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This Saturday, May 14, is celebrated Eurovision 2022 where Chanel will represent Spain from Turin, Italy in a gala full of music and glamour. Follow the live last hour of the final of Eurovision 2022the favorites to win, the position in which the representative of Spain will sing, chanelland all the anecdotes of the greatest European show.

Eurovision 2022, live

Chanel, third after the jury’s vote

All the countries have already distributed their jury points, leaving Chanel for the moment in third position with 231 points, with the United Kingdom in first position with 283 points and Sweden second with 258 points. The televoting votes will then be distributed.

Spain, third after half of the votes

They have already voted 20 of the 40 countries with the right to vote in Eurovision 2022, and Chanel is placed in third position with 121 points.

Spain, third after the first 8 votes

Chanel is in third position with 51 points after the votes of the first 8 countries. She leads the UK with 66 points.

Spain, 12 points

Chanel takes all 12 points from San Marino. Her first 12 points of the night.

First 5 points for Chanel

The Netherlands has awarded 5 points to Chanel’s performance at Eurovision 2022. First points from the hand of the first country to vote.

Voting lines close

The lines just closed and You can no longer vote to choose the winner in Eurovision 2022. The die is cast!. Scores will begin to be distributed shortly.

How to vote for Chanel in Eurovision 2022

If you are outside of Spain, you can vote for Chanel in Eurovision 2022 as follows in each country…

Voting lines open

Once the performances of the 25 countries have finished, the lines are open to vote for your favorite performance. In Spain you can vote for any country, with the exception of ours, so you will not be able to vote for Chanel. Here we explain how to vote in Eurovision 2022.

Estonia, the last performance

Stefan, the Estonian representative, closes the performances of Eurovision 2022 with his ‘Hope’a ballad that you could well hear in any western.

The power of Sam Ryder

The representative of the United Kingdom, Sam Ryder, has raised the public from their seats with the most powerful ballad of the night at Eurovision 2022‘Space Man’.

Australia impresses with its performance

Great performance from the Australian representative, Sheldon Riley, with his ‘Not the same’, which has filled the venue with magic and has brought the entire public to their feet. An emotionally charged performance.

Moldova, pure fun

With the Moldovans Zdob si Zdub and Fratii Advahov has arrived one of the funniest moments of the night at Eurovision 2022, a performance full of good vibes, joy and happiness. A proposal that is among the favorites for what it transmits and the original and fun aesthetics of its members.

Greece, a ballad that moves

Amanda Tenfjord, the Greek representative at Eurovision 2022, has given a hypnotic and exciting performance of her ballad ‘Die Together’.

Azerbaijan looks for its second triumph

Captivating performance by Nadir Rustamli, the representative of Azerbaijan, with his song ‘Fade to black’. This country is looking for its second after having won in 2011 with ‘Running scared’, by Ell and Nikki.

Ukraine unleashes passions in Turin

The Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra, Big favorites to win Eurovision 2022enjoyed their performance and made the audience enjoy themselves, standing up to dance with their ‘Stefania’.

Chanel performance at Eurovision 2022

The AChanel performance at Eurovision 2022 It has been a real Chanelazo that has captivated the public present at the Turin venue and on social networks, where it is reaping very good reviews.

Chanel blows up the stage

He came out, acted and blew it. Chanel Terrero has been the performance of Eurovision 2022 that has received the most ovation and applause in the Turin venue of the 10 seen so far. Will the Spanish representative manage to be in the first places?

Chanel prepares to go on stage

The Spanish representative is already backstage preparing with her team to go on stage and achieve that “chanelazo” that all of Spain is looking forward to seeing. Ahead and only the performance of Italy, the host.

Norway, the original performance of the night

The most original representatives of the night are those from Norway, the mysterious Subwoolfer and his hilarious ‘Give That Wolfe a Banana’. Will we see them without masks at the end of the night to discover their identity?

France “burns” the stage

With several bonfires and its traditional Celtic rhythms, Alvan & Ahez have taken the stage with their song ‘Fulenn’ on behalf of France. The band, which is reminiscent of the Galician Tanxugueiras for having a similar proposal, is performed in Breton, the native regional language of its performers.

The Rasmus triumphs with his performance

The famous band The Rasmus has made its performance representing Finland and He has made the entire venue dance to the rhythm of rock with his ‘Jezebel’.

hello my baby

WRS, the representative of Romania, has brought the entire venue to its feet with its catchy chorus in Spanish… Hello my baby, call me call me.

Czech Republic kicks off Eurovision 2022

The representatives of the Czech Republic, with their alternative electropop in the hands of We Are Domi and their song ‘Lights Off’ The first applause starts from a venue filled to the brim and eager to party.

Eurovision 2022 kicks off

The Eurovision 2022 gala finally starts with the interpretation of the song ‘Give peace a chance’, almost a solidarity anthem in recent times since the invasion in Ukraine. In addition, Laura Pausini, one of the contest’s presenters, takes the stage interpreting a medley of her greatest hits and unleashes the madness of the entire public present at the Pala Alpitour in Turin.

How were the last Spaniards in Eurovision?

The nerves on the surface with 10 minutes left to start Eurovision 2022 and look for the Chanelazo with Chanel’s performance in 10th place. In recent years we have been represented in the musical contest by artists such as Blaise sang (24th place in 2021), Miki Nunez (22nd place in 2019), Amaya and Alfred (23rd place in 2018), Manuel Navarro (latest in 2017) or barei (22nd place in 2016). Expectations this year are high as Chanel is among the favorites for the top positions.

Ukraine favorite to win Eurovision 2022

A little less than half an hour to start the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, Ukraine continues to sweep the betting to become this year’s winner. The Ukrainians, represented by the Kalush Orchestra, will perform the song Stefania.

What song does Chanel sing at Eurovision 2022?

Chanel will sing at Eurovision 2022 ‘SloMo’, which is actually short for ‘Slow-motion’. This action is what the chorus of the song is based on.

Who are the presenters of Eurovision

The three star presenters of this edition of Eurovision are Laura Pausini, Mika and Alessandro Cattelan. All three have done an outstanding job in both semi-finals that were held this week.

What position does Chanel act in?

chanell will perform at the Eurovision final in tenth positionso he will sing about the 9:30 p.m. or 9:45 p.m.

Chanel has been preparing all week in constant rehearsals to make it one of the biggest shows representing Spain.

Where and what time is Eurovision

The final of Eurovision 2022 with chanel starts at 9:00 p.m. in the peninsula, one hour less if you are in the Canary Islands. Eurovision can be followed live on television in La 1 and, through the website of OKDAILY.

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