Romania U19 – France U19, 0-2 NOW. The referee blows his whistle for a second half

Min. 53 Popescu passes the ball on the spur of the moment, but Doru Andrei gets there first and heads it behind for a corner.

Min. 52 Fault in attack. Romania breathes a sigh of relief again. Rareș Ilie was hit on the inside.

Min. 51 Romania tried to press in the middle of France, but the players found themselves alone. France goes on the attack, they get close to the square and benefit from a corner kick.

Min. 50 France passes very close to Popa’s gate. A possible goal opportunity was successfully ruled out by Romania’s defenders.

Min. 48 There is a battle on the edge of the field. Tchaouna fouls and Romania indirectly removes the danger.

Min. 46 No change among the camps.

22:03 Central De Gabriele whistled the start of the second half. Romania has the kick-off. The national team attacks from the right, to the left.

22:00 Break statistics.

  • Romania – Possession 29%shots 0corner 0passes in total 155attacks 22

  • France – Possession 71%, shots 11, corners 4, passes in total 389, attacks 86

Romania – France 0-2

Min. 45 + 2 The referee blows his whistle at the end of the first half. The players head to the locker room.

Min. 45 The power plant dictates a two-minute extension. France persists in the middle of Romania.

Min 44 France was close to scoring another goal. The captain of Romania, Popa, defends our gate once again.

Min 43 Romania is looking for a penalty. Toure, harsh intervention at Rareș Ilie in the French square. The referee does not dictate a shot from eleven meters.

Min 43 Tchaouna tries a shot on goal, but it is off-target.

Min 42 Virginius easily dribbles past Pantea in the corner of the box, but his cross was intercepted by a Romanian defender. Corner for France.

Min. 40 The French national team holds 73% possession. The French had 13 chances, of which four were shots on goal.

Min. 39 Romania start a counter attack, Pantea tries an action on his own, but was intercepted. France resumes attacks.

Min. 38 A dangerous shot on goal by Romania, but Popa is there and sends the ball outside. Corner kick for the team of France.

Min. 37 France’s opportunity has been wasted. Romania escapes easily.

Min 36 Doru Andrei fouls 25 m from our goal area. France are preparing their free kick.

Min 34 Attack on the French gate. Doru Andrei has been giving his marching orders, his manager will not be happy. The match continues with a goal kick for France.

Min 32 Tchaouna is booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle. The Frenchman trampled on him while the Romanian was on foot. Pantea feels and receives medical care.

Min. 30 Danger at Popa’s gate. Adeline’s center shot clears the crossbar. Romania benefits from a gate car.


Min. 25 Change for Romania! Dan Sîrbu is leaving the field to be replaced by Dan Sîrbu in a yellow card. Ciuciulete takes his place and makes his debut for the U19 national team in his CV.

Min. 24 Sirbu has a dangerous entrance to Tchaouna, which requires medical care. The match was stopped for a few moments.

Min. 20 GOAL France! The “Gallic Rooster” once again marks the stadium in Slovakia. Martin Adeline increased the visitors’ lead by putting a volley away after a pass from the right.

Min. 18 Andrei Coubis was ever so close to scoring after an excellent corner was met beautifully by, but the ball bounced off the post to safety. It remains 0-1.

Min. 12 GOAL France! Football lesson in our square. Alan Virginius makes a clearance resulting in a corner. 0-1 France.

Min. 11 Nicolas Popescu tries to get hold of the ball but it slips out of his hands. Romania has a free kick.

Min. 9 Da Silva came close to extending the visitors’ lead when he found himself completely unmarked in front of the goal after a pass through the middle, but he lifted the ball over Dănuleasă and it was a little too high and hit the bar.

Min. 7 Action in Romania’s box, but the defense did its job and blocked the opposing footballers. Romania benefits from a goal kick, after a failed shot by Loum Tchaouna.

Min. 6 Romania have only 15% possession in the first six minutes of the match. France passes a lot, but it is not dangerous at Popa’s goal.

Min.3 France approached our goal, but Tchaouna’s shot was wide. Romania breathed a sigh of relief.

9 p.m. The match started, and France had the kick-off. Romania attacks from the left, to the right, in the first half.

21:57 The anthem of Romania is sung, and every footballer of our national team sings with all his heart. The players seem confident in their own strength and want to win in Slovakia, against the U19 national team of France.

21:56 The anthem of France is sung, and a complete silence is left on the field. Fans applaud the end of the tune.

21:55 The players enter the field

We know the teams. What does Romania’s first eleven look like

Romania: Popa – Pantea, Dănuleasă, Gergely, Coubiș – Sîrbu, Pandele – Ilie, Popescu, Andrei – Andronache

France: Lo-Tutala – Varela, Toure, Doukoure, Zoukrou – Da Silva, Adeline, Ba – Tchaouna, Bonny, Virginius

Romania’s Under 19 national team, coached by Adrian Văsîi, plays with France on Tuesday, at Dunajska Streda, the second match of the group stage of the European Championship in Slovakia, a match that can be watched in LIVE TEXT format on starting at 9 p.m. : 00.

In the first match of Euro 2022, the “tricolors” lost to Italy, score 1-2, and in the other match of the group France defeated the host Slovakia 5-0.

Souleymane Toure is 2.04 meters tall and is the best rated footballer in the French team

The best rated footballer in the French team is the defender Souleymane Toure, from Le Havre (Ligue 2), valued by Transfermarkt at 5 million euros, FRF states on the official website. Toure has a height of 2.04 meters!

Vasi’s students keep their chances for the semifinals of the competition, but they also have the opportunity to qualify for the 2023 Under 20 World Championships in Indonesia, where the first 5 Euro teams will go: the 4 semifinalists, plus the winner of the match between nationals ranked 3rd in the two Euro groups.

Romania’s Under 19 team at Euro 2022

Goalkeepers: Robert Popa (U Craiova 1948), Alexandru Borbei (US Lecce / Italy), Denis Lungu-Bocean (SV Kuchl / Austria)

Defenders: Alexandru Pantea (FC Hermannstadt), Sergiu Pîrvulescu (ACS Petrolul 52), Gabriel Dănuleasă, Dan Sîrbu (both Farul Constanța), Andrei Coubiș (AC Milan / Italy), Denis Radu (Politehnica Timișoara), Botond Gergely (FK Csikszereda)

Midfielders: Nicolas Popescu, Ștefan Bodișteanu, Eduard Radaslavescu, Răzvan Tănasă, Enes Sali (all Constanța Lighthouse), Andrei Pandele (FC Metaloglobus), Rareș Ilie (FC Rapid 1923), Doru Andrei (Politehnica Timișoara), Aurelian Ciuciulete (

Forwards: Andreas Chirițoiu (Unirea Constanța), Luca Andronache (Farul Constanța)