Peugeot Partner Rapid: impressions when driving

The Peugeot Partner Rapid has arrived to be a new light commercial option for the French brand, which already has an interesting range of vehicles focused on working in the domestic market.

Extending the synergy in the Stellantis group, Partner Rapid could even have been born before the group that now created it, given the close relationship between Fiat and Peugeot Citroën for decades, including in the country.

This partnership was precisely in light commercials and now they can materialize in more products from the former groups under the command of Stellantis.

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Versatile, economical and cost-effective, the Partner Rapid follows the Fiat Fiorino route, but at a lower price and after-sales with more guarantees for the entrepreneur.

Focusing on after-sales due to the image it created in Brazil, Peugeot comes with the same proposal as cars, however, adapted for fleet owners.

Overhauls, for example, cost R$ 6,786 over 10 years or 100,000 km, but the brand offers packages of up to five years of maintenance.

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In this case, 3 scheduled revisions cost R$1,642, while 5 cost R$2,832.

With 3 revisions, plus replacement of brake pads, wiper blades and alignment/balancing, the price is R$ 2,625, but with 5 and the aforementioned items, more brake discs and oxysanitization, the package costs R$ 4,778.

Partner Rapid also has Peugeot’s Total Care Pro Commitments for commercials, including towing and spare car even out of warranty, in addition to delay in car delivery generating free review for the customer.

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To get started in the market, Partner Rapid has financing plans with 0% or 20% down payment, with monthly installments of up to 60 or 48 months, with a balloon installment of 30% in the last.

With minor differences from Fiorino, such as a trunk with a rubber floor and mirrors with direction repeaters, the Peugeot van is very simple in the Business version and more equipped in the Business Pack.

With a Fire 1.4 8V engine, already well known in the market, the Peugeot Partner Rapid has a reliable mechanical base and robust structure, with rear suspension with spring beams and a 3.3 m³ trunk, plus 650 kg of load capacity.

Peugeot Partner Rapid – Visual impressions

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The Peugeot Partner Rapid is easily confused with the Fiat Fiorino for being the same vehicle, having the false grille (without opening) with the old lion logo, although the brand already sports the new identification in its actions in the country.

The black bumper in contrast to the white of the body draws attention, and it also has fog lights. Peugeot has added hubcaps to the 14-inch steel wheels, while the Uno’s mirrors feature steering repeaters.

On the sides, the base protectors bear the name Rapid, which indicates this derivative of Fiorino, since the Partner on the outside is quite different, being a multivan.

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At the rear, the huge vertical lanterns stand out, as well as the double door opening up to 180 degrees, which can be done with just one hand.

The trunk has good space for loads and the rubber floor also helps to preserve the vehicle. With four lashing hooks, the load compartment has additional space above the cabin.

Speaking of this, it has doors with space for card machines, in addition to one-touch electric windows in the Business Pack version, which also has central electric locking.

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Manual mirrors are presented, as are two seat patterns. In the case of reclining the backrests, they could have the triggers at the ends of the car, facilitating the operation.

The spare tire is located behind the passenger seat, while the dashboard has storage compartments on the right side, as well as an illuminated glove compartment.

The cluster is simple and has a readable on-board computer display. It even lacks an audio system and a cell phone support, which would greatly help the driver in his service.

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The 12V supply is in it, as well as an option of air conditioning and power steering with adjustable column.

The Fiat Uno steering wheel with Peugeot logo is strange, but at least the environment is not, with the driver easily recognizing the classic Brazilian van.

Peugeot Partner Rapid – Impressions when driving

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The Peugeot Partner Rapid is essentially a Fiat Fiorino and behaves like one. The driving position well accommodates any physical size and stature, with commands at hand.

With a good glazed area and adequate mirrors, it does not encapsulate driver and passenger, thus reducing traffic stress.

The Fire 1.4 8V engine has 85 horsepower on gasoline and 86 horsepower on ethanol, with torques of 11.8 kgfm in the first and 12.2 kgfm in the second.

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The booster gives Partner Rapid agility in traffic, but with an empty chest. Only full in an evaluation, but the car proved to be good in the urban proposal, with good mood.

Having a five-speed manual transmission with “10 years of break-in”, the Partner Rapid has very smooth and smooth engagements, very different from the brand’s cars.

The clutch is also soft, but high, bothering at first. The power steering is not exactly light in manoeuvres, but when driving it responds well.

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With a suspension made to withstand our reality, the Peugeot Partner Rapid withstands potholes and asphalt defects well, at least on the short circuit made by the brand in the city of São Paulo.

Still, noises from the rear doors were checked, but nothing unusual in a van.

With good torque at low rpm, the Partner Rapid ensures a smooth ride, without requiring many gear changes.

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Having adequate brakes for the proposal and still with traction and stability controls, in addition to a ramp assistant to help, the Peugeot van packs well in traffic.

The noise level is also good, at least in the city, thus reducing driver stress in the long working day.

In short, it serves well as Fiat Fiorino does and promises good sales for its proposal.

Peugeot Partner Rapid – Photo gallery

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