Poli Timișoara – FC Braşov, the round match of the maintenance dam

The League 2 play-out ended last weekend, but two teams that participated in this phase of the championship have not finished the season yet. Because they ranked 5th in the group they were part of, Politehnica Timișoara and FC Brașov will play the maintenance dam in League 2, thus avoiding being the fifth relegated in League 3 at the end of this second echelon edition.

The match between Poli Timișoara and FC Brașov takes place today, from 14:00, on the Știința arena in Timișoara. The return will take place in a week, at the Tineretului stadium in Brașov.

  • Most likely, this dam will be played in vain, because in the new season of League 2 there will be at least one vacancy following the relegation from League 1 of the Gaz Metan Mediaș team and its dissolution. The relegation in League 3 between Poli Timișoara and FC Brașov will occupy that vacancy. And the situation of the other relegated in the first league, Academica Clinceni, is uncertain.



Doru Andrei 6 ′ / Alexandru Negrean 53 ′, Bogdan Piper 67 ′

Poli Timisoara: Păduraru – D. Radu, Mera (captain), Bocșan, Oanea (Pamfile 25 ′) – R. Lazăr (Gerbi 46 ′), Ignea – D. Andrei (Vukoje 78 ′), Bîrnoi, Iamandache (Bakoș 65 ′) – Oct. Bear
Reserves: Devenish-Meares – Plumbuitu, Huminic, Rogosic, Murariu
Coach: Nicolae Croitoru

FC Brașov: Laurels. Popescu – Drăgoi, Gherghe, Fustar, M. Burlacu, Dumbravă (captain) – Negrean (Lascu 66 ′), Piper, Vas. Constantin – Angelov (Bg. Roșu 85 ′), Lambrinoc (Rz. Iorga 66 ′)
Reserves: Mutu – H. Popa, Leonte, El Azzouzi, Toderașcu, Vl. MIHALCA
Coach: Călin Moldovan

Stadium: Știința (Timișoara – Timiș). Referee: George Cătălin Găman (Craiova). Assistants: Ovidiu Timar (Oradea) and Răzvan Claudiu Tudor (Craiova). Reserve: Marius Omuţ (Satu Mare). Observers: Luis Moisescu (Drobeta Turnu Severin) and Stan Prodan (Alexandria).

Min 86 Drăgoi shoots hard from the goal from the central position, from 20 meters, Păduraru catches
Min 85 out Milcho Angelov and B entersogdan Roșu
Min 85 ||| Ervin Bakoș he also receives a yellow card for a foul
Min 84 ||| Milcho Angelov receives the yellow card as well Cristian Bocșan
Min 78 out Doru Andrei and enter Stefan Vukojethe Poly
Galeria Politehnicii reacts after the new goal scored by the white-violets: “Serie C players, we are breaking your legs!”
Min 69 Ignea, saved in the box, is blocked by a defender, the ball bounces off Doru Andrei, who shoots from the right side of the box near the goal, right
Min 67 1-2 High on the right, Mera heads backwards, in the center, on the edge of the box, Bogdan Piper he easily takes over Bakoș and shoots towards the long corner, on the right, the ball touches the ground in front of Păduraru and the goalkeeper can’t avoid the goal
Min 66 Double change at FC Brașov. out Alexandru Negrean and Eduard Lambrinoc and enter Andrei Lascu and Răzvan Iorga
Min 65 ⇒ Ervin Bakoand enters the field in his place Alexandru Iamandache
Min 59 Gerbi wins a free kick in the defensive half. Gerbi wins a free kick
Min 53 1-1 Lambronic receives on the right, at the edge of the offside, advances and centers directly on the first opponent, the ball returns to him and sends it close to the bottom line in front of the goal, where Alexandru Negrean he is free in 4 meters and simply scores at the first bar. Mera was the first to approach Negrean, but he had forgotten the mark
Min 51 Crossing from the right through the defense, Gherghe sleeps in his boots, Ursu dives from behind and resumes with his head from 4 meters, directly in Popescu, who rejects in the corner, on his right. Great opportunity to score for Poli, but assistant Tudor makes a mind-boggling decision and takes offside to the position of Ursu, who was 2 meters behind Gherghe
Min 46 Constantin shoots from a distance, over Păduraru’s goal
Min 46 The match resumed
Min 46 Rareș Lazărwith medical problems, is replaced with Erik Gerbi
Min 45 + 2 Science break. Poli Timișoara leads 1-0 in the match with FC Brașov, in the round match of the maintenance dam in League 2
Min 34 Mera simply heads the ball to a team mate, but it’s intercepted by an opponent player.
Min 32 FC Brașov has more possession, Drăgoi advances to the right and decides to shoot from 25 meters, but he does it weakly, far near the goal, at the long corner
Min 28 Angelov sits for a shot from Piper from 20 meters in the center, he shoots from the first on the center of the goal, and Păduraru holds without problems
Min 25 out Cătălin Oanea and enter Claudiu Pamfile
Min 24 Rareș Lazăr receives a ball straight in front of a corner from Brașov from the left, the midfielder accuses the shot and needs medical care
Min 17 Andrei makes a clearance resulting in a corner.
Min 14 Counter-attacking seemed to be the preferred strategy of Piper. And if he played rugby, he wouldn’t catch the goal
Min 13 Bîrnoi crosses from the right, in front, in the box, Mera, who remained there after a fixed phase, puts his head and sends from 12 meters centrally far past the goal, on the right. Poli dominates this game
Min 6 1-0 Doru Andrei beats the free kick obtained by Ursu, from 22 meters slightly to the left side, sends next to the wall, at the short corner, and defeats Laurențiu Popescu
Min 5 ||| Robert Gherghe receives the yellow card after pulling Ursu from behind
Min 1 Ioan Mera falls badly on his back from an aerial duel with Negrean and complains of back pain. The captain of the Polytechnic feels
Min 1 The game on Science has begun. Poli is supported, this time, by the gallery, which chants: “Poli, fight for us! Poli, Poli, fight for us! ”

