Return with dividends from FIIs reaches 12.42% in 12 months, the highest level in the historical series, says XP; ifix operates stable

The rate of return with dividends of real estate funds (dividend yield) reached 12.42% in the last 12 months ended in May, the highest level in the historical series, according to Flow Imobiliário, monthly report by XP Investimentos released this Tuesday (21).

The study is based on the distributions of the 106 funds that make up the IFIX – the index of the most traded FIIs on the Stock Exchange – in the last 12 months. The historical series begins in 2018, the year in which the real estate fund market began to develop more sharply.

In addition to reaching the highest level in recent years, the dividend andfield Ifix also distanced itself from the yields of NTN-B maturing in 2035, a long-term public security issued by the federal government. The difference reached 6.71 percentage points, a level higher than the historical average of 3.19 percentage points.

Source: Flow Imobiliário – XP Real Estate Funds Desk

The result was influenced by dividend yield of “paper” funds, which invest in fixed-income securities, benefiting from the rise in interest rates and inflation in recent months. In May, the rate of return on dividends from these FIIs hit 16.05%, according to Flow Imobiliário.

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In comparison with April, only the dividend yield of corporate slab funds fell, from 8.69% to 8.48%. Check out the evolution of the other segments:

Segment Dividend yield in 12 months until April 2022 (%) Dividend yield in 12 months until May 2022 (%)
receivables 14.24 16.05
foF 10.54 11.1
malls 8.09 8.46
slabs 8.69 8.48
Logistics 8.74 9
hybrids 8.27 9.27

Source: Flow Imobiliário Report, from the XP real estate fund desk

IFIX Today

In this Wednesday’s session (22), IFIX operates practically stable. At 11:07 am, the indicator registered a slight drop of 0.01%, at 2,812 points. Yesterday, the indicator closed with a high of 0.07%. Check out today’s highlights:

Biggest highs of this Wednesday (22)

ticker Name Sector Variation (%)
CARE11 Brazilian Graveyard and Death Care Others 1.79
TORD11 EI Tordesillas Others 0.91
JSRE11 JS Real Estate Hybrid 0.72
PORD11 Receivables Pole Titles and Val. furniture 0.57
BTCR11 BTG Pactual Credito Imobiliario Titles and Val. furniture 0.48

Biggest casualties of this Wednesday (22):

ticker Name Sector Variation (%)
HGFF11 CSHG FoF Titles and Val. furniture -1.24
BTRA11 BTG Pactual Terras Agrícolas agro -1.18
GALG11 Guardian Logistics Hybrid -0.98
RBFF11 Rio Bravo Ifix Titles and Val. furniture -0.87
OUJP11 Ourinvest JPP Titles and Val. furniture -0.82

Source: B3

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TG Real Estate approves BRL 350 million offer

The FII TG Real Estate approved, this Tuesday (21), the realization of the second issue of quotas of the fund, which intends to raise R$ 350 million.

According to a material fact, the unit value of the new shares was fixed at R$9.94 and the primary distribution fee will be R$0.40, totaling a subscription price of R$10.34.

According to the document, shareholders with a position at the end of Friday (24) will have preemptive rights in the offer.

TG Real Estate focuses on investing in certificates of real estate receivables (CRI) and equity interests in real estate projects.

today’s dividends

Check out which are the 13 real estate funds that distribute income this Wednesday (22):

ticker Background Performance
TSNC11 transsync BRL 37.56
ARCT11 Riza Arctium BRL 1.86
RZAK11 Riza Akin BRL 1.80
BARI11 Barigui Real Estate Income I BRL 1.45
AFHI11 AF Invest Cri BRL 1.40
BLMC11 Bluemacaw Real Estate Credit BRL 1.25
GOLD 11 Ourinvest Structured Income BRL 1.10
AFOF11 Alliance FoF BRL 1.08
CORM11 Core Metropolis BRL 0.81
OUFF11 Ourinvest Fund Of Funds BRL 0.75
AFHI13 AF Invest Cri BRL 0.68
ARCT13 Riza Arctium BRL 0.50
JSRE11 JS Real Estate Multimanagement BRL 0.49
RZAK13 Riza Akin BRL 0.49
CACR13 Real Estate Receivables Cartesia BRL 0.43
CACR14 Real Estate Receivables Cartesia BRL 0.43
AFHI14 AF Invest Cri BRL 0.32
AFHI15 AF Invest Cri BRL 0.32
AFHI16 AF Invest Cri BRL 0.21
GAME11 Guardian Real Estate Multistrategy I BRL 0.15
CACR15 Real Estate Receivables Cartesia BRL 0.07

Source: InfoMoney

Note: Tickers with an ending other than 11 refer to receipts and subscription rights for the funds.

Giro Imobiliário: price of new lease contracts rises 2.21% in 12 months in SP

The price of new residential leases in the city of São Paulo rose 0.4% in May compared to April and now accumulates a high of 2.21% in 12 months, according to data from Secovi-SP released on Monday (20). ). In the first five months of the year, the variation is 1.40%.

The union highlights that the annual increase was below inflation for the period, as the IGP-M (General Price Index – Market), from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), has accumulated a high of 10.72% since June 2021.

The 1-bedroom properties had the highest increases in the contracts signed in May (0.50% against April), above the valuations of 2 and 3-bedroom units (0.40% and 0.15%, respectively).

The guarantor is the guarantee most used by tenants (accounting for 45.5% of the lease contracts executed), followed by the three-month rent deposit (39.5%) and the surety bond (15%).

Secovi says that the IVL (Lease Speed ​​Index), which assesses the number of days to wait until the lease is signed, ranged from 32 to 84 days. While houses and townhouses were rented more quickly (between 32 and 56 days), apartments had a slower pace (from 36 to 82 days).

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