Poli lives on public money, which he cannot use to pay off his debts

The leaders of the Iași Polytechnic are trying during this period to put together a competitive team for the new season of League 2, ready to fight for promotion, and the main concern is to complete the group.

An equally big challenge, however, is keeping older debts under control. Located on the edge of the abyss after the relegation from League 1, the club from Copou was close to being disbanded last summer, but, in the end, it was decided to continue in the second echelon, despite the debts of over one million euros.

Debts of almost one million euros for Poli Iași

Even if part of the amount has been paid, the debts still persist and, according to the leaders from Copou, the club is still “strangling”. The main problem comes from the fact that the debts, still amounting to almost one million euros, cannot be paid with the public money that the club receives from the municipality. But only with own funds. And as donations to the state are a priority, to avoid bankruptcy, there are still old debts to players and coaches. Some show understanding, such as Frăsinescu or Breeveld, others do not.

The executive manager of the club, Florin Briaur, explains why Poli Iași cannot pay the debts with the money from the municipality.

“These debts cannot be paid from the money received from the mayor’s office. No leu is settled by the mayor’s office, which settles only the current activity. For this reason we have problems giving the last salaries to some players. Everything that means debts to the state budget, VAT, former players, coaches, must be paid from their own income. And it’s not easy at all, given that, unlike the seasons when the team was in League 1, we now receive only a small amount of TV rights. For example, this year, from January until now, we have paid over 700,000 lei to the state budget, ie almost 150,000 euros. Of this amount, I gave 375,000 lei to VAT, which has not been paid for about three years, although money from TV rights was collected every year. They forgot to pay, now we have to do it “said, for Liga2.roexecutive manager Florin Briaur.

“The club will have to produce 600,000 euros to be able to resist”

Initially, when the budget was drawn up, Copou officials undertook to produce about 400,000 euros of their own funds, but the amount will have to be increased.

“It is very difficult when you have these payment amounts, without money from the rights. We have nowhere to go. We are strangled. The mayor’s office could give any amount, we cannot pay the latter debts with money from the municipality, but only with our own funds, from private sources. We could give this money to former players and settle older disputes, but we were forced to give it to the state. The club will have to produce 600,000 euros in order to survive. If we do not produce this money from private funds, it will be very difficult. But we have the support of Cornel Șfaițer and I want to say that without this man the club was in a more difficult situation “completed Briaur.

Florin Briaur: “There is no risk of not getting a license”

Despite the debts, the official from Copou says that the situation is under control at the Iași Polytechnic and gives assurances that there is no risk regarding obtaining the certification for League 2.

“Even though we still have large debts, the situation is under control and I want to make sure that there is no risk at the moment. We are in a stable situation. We are not financially rosy, even if we have 2 million euros from the mayor’s office, but there is no risk from a financial point of view, we will get the license for the 2nd League without any problems (no – license is in League 1, in League 2 the process is called certification)transmitted Florin Briaur.

Arrows to some older players, who still have money to receive from the club: “Some understood the situation and stepped on us, others stepped on the pedal to the maximum”

Poli Iasi still has debts to former players and coaches. Some of them, such as Nicandro Breeveld, understood the situation and accepted that the group from Copou pay when they have money, even in installments. In other cases, however, the club was reported to the commissions.

“There are still debts to former players or coaches. With some, like Passaglia, I closed. At Frăsinescu we still have some rents, we still have to give Andrei Cristea 9,000 euros from the old coach contract. I said we would pay the debts and we would. We didn’t want to fool some people who worked at this club. Although maybe some of them did not deserve to receive the money they received. I will not give names. If we had closed that company and started from scratch, from the 4th League, it would have meant fooling some people, not taking their salaries. And maybe God would have beaten us someday. I couldn’t fool everyone. Although I often think that some people who have not shown understanding would have deserved this. It would have been embarrassing for Iași to have a team in the 4th League, but we are moving on. Too many things have happened lately that have actually disgusted me. “said the Polytechnic official, who thanked Nicandro Breeveld for his understanding: “For example, Nicandro Breeveld still has some very old premiums and rents to take. I gave him 20,000 lei, we still have about 30,000 lei. But the boy was kind and waiting for us. And I really want to thank him for his understanding. He told us we could give him a little when we had it. Unlike others, who stepped on the pedal to the maximum and gave us to the commissions. From an administrative point of view, we did everything we could to save the club from decline. But I didn’t think I would meet people who behaved so badly. Now, after a year of being on the club’s executive board, I have to admit that it was better to start from scratch. I didn’t think the club’s situation was that bad. “

Poli Iasi hopes to have a budget of 2.6 million euros, of which 2 million is public money

For next season, Poli Iași has drawn up a budget of approximately 2.6 million euros. Of this amount, 2 million euros will come from the municipality, public money, and 600,000 euros are money that the club wants to produce from private sources. And they will all go to pay off old debts, if they manage to attract such a small amount.