Nicolae Croitoru, before the first game with FC Brașov: “Motivation must be taken to the highest level, as well as the spirit of sacrifice”

Nicolae Croitoru spoke before the round trip of the dam about the spirit of sacrifice that the team must show.

“We are in front of the first round. There are two games, the most important this season. There are two games in which we must forget what has been so far, in which the motivation must be taken to the highest level, as well as the spirit of sacrifice. It’s the only way to win. There is pressure, but just as it is with us, there is pressure on them. These are two important games, but we need to get over that pressure. We have a name to defend, Poli’s, and we have to prove it. “said Nicolae Croitoru.

“Brasov had very good results in away games. Even the last trip, to Târgu Jiu, they managed to win it 2-1, even if they evolved with an extra player for most of the game. At home, except for the game with Astra, they have not managed to win this season. It is clear that these aspects show us that Brasov is a team with good away games, with consistent games. And somehow they manage to get positive results. “, Croitoru also said about today’s opponent.

At the end of the regular season, Poli Timișoara ranked 15th, with 21 points accumulated in 19 matches. Subsequently, after another six games played in Group A of the play-out, he reached a total of 28 points, with which he finished in 5th place.

Călin Moldovan also spoke about motivation before the match in Timișoara: “It’s about honor, pride, manhood”

Călin Moldovan says that the dam is one for honor, because the loser has great chances to continue in League 2.

“We have to achieve our goal, which is to stay in the 2nd League. There are some problems, but the boys showed character. I don’t think it will be about relaxation, considering that there is a possibility that Gaz Metan Mediaș and Academica Clinceni will disappear. If that were the case, it would not be just us, the two teams playing for the beneficiary dam. The League 1 teams also benefited from the problems of the two teams. It doesn’t matter if they are two friendly games. There is concentration, there is desire. It’s about honor, pride, manhood, but also our motivation to stay on the field and stay in the 2nd League. “said Călin Moldovan about the game from Timișoara.

“There are two important matches, two finals. We have prepared well, we are confident and the results of the spring season have proved this, even if we did not beat them all as some wanted. It is clear that the results were positive compared to what it was in the fall. We go to Timișoara with confidence, with a lot of personality and we will play. We will meet a good team, for me it is a surprise that they ended up playing the dam. I anticipate two balanced matches and I don’t think anything will be decided after the round match “also declared the coach of Brașov.

At the end of the regular season, FC Brașov ranked 16th, with only 14 points accumulated in 19 matches. Subsequently, after another six games played in Group B of the play-out, he reached a total of 26 points, with which he finished in 5th place. Subsequently, he lost two points due to the dispute with Transylvania Cluj.

1-0 for Poli in Brașov in the regular season

Ranked 5th in the play-out groups of League 2, FC Brașov and Poli Timișoara will play a double round for maintaining sportsmanship in League 2. The loser is relegated to sportsmanship in League 3, even if, practically, he has great chances to continue and she in League 2, because at least Gaz Metan Mediaș could be disbanded this summer after being relegated from League 1, so there will be a vacancy in the second echelon.

The round match of the maintenance dam in League 2 between Poli Timișoara and FC Brașov takes place on Saturday, at 14:00, on the Știința arena in Timișoara. The return will be in a week, in Brașov.

In the regular season, the two teams met in Brașov, on the Tineretului stadium, where Poli beat them 1-0 through the goal scored by Erik Gerbi in the 55th minute.

George Găman referees Politehnica Timișoara – FC Braşov

The round match between Poli Timișoara and FC Brașov will be refereed from the center by George Cătălin Găman (Craiova), and from the two touches by the assistants Ovidiu Timar (Oradea) and Răzvan Claudiu Tudor (Craiova). The reserve referee is Marius Omuţ (Satu Mare), and the observers were delegates Luis Moisescu (Drobeta Turnu Severin) and Stan Prodan (Alexandria).

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