Romania could lose three goalkeepers in favor of Hungary! What goalkeepers do the Hungarians want to call their national team?


The date of publishing: Friday, June 10, 2022, 11:41

Date of update: Friday, June 10, 2022, 12:46 p.m.

Hungary is looking for solutions for the goalkeeper, because the four goalkeepers called to the last matches are already 30 years old. At the moment, coach Marco Rossi is based on Peter Gulacsi (32 years old / RB Leipzig), Denes Dibusz (31 years old / Ferencvaros), Peter Szappanos (31 years old / Honved) and Adam Bogdan (34 years old / Ferencvaros), but the federation of in Budapest, he has several younger goalkeepers under observation, including three Romanian-born footballers.

The Hungarians still have Martin Auerbach (19 years old / Csakvar), Zsombor Senko 19 years old / Juventus Primavera), Daniel Veszelinov (20 years old / DAC Dunajska Streda) and Krisztian Hegyi (19 years old / West Ham U23) at the youth national team, but they have little experience at senior level.

Niczuly, winner of the Romanian Cup, without selections for our national teams

The first target is Roland Niczuly (26 years old), goalkeeper born in Târgu Secuiesc, who played for “U” Cluj (2014-2016) and Unirea Târlungeni (2014-2015). In 2016, he reached Seps OSK St. Georgebecoming a key man for the club that managed to promote in the League, won the Romanian Cup (2021-2022) and played another final (2019-2020), will play again in the European Cups and became a strong nut for the teams with claims from the first division.

Denigrated for his height considered inappropriate for a modern goalkeeper (182cm), Niczuly was one of the best and most consistent goalkeepers in the last two seasons of League 1, and Sepsi officials warned that he should be called up to the national team quickly. because he has dual Romanian and Hungarian citizenship, and is in the spotlight Magyar Labdarugo Szovetseg (MLSZ).

Hindrich has already moved to Hungary and says that “I was raised 100% in the Hungarian spirit”

The second footballer hunted by Sandor Csanyi’s federation is Otto Hindrich (19 years). The 193cm goalkeeper was born in Cluj-Napoca and grew up at the academy of CFR Cluj. He made his debut for the club’s first team in Gruia in 2020, was loaned to Poli Timișoara in the 2020-2021 season, and this summer he was temporarily transferred to Kisvarda FCa club in the first Hungarian football league, for the amount of 250,000 euros, with the option of definitive purchase.

His loss is considered greater than Niczuly’s, because he has selections for the Romanian U18 and U19 national teams and was an undisputed starter in the U20 national team. The Romanian international was also wanted by Akademia Pușcaș, last winter, but CFR Cluj preferred to keep him, because he met the requirements of the U21 Rule. Meanwhile, the people of Cluj promoted Răzvan Sava (19 years old) and Mihai Pînzariu (17 years old) to seniors.

“I think Hungarian football would be a step forward, because there is another world there. I was there twice in rehearsals when I was little. I am very attracted to play in Hungary, but I would prefer to play for Pushka and Ferencvaros. It would be a step forward. I was raised 100% in the Hungarian spirit, but I don’t want this issue to be raised in the Romanian press. I’m not sure they would like my answer or my attitude, “Hindrich told KronikaOnline in March 2022.

Gyenge, wanted by FCSB and Craiova, but closer to the Hungarian championship

Szilard Gyenge (21 years old) is a product of the academy of AFK Csikszereda Miercurea Ciuc, whose establishment and financing are considered to belong to the Budapest government. The young man summoned to the Romanian U21 national team is the starter in the goal of the team that won Group A of the League 2 play-out and is closely watched by FCSB and CSU Craiova, but is also courted by teams from Nemzeti Bajnoksag I, where the federation awards clubs, if they play with young footballers who have Hungarian citizenship.

Coach Florin Bratu offered selections to the youth team, as well as to Marius Corbu (20 years old / Akademia Pușcaș), who was in the attention of the Hungarian federation for a naturalization. In the past, Adrian Rus (26 years old / Fehervar) received the offer to play for Hungary, but he chose the Romanian national team, reaching the 2019 CE youth semifinals and collecting 14 selections for the senior team.

What solutions does Romania have for the goalkeeper position

At this moment, the goalkeeper position is one of the few where the Romanian representatives do not lack talent, although Ciprian Tătărușanu (36 years old / AC Milan) and Silviu Lung jr. (33 years old / Kayserispor) have announced their retirement. Romania’s senior national team is based on Florin Niță (34 years old / Sparta Prague), Florin Iacob (28 years old / UTA Arad), Mihai Aioani (22 years old / FCV Farul), Horatiu Moldovan (24 years / FC Rapid 1923) and Ștefan Târnovanu (22 years old / FCSB), but David Lazar (30 years old / CSU Craiova), Andrei Vlad (23 years old / FCSB) Cristian Bălgrădean (34 years old / CFR Cluj) or Cătălin Căbuz (25 years old / Chindia) can also be selected.

Potential goalkeepers also play for youth and junior teams, such as Mihai Popa (21 years old / FC Voluntari), Raul Bălbărău (21 years old / Steaua), Răzvan Ducan (21 years old / FCSB), Răzvan Sava (19 years old / CFR Cluj) , Robert Popa (19 years old / FCU Craiova), Alexandru Borbei (18 years old / Lecce Primavera) or Aleksander Mitrovici (18 years old / Genoa Primavera).