before working with someone I really like to know what they are like as a person.

One simply adapts to the vibe that is in the world and in the moment. When I worked on ‘Salgamos’ -with Kevin Roldán, Maluma and Andy Rivera-, any rhythm sounded good. I could do slow songs or fast songs and they still debuted a lot. Now, we come from a pandemic, from being locked up and people want to dance. That’s what I thought when I wrote ‘Provenza’: my viewers want a lively rhythm. I do what I feel and I think people will like it.

How is the experience of working with international artists?

Working with artists, whether national or international, will always be a blessing for me. I have collaborated with performers like Ed Sheran, Justin Timberlake, Nicky Minaj and, beyond the admiration I feel for them, it means growth for my career. The list is long and it is just beginning.

How has the experience of working with Blessd been?

I met him through a friend and associate of mine: Kristo. He told me that he had a lot of potential and gave me a rap of him that said: “Tusa already broke, the next hit of Blessd is with Ovy”. Then I invited him to my house and that’s how I met him. Before working with someone I really like to know what they are like as a person. The energy flowed very well, we had chemistry and we released our first single: ‘Medallo’.

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He is very talented and a great artist in the studio. We’re celebrating the hits we’ve had together, like ‘Global Trend’, which we’re on with Mike Towers. Also, ‘Medallo’ is the most important song of Blessd’s career so far and the fact that I am the producer of this hit fills me with pride.

What is your dream collaboration?

My dream is to do a song with Eminem or with Dr. Re, Kanye West or Pharrell Williams. They are my personal references and since I started in music I have been influenced by them.

How did your friendship with Karol G begin?

With Karol it was a very nice process. I started out as her personal DJ, we started doing shows at small events and in schools. Seeing how far we’ve come together, especially talking about her new album and her latest single which was ‘Provenza’, I can say that we’ve made a great team. From the first moment we had very good chemistry and we will continue working on new projects.

How was the work behind ‘Mamii’?

I wrote that song. Karol’s manager and mine began to manage to have a song with Becky G (performer of the urban genre) and it was at that moment that I began to create to have a good product. I put together a big team, we did several guitar melodies, I recorded the vocals and main references. When it was finished I showed it to Karol and she loved it; then I sent it to Becky and she loved it too. This is how the great collaboration that is now a hit was born.

How was the challenge of mixing two different genres, popular and urban, in the song of ‘200 copas’?

My dream is to do a song with Eminem or with Dr. Re, Kanye West or Pharrell Williams.

First, with my guitarist we created a base and when I showed it to Karol she liked it a lot, although the final product was completely different from what we had thought of at that time. Karol came up with the idea of ​​making a different ‘corrida’ song, and we called a Mexican producer who is an expert in the popular genre to guide us in the making of this single.

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In the production we also included other background sounds, such as applause and voices, which gave it a nice touch. I must confess that it was a very difficult task because we had to be very precise to make it sound real, as if it were live. Fortunately, we put out a very good product and it was a complete success.

What can you tell us about your new single ‘Borracha’?

This song was born in Madrid, Spain, from the hand of other composers. We made a great team and we wanted to give the first single to Felix (Klain), who is also a great friend of mine. He is starting his career as a singer and we managed to give him a good start. Thanks to the fact that it was a great success and that Félix has very good relations in Madrid, this song was the one with which the Real Madrid team celebrated in the Champions League final. I’m very happy and I hope they continue to give a lot of support to ‘Borracha’ because it’s a very special production and since it premiered, it came out with everything.

What invitation do you make to your followers regarding your solo career and your next hits?

Be very connected to my social networks, as I will be making some important announcements. Now that I have signed a contract with Warner Music, I am very happy and very motivated. There are going to be many surprises: big artists, new artists, a fusion of everything and very good music by Ovy On the Drums.


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