PagBank launches credit card with limit linked to investment

CEO of PagBank PagSeguro says that the card is “democratic and suitable for the reality of Brazilians”. See more information!

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PagBank PagSeguro launches this week its credit card linked to investment in CDBs. When investing from BRL 300 on any of the CDBs offered in our app, the customer receives a credit card offer with no annual fee with the same amount of the amount invested in the limit for their purchases, this limit being able to increase or decrease as the user to move their applications. The offer is valid for both current and new customers of the bank.

With this novelty, PagBank PagSeguro expands its product portfolio, since the limit is one of the main demands of the Brazilian consumer, in addition to attracting new types of clients, since now the PJ clients (legal entity) with two partners or more can also open their accounts on PagBank and get rid of abusive fees.

Advantages of investing in PagBank CDBs

When investing in PagBank CDBs, in addition to the credit card, the customer has a safe investment option, guaranteed by the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC), and with returns more than twice as high as savings. Practical for those who are starting to invest and with good profitability to separate the savings from the account balance, the CDB offers one of the best yields on the market, reaching up to 120% of the CDI.

“This is an excellent option to get a credit card with a limit that suits the client’s needs. The card can be acquired, even by negatives, therefore, it is a democratic card and suitable for the reality of Brazilians”, details the CEO of PagBank PagSeguro, Alexandre Magnani.

To access this benefit, the customer must download the PagBank super app and open a free account. Then, the client needs to fill out a questionnaire to identify his profile, and thus, he can choose the CDB suited to his investor profile and make the investment. After the success of the application, the offer will be made available for the customer to request the credit card.

For the customer who already has the card and starts making investments, an incentive to increase the credit limit on the card will be sent. For this credit limit on the card to increase, it will be necessary for the customer to go to the PagBank App, in the “Cartões” route, adjust the credit limit by climbing the ruler to the maximum approved amount and will have to accept the bond with the CDB.

Today, there are 3 types of PagBank CDBs, all of them eligible to be linked to the credit card limit. They are: CDB 110% of CDI, CDB 115% of CDI and CDB 120% of CDI. The maximum credit limit granted is R$100,000, in accordance with current policy.

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The offer or increase in the limit of the PagBank International Credit Card is also based on the amount you applied in CDBs, and is available to Individuals and Companies, including negative ones, who invest in any Pagbank CDB option, according to the available offer. at

The offer is subject to credit analysis (grant and maximum limit), and it may take up to 10 days after the application to be made available.

The CDBs may be used to guarantee the credit limit and other values ​​related to the card. The amounts invested (partial or total) may compose your limit. When the CDB expires or is redeemed, part of the application may be reserved as a guarantee for your card purchases. Unused amounts will be available in your PagBank account.

The CDB (Bank Deposit Certificate) is a low risk fixed income investment, issued by BancoSeguro SA, with FGC (Credit Guarantee Fund) guarantee up to R$ 250 thousand per CPF or CNPJ. Hiring only through the PagBank app (account opening subject to registration analysis by PagSeguro).

Pagbank will be able to anticipate the maturity of CDBs, with profitability from 105%, automatically making the corresponding amount available in its account with the accumulated profitability to date.

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