Red Magic 7 Pro, the world’s fastest gaming phone, launched in the UAE

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Red Magic has announced the launch of its latest release that pushes the boundaries of innovation a step further, using modern and advanced technology, through the “Red Magic 7 Pro” phone, the latest version in the series and the fastest gaming phone in the world.

With this launch, Red Magic solidifies its position as the best gaming solution for smartphones, by continuing to deliver exceptional performance with every new phone. With a special focus on providing the best gaming experience for Android phones.

The new phone comes with new improvements in this model, such as the feature of full-screen display paired with a longer battery life. These specifications include the latest technology, including the “Snapdragon 8 Gen 1” processor, a new gaming chip called “Red Core 1”, with 16 GB of random access memory, and the multi-dimensional cooling system “ICE 9.0”.

A turbojet engine with a revolution of 20 thousand revolutions per minute. As the professional version of the new Red Magic 7 series, the phone has additional features such as a sampling rate of 960 Hz in the multi-finger touch screen of the phone, and a full gaming screen with an under-screen camera. All these features are just a few of the many newer additions that make the RedMagic 7 Pro the best gaming phone in the world.

There are two designs for this phone, “Supernova” and “Obsidian”. Supernova Edition (16GB RAM + 512GB ROM), a model that symbolizes the shining star in the dark and makes players get excited when the RGB color scheme is lit. The back panel is completely surrounded by transparent materials and glass.

And the “Obssidian” version with 16GB of RAM + 156GB of memory, a model inspired by volcanic glass formed from fast-cooling lava “lava” that gives it a brilliant, magical look.

To enhance the gaming aesthetic of this phone, the user can customize the colors in the RGB color scheme. It has more than 16.8 million colors available, with 4,096 levels of brightness. Simply adjust your lighting effects, while the lights sync up with the sounds and lighting from your games for an immersive experience.

This phone’s design helps keep your phone cool with nine layers of heat-dissipating materials. These materials are used in combination with a high-speed turbojet engine, rapid thermal conductivity and active cooling. This is all part of the multi-dimensional cooling system «ICE 9.0».

Many optimizations have been implemented to push the boundaries of the gaming experience on the Red Magic 7 Pro phone, the most prominent of which is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, which contains the 3D graphics engine “Adreno GBU”. This GPU is currently 25% more efficient and generates graphics 30% faster.

Combined with the Kryo CPU and 7th generation AI technology, the GPU is four times faster in total. This is an important improvement, which will positively affect the gaming experience of the users.

The “Red Core 1” chip can process audio, RGB, and contact feedback. By directing these processes to a separate chip, this allows the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor to focus more resources on processing graphics at higher frame rates.

The 16GB RAM can be boosted with an additional 6GB of expandable virtual memory to give users an extra edge. And LPDDR5 RAM is 10% faster than previous models. Based on the UFS 3.1 memory architecture, the maximum storage can be increased to 512GB, to reach the highest possible read and write speeds.

With a sampling rate of up to 500Hz in the phone’s touch screen, the response time is recorded at 8 minutes, giving the user a true video game experience. The dual symmetrical X-axis linear actuators also simulate the feeling users are accustomed to with game controllers.

The high stereo speakers produce clear sound during gaming. The new “RedMagic 7 Pro” phone is certified by the leading industry body “DTS:X UltraSound”.

All of these performance improvements require a massive battery. That’s why fast charging reaches record speeds in the RedMagic series, with a 135W battery. This phone uses Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 technology for its 5000 mAh battery. It also includes an air-cooled port for 56W fast charging, with the ability to use a special 135W charger.

The 6.8-inch AMOLED screen has a resolution of 1080 x 2400 and an activation rate of 120 Hz. The screen-to-body ratio of the phone reaches an amazing 92.7%. One interesting improvement is the sampling rate of 960 times per second on the phone’s multi-finger touch screen. The phone provides the fastest response time for your interactions with the screen, which translates into better feedback while playing games.

Surprisingly, 120 frames per second is supported by wireless display connections. And when the user transfers the content to the big screen TV, he will be able to enjoy the 120 frames per second experience he gets on the phone screen. The user can also transfer his game to the PC through an HDMI cable connected to the monitor, while using the keyboard and mouse to enjoy a complete gaming experience on the PC.

By using a multi-motor circuit, the phone can increase the light transmittance of the area above the camera under the screen. A special arrangement of pixels has been made that improves the clarity of the screen above the camera under the screen, while at the same time allowing more light through the screen to the camera under the screen for better selfies. The rear camera includes a 46 + 8 + 2 megapixel camera setup. And the user can shoot 4K videos through the triple camera setup supported by artificial intelligence.

The RedMagic 7 Pro was designed with gaming and entertainment requirements in mind first. And if you are a gamer who is looking for the most powerful smartphone, then this phone will perfectly satisfy your requirements. Everything about this phone, from the design, display and triggers to the RGB color scheme and more, makes it among the best gaming phones of 2022.