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Amid the hustle and bustle of Miami’s 8th Street, Sebastián Yatra and Jorge Ramos found a quiet space at the Tower Theater to talk about the passions of the Colombian singer, the challenges he has had with his voice, how he deals with nerves and several of the songs that have marked him, including some from his new album ‘Dharma’.

We present the best moments of this interview that you can see in full on ViX, the free streaming service in Spanish that offers more than 50 thousand hours of content.

“‘Tacones Rojos’ already exists”: this is how Sebastián Yatra makes each song unique

Sebastián Obando Giraldo, better known as Sebastián Yatra, has released three albums in his career. The last one, ‘Dharma’, was positioned in the popularity charts from the day of its release.

His songs have been listened to by millions. For example, ‘Tacones Rojos’ has more than 208 million views on Spotify. However, the singer is convinced that he will never write a similar song again.

“If I already did ‘Red Heels’, ‘Red Heels’ already exists. I don’t want to go into the studio to write another ‘Red Heels’. That emotion and that story was already captured in that way.”

With her songs, Yatra seeks to tell a story that carries magic, which she reflects every time she sings. And to the delight of his fans, the artist’s melodious voice also graced the interview, both a cappella and with his guitar (you can hear him sing on ‘Algo Personal con Jorge Ramos’ here).

“I go with the story first. I have a clear idea in my head of what I want to tell. What story of my life or of someone else do I want to talk about… For me, a song is all about finding a magical thing.”

Sebastián Yatra’s album that includes his “masterpiece” is called ‘Dharma’, what does it mean?

The variety of stories that the singer mentions are also part of the ‘Dharma’ album. Since he entered the studio, Yatra knew that his album was going to bear this word name, which has a deep meaning in his life.

“Dharma is the acceptance of reality. It is like the opposite side of Karma. Karma is more like the lessons in life, and the lessons hurt. You trip over the same stone until you learn the lesson. But when you begin to learn the lesson, you enter another plane, which is the Dharma. It is one more plane where there is consciousness and where you are really following your heart and you are following your destiny”.

In addition, on this album he included one of his most special songs: ‘Quererte bonito’, which he sang accompanied by his guitar.

“This is ‘Love you beautiful’. I would think that from what I have written in my life, it is like my masterpiece of composition. I sing it with Elena Rose.”

Sebastián Yatra broke his throat: he lost his voice because of Halloween

With home videos shown in ‘Algo Personal con Jorge Ramos’, fans of the Colombian have the opportunity to see him when he was a child and participated in musicals, presentations and plays.

In fact, performing ‘High School Musical’ at school was the turning point that convinced him to be a singer. However, pursuing a career in music was a long and arduous path, where he even lost his voice.

“When I was 14 years old I went to Halloween Horror Nights… and I screamed but like crazy and I lost my voice for about two months. I broke my throat.”

He overcame this episode with therapy, as nodules also grew in his throat. However, a detail of this experience is still latent in him: the use of his characteristic scarves with which he cares for his throat, which even earned him the nickname ‘Bufi’.

In addition to losing his voice, Sebastián Yatra had to develop the falsetto that characterizes his music today.

“When I started singing there was no falsetto in me. I naturally don’t sing like that.”

Sebastián Yatra’s tricks to control nerves before each concert

Before getting on stage, the composer spends some time getting to know what city he is in, knowing the songs well and working on his safety.

“For me it is in the preparation. That’s where you control your nerves.”

Yoga, a discipline that she practices 40 minutes a day, has also helped her a lot.

“It has changed my life. I started doing it four months ago.

In ‘Something Personal with Jorge Ramos’, Yatra taught the journalist one of the yoga positions that had the most impact on his life. The two even venture into handstands to do the interview (click here to see the hilarious moment of the interview on ViX).

‘Once upon a time… but no longer’ made Sebastián Yatra nervous, but not because of his debut as an actor

After having experience as a dubbing actor for animated films, the Colombian had his first star in the Netflix series ‘Once upon a time… but no longer’, created and directed by Manolo Caro.

Yatra revealed that this production allowed him to build a close friendship with the Mexican director, to such an extent that he even called him “his girlfriend.”

“I was nervous every time I talked to Manolo as if he were my girlfriend. My girlfriend at that time was Manolo. I suffered if he didn’t answer me, he left me on seen, whatever “.

The 27-year-old singer took the opportunity to tell a funny anecdote that he lived with Manolo due to a voice note, the impulse to say “I love you” and the fear of losing his leading role in the series.

“I send him a voice note (voice note) and at the end of the voice note I say ‘Dale, I love you’. The voice note is sent and I ‘How did I just say I love you to this man (man) if I don’t even know him?’

Does Sebastián Yatra feel that he has already achieved everything after singing at the 2022 Oscars?

A constant in Yatra’s interview with Jorge Ramos is the mention of the great success that the singer has achieved at 27 years of age, such as singing ‘Dos oruguitas’ at the 2022 Oscar Awards, which was nominated for Best Original Song.

However, the journalist invited him to reflect on what he still has to achieve. When asked “What more do you want?” Sebastián made it clear that material things are not something that worries him, but the experiences that he has left to live.

“What I want is to accumulate knowledge, beautiful experiences, live in the present. To be able to continue this internal search and this path where I am growing as a person and to be able to share that message with many people”.

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