Pit bull dog ripped puppy’s ear off in Florida

video capture

The images of the moment were captured last weekend at the Yard House restaurant in Boca Raton.

An unfortunate moment occurred to two families and the guests of a restaurant, during the weekend of June 10, while they were conversing in a restaurant located in Boca Raton, Florida.

The events occurred in the restaurant of the Yard House chain, owned by Darden Restaurants, which according to the Tripadvisor portal, is a place called pet-friendlywhich means that people can go to taste the delicious food in the company of their pets.

At the Boca Raton Yard House at 201 Plaza Real, a family attended with an 87-pound pit bull named Don, which are known as dangerous animals. At that time, as seen in the images shared on social networks, the pitbull brutally attacked a puppy who was with his owners in the same place.

The video of less than a minute, allegedly recorded by the diners, who lived through the terrible moment, shows how the pitbull dog approached the table of the little puppy, a Toy Poodle named Elvis, when he grabbed him with his mouth, bit him and starts dragging it from side to side.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” yelled several onlookers, as the pit bull shook the little poodle like a rag doll.

Before the cries of despair of the owners of the small dog, several men and women, among them workers and diners of the place, tried to remove the puppy from the snout, who in the video, can be heard screaming, before the size and strength of the dog pitbull Don , who did not let go of his victim, despite the fact that people grabbed him and even hit him, in order to make him leave the puppy. The pit bull’s owner, identified as Robert Garcia, is seen in the video grappling with a pet.

“Robert lost control of his dog and immediately ran into the Toy Poodle, who was sitting in a mobile dog cart,” the Bocan Raton Police Department said in a statement. “He watched the dogs fight for about 20 seconds and was finally able to separate the dogs. He immediately put his dog on a leash and secured it in his vehicle, ”reported the VLADTV portal.

After seconds of struggle, García, owner of the pitbull, grabs it with his body, and opens its snout to release the little dog, which is rubbed to its owner. While the man holding the dog, he does not let go, due to the aggressive behavior of the animal.

“It must be sacrificed!”, one of the people who was in the place and witnessed the terrible scene is heard saying.

You can see the video of what happened, posted on an Instagram account called PPV_Tahoe. Please note, the video can be disturbing.

The PPV_Tahoe account wrote:

Pitbull grabs small dog from its stroller during vicious attack at Yard House restaurant


*News and information ONLY

Boca Raton, Florida.— (@ppv_tahoe) Cell phone video filmed at the Yard House restaurant located at 201 Plaza Real, shows a Pitbull attacking a small dog.

According to the witness who took the video, the small dog was in his stroller when the large dog walked up to his table and snatched it up.

The little dog was injured and his ear was ripped off.

“I was at lunch and out of nowhere this Pitbull comes and grabs this poor little dog out of his stroller and attacks him. He just had to watch the poor owners pick their pets’ ears off the ground. I’m traumatized.”

“I was at lunch and out of nowhere this pit bull comes and grabs this poor little dog out of his stroller and attacks him. He just had to watch the poor owners pick their pets’ ears off the ground. I am traumatized, ”said a witness who recorded with his cell phone.

As for Elvis, the little dog suffered injuries and even, according to the Daily Mail, the pit bull tore off one of his ears. Similarly, it is unknown if the pit bull was on the leash at the time of the incident and what exactly happened to him afterwards.

Finally, the authorities were present at the scene, who were in charge of communicating what happened to the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control, an organization that handed over the chaos to the Miami-Dade County Animal Control, since García and his dog live in Hialeah.

The Boca News Now portal assured that pit bulls are prohibited in Miami-Dade County, which means that the animal could be euthanized.

In social networks people reacted

The video shared on social networks, Internet users exploded against these types of places, since they have no control over whether a pet is aggressive or not.

One person wrote: “I have noticed that many more people get too lazy with pet training or care or just buy dogs and keep them in a backyard 90% of the time.”

Another user commented: “People go too far taking their dogs to restaurants and stores. Leave your animals at home.

Finally a third person said: “Pit bulls are known to attack other dogs much more frequently than humans… Why are people still surprised by this?”

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