“There is a lack of focus and leadership, not at Petrobras, but at the Union”, say shareholders

Representative of Petrobras’ minority shareholders (PETR3;PETR4) and member of the company’s Board of Directors between 2020 and 2021, lawyer Leonardo Pietro Antonelli believes that the new change of president brings few solutions to the problem of fuel readjustment. According to him, the successive change of command in the company has proved to be ineffective, since … Read more

Finally, a Lebanese newspaper exposes the hidden and hidden reason behind the divorce of Sulaf Fawakherji and Wael Ramadan.. You will not believe what it revealed!

The Syrian star, Solaf Fawakherji, caused shock to the audience, after her separation from Wael Ramadan, especially since they were always seen as one of the most understanding and beloved couples in the artistic community where divorce cases abound. For the first time, the Syrian artist revealed the reasons for her divorce from … Read more

Poultry cannibalism: prevention and treatment

Cannibalism usually takes place when birds are stressed by poor handling. Once stressed, a bird will start pecking at another bird’s feathers, comb, toes, or cloaca and as soon as there is an open wound or blood visible on the bird, the vicious habit of cannibalism can spread. quickly through the entire herd. If the … Read more

Diana Ágamez Pajaro, Colombian-Venezuelan writer, wins poetry prize at the Turin Book Fair

The Colombian-Venezuelan writer, Diana Agámez Pajaro, received a literary award within the framework of the Turin Book Fair (Italy) PHOTO: Colprensa This week the 34th edition of the Turin Book Fair took place in Italy, whose edition was Cuori selvaggi –wild hearts- in which samples from all over the world were exhibited, including Colombia. In … Read more

Diesel shortage alert; New group receives 13th from INSS; Brazil Assistance for NIS 7; 1.3 billion in arrears to retirees

An authority linked to oil tankers said last Wednesday, 25th, that Brazilians could face a shortage of diesel oil starting next semester. The possibility had already been raised in a document signed by the former president of Petrobras, José Mauro Ferreira Coelho. Read more: Who is required to issue the new RG? Learn more about … Read more

Mit diesen Lebensmitteln bleibst du geistig fit und gesund

Alzheimer’s disease: 1.6 Million People in Deutschland lead an Demenz Lebensmittel können Risiko senken: Destination nahrstoffe sind wichtig für das Gehirn one sunde Ernährung Macht den Unterschied: Obst, Gemüse – aber auch ein Gläschen Rotwein In Deutschland, rund 1.6 Million People an Demenz, die meisten von ihnen aufgrund von Alzheimer† Die Prognosen sehen einen Trend … Read more