High interest rates and fear of recession bring down Ibovespa, which drops 2.86%; dollar rises 4%, biggest rise since March 2020

The Ibovespa closed down sharply this Friday (22), back from a holiday. The main index of the Brazilian stock market dropped 2.86%, to 111,077 points, the lowest since November 26, 2021 (when it fell 3.39%), following the American stock exchanges and still adjusting the losses recorded the day before, when B3 was closed. For the … Read more

Für wen lohnt sich der Thermomix von Vorwerk?

Von TECHBOOK † 22. April 2022, 10:19 PM Uhr Obwohl which Küchenmaschine des Herstellers Vorwerk stolze costs 1359 Euro, ist der Thermomix ein Verkaufsschlager. Damit spart man Zeit und Kosten beim Kochen – so argieren jedenfallsviele Käufer. TECHBOOK hat einmal nachgerechnet, when und für wen sich die Investition wirklich lohnt. Der Thermomix TM6 hat vale … Read more

Commercials between series and movies have seen the new reality on streaming services

The two titans in the streaming platform war – Netflix and Disney+ – have long resisted commercials, showing reluctance to have award-winning shows like “Stranger Things” or “The Mandalorian” aired amid commercials for detergent, soda and medication. . “No advertising on Netflix – period,” he said. Reed Hastings, one of the founders and CEO of … Read more

Russian writers, travelers, merchants and ambassadors wrote about Islam in their admiration | culture

The highlight of Pushkin’s Islamic-inspired creativity is the poem Reflections on the Qur’an (1824). The philosophy and moral aspects of the Qur’an were particularly interesting to Pushkin, who once said that “many moral principles are presented in the Qur’an in a very convincingly poetic style”. For a long time, both Arabic literature and Islamic literature … Read more

Vale (VALE3), Petrobras (PETR4) and CSN (CSNA3) are bearish highlights on a day of generalized decline in the market

Close to the day’s lows, the Ibovespa registered a drop of 3.04%, at 110,845 points, at 16:00 (Brasília time) on the return of the Tiradentes holiday, amid the monetary policy signals of the National Central Bank, but, mainly from the Federal Reserve, leading to a strong adjustment in the markets. The Federal Reserve is expected … Read more

Eklig oder lecker?: In diesem Gericht befindet sich eine Zutat, die Sie guarantort nicht erwartet hätten

Foodie and Insectenunternehmer: Essento Chef Christian Bärtsch Quelle: Mara Truog Christian Bärtsch hat das komplette Productportfolio auf dem Konferenztisch ausgebreitet. On the right, on the packaging with “Swiss Made”, on the left, on “Snack Me”. Bärtschs Firma produziert Burgerbratlinge und Proteinriegel auf Insektenbasis neben Snacks wie Heuschrecken mit Alpenkräutern, Mehlwürmer mit Salz und Pfeffer oder … Read more