Persona Romantics can fall in love again in the new JRPG Eternights

Screenshot of two Eternights characters holding hands while watching the sunset in a cityscape.

screenshot: Sai Studio / Kotaku

I showed game programming yesterday evening PlayStation game status W was evident to players of all backgrounds, whether VR vampire mothers loversAnd the Roller derby fanaticswhere The fighters who finally crossed the street into the open world. However, the journey of one of the games that joined the list of PlayStation stack game ads was as racy as its goofy premise. This game is going on Eternal Nights.

Eternal NightsDeveloped by Studio Sai, it is a hack and slash JRPG set in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious infection has turned humans into raging monsters. As you can see in her trailer, Eternal Nights Filled with all the things that make a great JRPG: you have awesome heroes with magical powers, dungeons full of traps and puzzles, and loyal party members, you can hold down the R2 button to keep your hand while watching the sunset – wait (checks the Steam page) Oh, Eternal Nights He is also a dating sim. Ali right.

Yes that’s right. I love the bay bay. next to Eternal Nights animated JRPG action, you will also fight for those you love in downtime, plan dates and get closer to Boys and girls at the end of the world. After all, you have two hands that can apparently grow from slicing; Why don’t we use them to fight for a cure for humanity while Hand in hand with one of the five cute survivors in your group?

Besides some artwork of mildly spicy visual novels during romantic scenes, Eternal Nights It also contains 2D animated scenes that change depending on the girl or guy you’re dating. But time is running out. You can use it by deepening your relationship with your buddies while unlocking new skills (just like in real life), scouring the Earth for vital supplies, or just saying “I miss myself with this BS” and Leeroy Jenkins-ing yourself at the start dungeon you see . All alone.

If you think a JRPG that doubles as a dating chip looks terribly like business Character series, you’d be right. In fact, after playing 5 . charactersAnd the 4 gold characterAnd the Persona 3 FESAnd the Eternal Nights The developer quit his job as a technical artist at Apple to continue innovating his game.

Growing up playing games Final Fantasy VII, FFVIII, and FFX, Studio Sia founder Jae Hyun Yoo told Kotaku that the time spent building deep romantic connections with a small group of characters while dealing with the real-world time management of a calendar resonated with them the most.

“Creating those experiences [in Eternights] It was [my] Yu said.

Screenshot from the trailer for the movie Eternights showing its hero landing a powerful punch against a giant monster.

Eternal Nights The trailer featured fast-paced action as well as basic strength-based combat.
screenshot: Sai Studio / Kotaku

Yo has a great resume. Prior to Apple, he worked as an engineer at Thatgamecompany and an FX animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios. To give you an idea of ​​Yu’s cut, he altered Elsa’s dress in frozen magic gate in Big Hero 6and the divided destruction of Sugarland in Wreck Ralph.

The first video the internet has ever seen Eternal Nights there was 2019 r / Unity3D subreddit post by yo. in time, Eternal Nights It went under the name Kafka Project and was described as Character Meets Satan can cry. Jae released the game with a calendar system, time management, and relationship-based gameplay with its RPGs replaced by hacking and slashing.

In addition to answering questions about building 3D models and sharing inspiring videos of Character Series director Katsura HashinoJay posted a series of updates on Eternal Nights. These updates include CharacterInspirational Personal Introduction TrailersThe first trailer for animation torrent My hero academyinspirational punchAnd the battle pictures.

“I remember my mother was worried [Eternights]”I think she was a little relaxed yesterday,” Yu said.

Nothing is more vital than becoming your own after finding inspiration from the greats who have gone before you. In addition to introducing your first game along with characters like Final Fantasy XVI And the resident 4 new edition very nutty.

Jay said in PlayStation Blog Post. “As a storyteller, I’ve always wanted to mix a love story with action packed. I wanted players to have a strong personal reason to push them forward in battles and feel like they were fighting for more than just their survival – they were fighting for the ones they love.

Eternal Nights About to carry the torch Character Like the in-game Prometheus who brings firefighting and romantic party members to the crowd. I can’t wait to hold my hand–and I dare say a kiss, Ivos and Marius–oh and also save the world when Eternal Nights versions.

everlasting It’s due out in early 2023 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Updated: 06/03/22, 5:30 PM ET: This post has been updated to include developer responses.