Romania U19 – Slovakia U19 0-1. The “Tricolors” missed the presence at the dam for the U20 World Cup, after scoring in the 90 + 5 minute

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The match no longer had a specific stake for the current competition, but it was the first step towards qualifying for U20 World Cup in Indonesiawhich will take place next year.

Romania missed the play-off match for the U20 World Cup

Romania received a goal in the 90 + 5 minute and thus missed the chance to play another play-off match, in four days, which could have brought him the qualification for the U20 World Cup.

Adi Vasâi’s “tricolors” performed better in the first half, when Rareș Ilie and Doru Andrei were the most dangerous people at the opponent’s goal. The two did not take advantage of the chances, and after 45 minutes the score was 0-0.

The second half was one more on the contrary. The “Tricolors” tried to secure their result of 0-0, but the blow came even in the extra time of the game.

Inattention in Romania’s box, Slovakia took advantage and scored from six meters in the goal of Robert Popa. Griger scored in the 90 + 5 minute, and the “tricolors” have no chance to play in the U20 World Cup.

Romania went to the dam with a victory or a draw.

Romania U19 – Slovakia U19 0-1, at EURO 2022.

Min 90 + 8: The referee ends the match. MATCH FINAL.

Min 90 + 5: Slovakia scores, after an error in Romania’s box.

Min 90: The referee showed five minutes of extra time.

Min 69: Slovakia sent the dangerous ball back to Romania’s goal, but Robert Popa was again in the post and sent the ball into the corner.

Min 58: Robert Popa, rescue intervention. He blocked an action by the Slovaks at the last minute.

Min 57: Dănuleasa sends from inside the box but the opponent’s goalkeeper keeps the ball going.

Min 46: The second half has begun. Andreas Chirițoiu came on, Luca Andronache had to leave the fray.

Min 45 + 4: END OF RELEASE

Min 45 + 3: Corner for Romania. Rareș Ilie executes, but without a target.

Min 45: Slovakia missed the opening goal. The “Tricolors” made a mistake in defense, but the Slovak players sent the ball past Robert Popa’s goal.

Min 40: Doru Andrei shoots from outside the box but the ball sent by him.

Min 38: Slovakia requested a shot from 11 meters, but the referee gave Oravec a yellow card for simulation.

Min 33: Andreas Chirițoiu woke up with the ball on his feet inside the box. He shot “soft”, and the ball was retained without problems by the opposing goalkeeper.

Min 30: Corner obtained by Rareș Ilie. The corner kick was also executed by him, but again, without an exact target.

Min 25: Rareș Ilie had the first shot sent on goal. He sent the ball to the edge of the box, but the Slovak goalkeeper was at the post and held the ball.

Min 15: Free kick for Romania. Rareș Ilie did attempt a finish, but from an awkward position, sending the ball into the away fans.

Min 12: Romania could open the score. Rareș Ilie and Andreas Chirițoiu combined in the Slovaks’ box, but the referee raised the flag for the offside position.

Min 1: The Slovaks started the game in the offensive and had the first shot towards the Romanian goal. He was deflected, but the corner did not bring any plus for the Slovaks.

Min 1: The game has started. The Slovaks had the kick-off.

Update 17:28: Home teams

Romania U19: Robert Popa – Andrei Coubiș, Botond Gergely, Gabriel Dănuleasă, Sergiu Pîrvulescu – Andrei Pandele, Aurelian Ciuciulete, Doru Andrei, Eduard Radaslavescu, Rareș Ilie – Andreas Chirițoiu

reserves: Borbei, Pantea, Popescu, Radu, Sîrbu, Sali, Tănasă, Bodișteanu, Andronache

Coach: Adi Vasâi

Slovakia: Hrdina – Micuda, Kosa, Ujlaky, Kopasek – Halabrin, Oravec, Holly – Gazi, Jambor, Sliacky

reserves: Balasz, Gajdos, Griger, Luka, Misovic, Sauer, Sikula, Snajder, Szolgai

Coach: Rusnak A.

Both teams were defeated in the first two clashes of the group, against Italy and France, so there are no chances to qualify in the upper phase of the competition.

Romania lost both games with the same score 1-2while Slovakia lost to Italy, score 0-1, and was overtaken by France, score 0-5.

So, Romania has an important chance to qualify for the U20 World Cup in Indonesia 2023. Until then, it has two more steps to take. The first is not to lose to Slovakia, ie to finish Group A in 3rd place.

Then, he will play a play-off match against the 3rd place in Group B. In this group, the fight remains open: Israel – 4 points, Serbia – 1 point, Austria – 0 points. Any of these three teams can finish the group in 3rd place, depending on the results of the last stage

  • Israel – England, Saturday, June 25, 9:00 p.m.
  • Serbia – Austria, Saturday, June 25, 9:00 p.m.

I really want to win. An equal does not seem ok to me. I want to win. It’s good that we won’t play with England or Serbia, who are, in my opinion, the best, but it will be difficult in the play-offs anyway. The qualification would be something extraordinary, we would be seen by everyone and I think it would be very nice“, Said Andrei Coubiș for FRF TV.

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